b'Q&A CONVERSATIONS BY SHERMAN GOLDENBERGU.S. Interior Sec. David Bernhardt Stops By Elkharts RV/MAHall of Fame for a Museum Tour; Chats with WCMs PublisherU.S. Secretary of the Interior U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt stopped by Elkharts RV/MH Hall ofDavid Bernhardt is shown out-side the RV/MH Hall of Fame Fame in mid-August for a tour of the industrys unique attraction near the Indiana Toll& Museum in Elkhart, Ind. Road and a remarkably casual Woodalls Campground Management interview facili-tated by the Reston, Va.-based RV Industry Association (RVIA).Bernhardts Hall of Fame visit couldnt have been better timed for the recreational ve-hicle industry, which has been on a roll lately, or for the Interior Secretary himself, a Col-orado native who officially succeeded Ryan Zinke a year ago. And it certainly served therecreation-minded interests of RVIA, the RV Dealers Association (RVDA) and the OutdoorRecreation Roundtable (ORR) with which both associations are closely affiliated.Thats because it followed by only two weeks the signing into law by President Trumpof the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) that promises to go a long way toward mend-ing the multi-billion-dollar maintenance backlogs at the nations national parks. Thisnew law, a rare bipartisan measure in these politically divisive times, provides $9.5 billionto help resolve a National Park System maintenance backlog of as much as $12 billion.Funding starts in the 2021 fiscal year.Also adding to the extraordinary timing of Bernhardts Elkhart visit is the fact thatORR, comprised of 32 national associations representing more than 110,000 businessesnationwide, released A Roadmap for a 21st Century Outdoor Recreation Economythrough which it hopes to help frame a national discussion of the critical importanceof the recreation sector in both a humanistic and economic sense.Following are the edited highlights of Woodalls Campground Managements interviewwith Bernhardt, who had spent the morning in Saginaw, Mich., announcing a historicexpansion of hunting and fishing rights at national wildlife refuges. He was also sched-uled to appear at a press conference at Forest River Inc.s East to West RV facilities beforeheading off to the Indiana Dunes National Park to inspect deferred maintenance andvisit with NPS employees28 -October 2020Woodalls Campground Management'