b'MODERN MARKETINGIs 2020 a Wave or a Ripple? Its Time for Cautious OptimismRVers. Many of these purchases are a Snowbirdseasonisuponuswith Being a partnerdirect result of the current COVID-19 many unknowns ahead. Our jobIdentify others promoting the in-restrictions.Chalkituptocabin every member of the RV industryis dustryandseektopartnerwithEvannefever, if you will. With nearly every to remind customers of the value of them. This might include providingother avenue of vacation options off ourofferings,thememoriesthat insight as a guest on a camping pod-Schmarder the table, an outdoor getaway dan- have been or are to be made, and the cast or penning a regular piece on agles the possibility of new adven- value camping brings to their lives. popular outdoor blog. If youve cre-turesandawaytosafelytakea Its a tall order.ated a guide, share it with your statebreak. In-person opportunities abound. association,encouragingthemtoThere is plenty to celebrate in re- Isthisabubblebeggingtobe Fromafriendlywelcometowell- collect and disseminate this type ofgard to the RV industry these days. burst? Will new RVers see their RV ex- keptgroundstocleanfacilities, content. YoumightevenconsiderManyparkshavemorebusiness perience turn from an exciting get- abundant recreation, technical as- that doing so provides (your) UGCthan they can accommodate and are away to an expensive regret? When sistance as needed, and on-site stor- for the associationa win-win-win. turning campers away. The RV In- thetravelindustrysituation age,wehavemanytoolstowindustry Association (RVIA) recently changes, and you know it will, will guestsover.Oncetheyleavethe Being presentreported RV sales are through the those new to the RV party continue property, its a bit more challenging. Remember that no one likes to beroof and are expected to continue to be as enthusiastic as they once What can we do to keep the camp- ignored. When someone is standingskyrocketing through 2021. Web traf- thought they would be? Some will, firesburning?Howcanwemake at your front desk with a question,ficatGoCampingAmerica.com is yes. However, RVing is an acquired camping the most attractive choice you do your best to address themthe highest its ever been. Demand is taste. Its a lot of work, its expensive, and continue to encourage enthusi- immediately, even if its only Ill beso great in Europe that RV manufac- theres a steep learning curve, and its asm? This is where the savvy modern right there.The same should holdturers at the 2020 Caravan Salon in a very different mindset from simply marketer shines.for voicemails, emails and yes, socialDsseldorf, Germany, confirmed a hopping on an airplane, checking in, media messages. Create a processbacklog in new RV manufacturing, and hitting the beach. Being seenfor retrieving and replying to voice-anticipating an 18-month-out deliv- One way is staying top of mind mails, ideally done several times aery window. Keeping the bloom on the rose by being present and on their radar, day. Let callers know what to expectYet, with all the positive news, we The COVID summer/fall camping appealing to their domestic travel in your greeting message and live upshould be exercising cautious opti- season has come to a close and with dreams and reminding them again to it. You could set up an email bot tomism. Its reported that 80% of new your hard work, some positive, last- and again why they chose to pur- replytoemailinquiriesbutmostRV sales are purchased by first-time ingimpressionshavebeenmade. chaseanRV.Thereareseveral likely, an automated message tellingchannelstohelpmeetthisgoal. thesenderyouvereceivedtheirYouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and message and will reply in a certainFacebook immediatelyspringto amountoftimeissufficient.Andmind.Bloggingcontinuestobe thenyoumustreplyinthetimeuseful as not only relevant interest frame youve indicated. Chatbots arepiecesbutalsoassearchengine technologys answer to social mediajuice.Yet,puttingoutyourbest messaging and you should be usingcontent isnt enough. Shouting into these robust tools to augment yourthe sky doesnt work. Its got to be social presence and immediately as-seen to be effective. sist your prospects.Take advantage of user-generatedcontent(UGC)bysharingyour Stoking desireguests images, videos, posts and re- Wed all agree that making todaysviews. This not only gives you abun- new RVer a lifelong camping enthu-dant, authentic content, but it also siast is job number one. Reinforcingencouragesthoseusers(someof buying decisions, dispensing camp-thembrandevangelistsorinflu- ingwisdomandlivinguptotheencers) to reshare your mention and promise are all pieces to the indus-attention. Hold a hashtag contest, tryssuccess.Butletsberealistic.showcase outstanding photographs Not every new owneror veteranand videos or create an in-park In- ownerwill be a long-term devotee.stagram/Pinterestpicturepoint Well never have a 100% retention(with associated hashtag). rate, but those who we can influenceDont forsake good old email mar- will help build the bedrock of our keting. Send regular emails to your industrys future, encouraging gen-customer list highlighting top con- erations of outdoor hospitality en-tent, interesting tidbits, and money- thusiasts. savingspecials.Addasubscribe Expect to see this story play outbuttontoyourwebsiteaswellas over the next six to 12 months. Will ityour social media accounts, using be a wave or a ripple? Fine-tune yourthe built-in tool on Facebook and in message, make doing business withyourprofileonothersocialplat- you a pleasure and elevate an RVs re-forms.turn on investment to a memory-makingartform.PrepareforanyBeing helpful eventuality but market like the pos-Shareknow-howviavaluable sibilities are everlasting. Because re-guides. Whether your park is located ally, from sea to shining sea, theres ain an iconic valley or a convenient lifetime of camping adventures inovernightlocation,theressome- these United States. Tell that storythinginterestingandeducational every chance you get. you can share with prospects andcustomers. Tell them about the three Want to know more about mar-best hikes in your area, the top spots keting your RV park or campgroundfor a burger or points of interest in- online? Evanne Schmarder, princi-cluding roomy truck stops and sea- pal and founder of the RV industry-sonalfarmstands.Createashort specificdigitalmarketingfirmPDF guide (bonus points for includ- Roadabode Production, has a newing UGC with attribution) and make book to help you do just that. Mar-it freely available on your website. keting YourRVPark/CampgroundPromoteitonyoursocialmedia Online is available as an ebook atchannels,emailmarketing,even your favorite online bookseller or invoicemail greetings and chatbots. print at Amazon.com. WCM10 -November 2020Woodalls Campground Management'