b'Election Season in Full Swing CAMPGROUNDas Number of ARVC Board ofDirector Positions Up for Grabs Woodalls 4 Star WANTED!A number of board of director positions for the National Association of RV Parks Approx. 4.5 Acres RV Park & Campground RV parks with water feature and Campgrounds (ARVC) are open in 2020 and candidates for those positions are ac- For Sale By Owner - $575,000 (lake, river, ocean), or near major tively seeking votes from ARVC members. In an effort to provide information about27 RV Sites with Water/Sewer/ attraction. Prefer 200+ sites withwho is running for board positions, Woodalls Campground Management is highlight- Elec. (20/30/50 amp) high number of seasonal residents,ing each candidate with a short biography. The voting window opened on Aug. 6 and but will consider smaller parksthe voting portal information is sent through email to the main contact of each ofWIFI & Cable to All Sites(with or without water feature), ifARVCs member parks with a unique link to vote directly from the email. For more in-Located in the Lower Appalachian have high seasonal occupancy in formation contact ARVC by calling (303) 681-0401.Mountains of North Carolinadesirable location near attractions.AREA 1 service cabins. Pott has served multipleBetween Atlanta and Asheville Family and/or retirement. Rural (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, terms on the Yogi Advisory Council, theLarge Pavilion with Fireplaceor city location. We will decideConnecticut,Massachusetsand franchisee owners group that interfacesRhode Island) with Jellystone Park franchisor, LeisureBathrooms with Showers quickly and pay all cash or Systems Inc.Mountain Viewswith Creek structure sale to meet your needs.MicheleGustine We are experienced RV park owns Nelsons Family AREA 4Beautifully LandscapedCampground,Wolfs (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Missis- owners and assure confidentiality.DenFamilyCamp- sippi, North Carolina, South CarolinaAdditional 2+ Acres Available Brokers welcome. ground and Gustines and Tennessee) for Purchase Please call or email us today:RV Sales and Service,which are all located Michael Hobby as been involved with Email: [email protected] Phone: 518-480-2199in Connecticut. She is ARVC for over a decade in a number of dif- Or828-421-1709 Email: [email protected] ferentleadershipMichele Gustine theConnecticut roles. Before his cur-CampgroundsOwnersAssociation rentpositiononthe(CCOA).boardofdirectorssince2014,hewasAREA 2 previously on ARVCs(Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, from2007-2013.He ADVERTISERS INDEXboardofdirectorsNew York, Pennsylvania, Virginia andWest Virginia) has been a past chairMichael Hobby of the boards Gover-Eileen Vaughan is running for re-elec- nanceCommittee,PastSecretaryand Advertiser Page # Advertiser Page #tion to the board of directors. She owns Parliamentarian.and operates Moun- He also is currently on the ARVC Foun-tainVistaCamp- dationboard, a role he has held since 2014 ARVC(National Assoc. of RV Parks & Campgrounds) .27 Montana Canvas.24ground,a200-site and is currently its vice-chairman.parklocatedinthe B&B Electrical.6 Newbook.11northeastportionof AREA 5Pennsylvania for the (Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas,past 39 years with her Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Business Finance Depot4 Outstanding Tent.16partnersJason and Mexico,NorthDakota,Oklahoma,Joab Vaughan.She South Dakota, and Texas) Campspot9 Pelland Advertising.32Eileen Vaughan previously served asthe representative for Pennsylvania on DavidLancePitre (pronouncedARVCs Council of Delegates(COD) board Pete) has served in the hospitality in- Cavco Industries15 Phelps Honey Wagon.16for 10 years and served as COD secretary dustryasanownerfor three years.and operator for over CheckBox Systems.2 Pilot Rock/RJ Thomas Mfg821years.LancehasAREA 3 beenamemberof(Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michi- ARVCs20Group2 DOGIPOT.28 Polly Products10gan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin) since 2011 with Lake-view Park and Beach. Doty & Sons Concrete Products.30 RMS.17Jim Button has been involved in the Further, Lance servesoutdoor hospitality in- his community as andustryfor37years David Lance Pitre assistantdistrictat- Eaton Corp20 Skyweb Networks.23and has owned Ever- torney (ADA) in St. Landry Parish, La. HegreenCampsites& was recently awarded the ADA of the Gama Sonic20 Southeast Publications6Resort in Wild Rose, Year 2019 by the Louisiana Department ofWisc., for the last 24 Children and Family Services and his busi-years. He is currently ness received the 2016 LOUEY Award for The Glamping Show USA Virtual Experience.25 Staylist.13servinghissecond BestCampgroundoftheYearbytheterm on the Wiscon- Louisiana Travel Association. GNS Wireless.29 Tengo Internet21Jim Button sinAssociationofCampground Owners (WACO) board and Ed Milleris the owner of Rush No Morehas been involved with ARVC in various RV Resort and Campgroundin Sturgis, S.D. Hialeah Meter2 Tower Company.10capacities.He bought the camp-groundinlate2010. K&K Insurance.31 Utility Supply Group Inc.5 & 36Bill Pott owns and Prior to owning RushoperatestheYogi NoMore,EdwasaBearsJellystone lawyer and lobbyist in Kampgrounds of America/KOA.7 Woodford Mfg14Park Camp-Resort in Washington, D.C. forCaveCity,Ky.The over 25 years in the Lancaster Log Cabins.36 Workamper News.32Potts have turned the real estate, financialpark into a destination Ed Miller services,landtitle Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurance.26 YESYour Electrical Solutions.12resortbyexpanding and insurance fields.the park to 222 sites Miller has been president of the SouthBill Pott and it now has 93 full- Election Seasoncontinued on page 3634 -October 2020Woodalls Campground Management'