b'Q&A Conversationsfrom page 29 maintenance effort, couple that withopportunities of doing public-pri-Bernhardt: With a big infrastructure vate partnerships, and being a littleinvestment of this nature, Congress morethoughtfulaboutsomefor-is probably going to be watching us profitventuresandalsophilan-like a hawk. So, this is our opportu- thropy.nity to really outperform, keeping in And I think I need to use all threemind that, historically, there have of these mechanisms. And I will tellbeen times where Interiors not been you this, I also think that our fee rev-perfect.So,wehaveanintense enue is very, very important. And soprocess going on right now. I believe that our park experience isWe cant let unnecessary red tape the biggest bargain in American so-get in our way because we have a ciety.Ihavetwoteenagers(chil-short amount of time. We have to be dren), and I can spend a hundredvery creative and thoughtful, and we buckstakingthemtothemovieshave to execute with extreme dili- these days. But you can go to a na-gence and efficiency. And so, weve tional park for seven days with asformed a task force, internally, to al- many people as you can put in a carready start working on this. for $30. Thats a bargain.We have to send up a report to So,IthinkallofthosefundingCongress that lists the projects that mechanisms should come into playwere targeting for the first year. But because we cant rely on Congressimplementing this will be a massive The Great American Outdoors Act could lead to more private/ alonetofundus.Thatswhythisopportunity or a massive challenge public partnerships among the NPS and other entities.maintenance backlog money is sofor the department, and everybody important because it comes with thein America will be watching it, and money set for the five years, and wewe know that. It will be our biggest aware, has been highly supportive of Theres no question about that. But just have to cautiously use it. Its apriority for the time being, as signif- this whole GAOA initiative.the reality is, you also have a lot of game-changer.icant as it is. Bernhardt: Oh, of course. Look, you folks who are attracted to this type ofWCM: The recreation vehicle in- have great advocates and advocacy recreation. They have loud voices.So, I think all of those fund-dustry,asyoureprobablywell efforts in the recreation community. There are members of CongressI ing mechanisms should comecan assure you because Ive talked tosome in the last week after this bill into play because we cant relypassedwho are getting in their on Congress alone to fund us.RVs to go somewhere during this Au- Thats why this maintenancegust period. backlog money is so importantAnd they experienced the samethings(regardingnationalpark because it comes with themaintenance issues) any other RVer money set for the five years,experiences when they come to our and we just have to cautiouslyproperties. Theyre asking questions, use it. Its a game-changer. absolutely. So, Americas demands U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardthave changed over time, just as theyhave, Im sure, for the products theRV industry produces. WCM: One more question beforeWCM: Is it possible, looking at re- we go: Did you enjoy your tour of thelated debates in recent years, that RV/MH Hall of Fame & Museum?public-private funding options will Bernhardt: Absolutely,Imcomingbe part of the ongoing discussion? back. I probably shouldnt say this: IBernhardt: Yes, looking at some of loveeverythingregardingtheout-themodernizationquestionsthat doors, but Im a bit of a gear head. Andwere going to have to deal with from so it was great to get in here and beroads to water systems, I think we able to see some of these vehicles, andhave an incredible opportunity to some of the ingenuity that went intotake the money that we have for this themthe motorcoaches in particu-larand how they set up their refrig-eration mechanisms, things like that.Theres a lot of neat stuff downthere, and Im going to just have tobringmykidsbackandspendawhole day here in the near future. Itsawesome and a great ambassador,so to speak, for the whole RV indus-try. You can see the history and feelit and see how things have changedover the years. Pretty cool. WCMWere more than just the leadingcampground industry trade publication. Check us out Online! The latest industry news Campground-related videos Digital editionsSign up to get daily breaking news!Give Us A Click Today!woodallscm.com32 -October 2020Woodalls Campground Management'