b'the market, making sure you have the right camper not to get dirty and I can just leavesystem in place is key so that your business at the end of my stay and not wait at theoperates efficiently and offers campers a dump station for 45 minutes before I wantgreat place to stayone that doesnt in- to leave, then Ill pay $20 all day long to doclude weird odors, backups and a variety of that.other sanitation-related issues.We also have a calculator that ownersThecurrentCOVID-19crisishasim- can use on our website that allows them topacted businesses throughout the outdoor calculate how fast they can pay off a honeyhospitality sector in a variety of ways and wagon they are looking to purchase if theythesanitationequipmentprovidersthat charge for the service, he added. WoodallsCampgroundManagement(WCM) spoke with are reporting that busi- Shower-Control Devicesness has been brisk in 2020.Danielle Hall, owner of Covington, Ky.-When it comes to based Monarch Coinhoney wagons, sales & Security, told WCMSanitation equipment providers, like Phelps Honey Wagon, have are up, noted Brian that she has seen or-remained busy as park owners saw a rush of campers this summer.Schor, owner of Men- ders from the RV parkdon,N.Y.-basedSS and campground sec-Sanitation Equipment Providers are ProcessEquipment tors drop in 2020 dueLLC.Weareseeing totheCOVIDcrisis.moreandmorecus- ThenationalcoinStaying Busy Amid COVID-19 Crisis tomersandgaining Brian Schor shortage has also in- Danielle Halltraction in the RV park creased inquiries intoBY BEN QUIGGLE disposalisprobablynotthetopicmost and campground sectors.the companys token-operated shower me-From full-service hookups to self-service campgroundownerswanttodiveinto, Ron Shannon, owner of Dillsburg, Pa.- ters. dump stations, park owners deal with sani- there is no doubt that it is an integral part of basedPhelpsHoney Ive always told people that if there aretation issues at their parks in a number of an owners business.WagonInc.withhis no coins in the machine, people are lessdifferent ways. While sanitation and waste With a flood of new campers entering wife,Jaylene,told likely to break in for a token thats essen-WCM that the spring tiallyuselessanywherebutwherethatwasunusuallyquiet token is being sold, she mentioned. due to the COVID cri- It also lessens the number of times thatsis, but that once parks an owner has to empty a meter. started opening, busi- If you are charging a dollar, then youness began to pick up.have four quarters going into the meter,We have been re- Ron Shannon Hall explained. With a token, you only haveally busy since parks started opening back one, so the unit fills up at a slower pace. up, said Shannon.Hall said that shower meters are reallyChristine Kornely, affectionately known designed to help park owners cut utilityas the Diva of Dump Stations by many in costs. the campground sector and owner of Man- Meters give them the peace of mind ofitowoc,Wisc.-based knowing water isnt running when no one isTower Company, told in the bathhouse, said Hall. It really isWCMthat she has had about making sure owners have controla very consistent year.over their facilities and that their campersSpringwasex- arebeingresponsiblewiththeirwatertremelybusy,soIm usage.Monarch Coin & Securityverypleasedandhappyandfeelvery Sanitation Suppliersblessed that business Monarch Coin & Securityhas been good, she Christine Kornely Monarch Coin & Security offers a varietyexplained. At the beginning of the COVID- of coin- and token-operated shower me-19 pandemicMarch, April and May were ters. Hall said one unit weighs about 18busy. I am thinking people had time to be pounds and is built out of steel. out in their campgrounds doing work.On the honey wagon side, both ShannonandSchortoldWCM thateventhoughsome campgrounds are offering full-servicesites, where RVers hook up directly to asewer connection at their site, honey wag-onsandothermethodsoftransportingwaste are still going to be in demand. It can be expensive to put in septic linesto each site depending on the location andsize of a park, noted Schor. The alterna-tive is to look at a honey wagon-type prod-uct that eliminates the mess, not only for thecamper, but the campground owner, andmakes it easier for everyone to clean out acamper. It leaves the camper with a positiveend of weekend experience because theydont have to put the gloves on, hike up theirboots, and get all dirty or have that mess allover them. Monarch coin-operated meters can provideCampground owners are also increas- a way for owners to lower water-utility costs.ingly finding ways to charge for providing ahoney wagon servicea service that can They are built to keep people out, saidhelp quickly pay for a new honey wagon an Hall. owner may purchase.The company is always keeping an eyeMost of the campground owners we out for innovations, but Hall noted that noth-work with are charging for the service in ing seems to beat the simplicity of a coin-one way or another, noted Shannon.or token-operated meter. We highly encourage our campground Its got to be financially feasible and itspartners to charge, and most of them al- got to be able to work, she said. A lot ofready do, explained Schor. As a camper, times its got to have an internet connectionif it allows the campground to make an if you are looking at a card-operated meter.extracoupleofbucks,allowsmeasa Sanitation Equipmentcontinued on page 2416 -October 2020Woodalls Campground Management'