b'MODERN MARKETINGUsing the Google My Business Tool Offers Advantagesenceonthefirstfewpages.While But to take advantage of this effective name, address, phone) and they musttheres plenty of advice and some valu- modernmarketingtechnique,you exactly match those on your website.able toolssome paid, some freeto must take action.This includes Street versus St., SuiteEvannehelp you elevate your business on a There may already be a Business versus Ste., etc. searchengineresultpage(SERP), Profile for your park made up of cu-Use categoriesyou can have upSchmarder theres one that stands out in todays rated data from across the Internetto 10. These must be selected from asearch environment, Google My Busi- publically available information, re- staticdrop-downlist.Thinkaboutness(GMB).view sites, your website, user-gener- search terms when adding categoriesEarlyon,Googlerecognizedand atedcontentandmore.Whileyou and take advantage of as many of theWhat if I told you one of the power- embraced consumers desire for on- couldleavewellenoughalone,its ten as possible.house digital marketing companies, a demandinformation,especiallyas smart to take the time to claim yourGoogle provides a brief businessname known throughout the world, is smartphones and tablets evolved. In listing, build it out and verify it. description below the business name.eager for you to participate in their free 2014 Google replaced a confusing col- Claimed listingsalso called owner- As the business owner, you provide themarketing platform? If you knew they lection, GooglePlacesforBusiness verifiedbusinesslistingsallowa From the business description. Usecaptured over 90% of the search mar- and Google+ Local, with GMB, a sin- businesstocastitsofferingsinthe as much of the 750-word count as pos-ket, both desktop and mobile, offered gle-point platform to manage and pro- mostaccurateandflatteringlight. sible, front-loading the most impor-a suite of (also free) tools, and aggre- mote online business presence in local Owners can list their business in the tant information and conversationallygated trend reports for your use, would search (a topic plus a place). Today, its correct categories, create a compelling using keywords and phrases. Avoid re-you want to know more?a given that your potential guests are business description, respond to re- peatinginformationthatisalreadyGoogle LLC, a subsidiary of Alpha- researching and making stay decisions views and flag reviews as inappropri- noted in your Profile. bet Inc., has made it their business to baseduponaspecificlocationand ate when necessary, as well as takeWhen choosing categories, be ashelpdevelopourbusinesses.Their turning to Google to do so.advantage of a stat dashboard for an specific as possible and only choosecore product, Google Search, is where at-a-glance look at search results and categories that reflect your businessour market looks to find us. But with Full Of Potential top queries.offerings.somewhereintheneighborhoodof The potential of GMB is high. It al-Pay special attention to selecting200 million active websites, thats not lows business owners to portray their Getting Started your guests most desired attributes oran easy task. Because searchers dont businesses on Search and Maps by de- Theres no time like the present to special features of your business andgo more than two or three pages deep veloping a robust, image-rich com- take charge of your GMB marketing. be as accurate as possible.on a search, its critical to have a pres- pany profile called a Business Profile. But before you do, you should under-Others can suggest edits to yourstandthedifferencebetweenthese Business Profile, and you may not bethree Google terms/tools: Google Ac- notified of changes. It behooves you tocount, Business Profile, and Google regularly check your profile and fine-My Business account.tune as necessary.GoogleAccount: Setupforyourbusiness, it allows you to seamlessly Theres Moremanage all your Google tools (Gmail, In addition to accurate and interest-Analytics, Docs, AdWords, Keyword ing text, take advantage of the visualTool, Alerts, etc.) in one place. This ac- aspect of your Business Profile. Usecount should use your business email your logo as your thumbnail photoaddress, not your personal account.and add a few more motivational im-Business Profile: This is your actual ages from your park. You will also havelisting with the meaty details about the ability to use user-generated im-your operation. It can be created by ages. As Google begins to add imagesanyone.to search results, you may benefit byGoogle My Business account:This is adding new photos every couple ofthe back-end dashboard that allows weeks.you to manage your Business Profile. Youll also have the ability to addTo begin taking advantage of GMB, regularblog-styleposts,createandlogintoyourGoogleAccount,visit take part in Amazon-style questionsgoogle.com/business,andclickon and answers, and respond to customerManage now. Type in your business reviews.name. You are seeking to either createor claim your Business Profile.Yours for the TakingIf it does not appear, click Add your In todays competitive business cli-businesstoGoogleandfollowthe mate,Googleoffersmust-optimizeprompts to create your Business Pro- tools that can make a difference tofile.yourbottomline.Andnosurprise,If your business name appears, click while the tools themselves are free, ex-on it to find out if it has been claimed cellent execution takes time. Set up aand verified. If it has, but not through schedule and pay close attention toyou, follow the instructions to claim maximizing the benefits of GMB by in-ownership.cluding plenty of details, interestingEither way, youll be given options information and interaction for thoseto verify your Business Profile. Once searchingforabusinesslikeyours.verified, you will have full access via Theres no reason not to amp up youryour GMB account.presence on the worlds number onesearch engine. Its an opportunity toOptimize It take the next step. While not difficult, there are a fewlesserknownbutcriticaltipsthat Want to know more about mar-should not be overlooked when opti- keting your RV park or campgroundmizing your GMB/Business Profile:online? Evanne Schmarder, princi- When you create a new account or pal and founder of the RV industry-claim your listing, make sure you use a specificdigitalmarketingfirmGoogle account that can be shared. Roadabode Production, has a newDont use your personal Google ac- book to help you do just that. Mar-count. keting YourRVPark/Campground You must use your exact business Online is available as an ebook atname, address, and telephone number your favorite online bookseller or in(known in the tech world as NAPprint at Amazon.com. WCM8 -October 2020Woodalls Campground Management'