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If they need some- towers are built to last decades.thing, we have parts and can ship it out With local suppliers, Kornely noted that she explained.she has had no issues getting product to The company also sells instructional sig-her customers.nage, caps and other products.I have heard some suppliers have had (800) 945-1532issues, but we have been fortunate so far, www.towercompany.comWCMNew Marketing Firm Right CoastCreatives Launched This Past MayRight Coast Creatives, a new firm that specializes in campstore optimization, revenuemanagement and marketing for the outdoor hospitality sector, is changing the waycampgrounds do business, according to Kim Wootteon, co-founder of the company.After decades of experience in the retail and hospitality industries, Wootteon andMichele Burbridge decided to strike out on their own. They launched Right CoastCreatives this past May.Michele and I have a passion for helping businesses grow, Wootteon said. Ourcombined experience in marketing, retail and operations management makes for agreat team. We identified an opportunity within the outdoor hospitality industry andmade the leap.Wootteon brings over five years of experience in the hospitality industry and over10 years of retail experience to the new venture, while Burbridges 15 years of retailexperience make her an expert on campstores. Both women have a deep knowledgeof the camping industry, noted the release.Camping encourages friends and family to reconnect in the great outdoors,Wootteon told Woodalls Campground Management (WCM). Both Michele and Ivalue time with our families.We love working in an industry that shares our valuesand passions, but also allows us to leverage our skills to help others.Wootteon and Burbridge also share an avid love of camping, which gives themnot only the technical knowledge but also the inside scoop on what guests want andhow to reach them, explained the release. Right Coast Creatives offers a variety ofservices that help outdoor hospitality venues stand out in the digital landscape. Fromsocial media management to email marketing, inventory control and floor plans forcampstores, digital advertising and rate management, Right Coast Creatives providesthe helping hand that will allow owners to take their business to the next level, notedWootteon.Wootteon and Burbridge know no two campgrounds are alike and provide tai-lored solutions that fit each propertys individual needs.It is so rewarding to put processes in place that add revenue to the top line andultimately grow the bottom line, Burbridge said. Seeing our partners happy is thebest reward.Based on the Delmarva Peninsula, the company works with campgrounds, withopportunity for growth across the U.S. and recently expanded into Canada.For more information or to work with Right Coast Creatives, visit them at rightcoastcreatives.com. WCM24 -October 2020Woodalls Campground Management'