b'SUPPLIER INSIGHTS BY RON BARGERUtility Supply Group Now Offering Site Asset Manager Kingston, Wash.-based Utility Sup- it into the system. It also will allow re- available to the campground owner. products for electrical, water and gasply Group continues to innovate elec- mote metering of each campsite from There is an initial investment for the meteringforcampgrounds,resortstronicmeteringandutility a central location.campground. andhousingcommunities.Theseinfrastructure products to support RV Hesaidanotherinnovationthe The cost of the initial equipment products help to better manage utilitycampground owners with its new Site company has introduced allows the ranges from $120 to $200 depending usage and recoup actual usage. TheAsset Manager. meter data to be incorporated into the upon the number of sites in the camp- company carries electric meters, solidThis new system campgroundreservationsystemfor ground because each site must have a state electrical meters (SSEM), utilitywill allow the camp- realtimebillinguponcheckout, meter with a transmitter installed. base conversion kits, meter sockets,groundownerto weekly or monthly.The receiver and the software in- socketkits,portablemeteringkits,readmetersre- It can be monitored from anywhere. stalled with at this price is the same if meterrings,metersealsandmetermotelyforperiods The campsite meter can be read you have 100 to 1,000 campsites, he covers, as well as natural gas metersof time they desire into a receiver that is connected into added.and regulators and water meters.with an easily avail- Internet access, with power, that loads Campgrounds buy the equipment The RV and RV park circuit testersableonlinesecure into our cloud server, Elliot stated. and the meters, and then there is a provide RV owners and park owners afilestoragesystem The hardware to install is the meter at monthly fee to manage the data and tool to verify proper wiring is in place.Wade Elliot using a smartphone each site and the collector in the office provide it to the campground in the It can also monitor voltage and pro-app, said Wade Elliot, founder and of the campground. After that is pro- customizedwayeachprefers.The vide surge protection to the RV. It ispresident of the firm. This portable vided, it becomes more of a monthly monthlycostsfor100campsites available in 30- or 50-amp models.appwillallowmanagerstowalk service we provide. We are collecting would be $275.To learn more about USG, head toaround and read the meters and enter and storing that data and making it Utility Supply Group has multiple www.go-usg.com.WCMMontana Canvas Offers Variety ofTurnkey Packages for Campgrounds CurtDinges, These packages really help camp-ownerofMontana grounds get into our tents at a turn-keyCanvas, a Belgrade, level, he said. What we found was thatMont.-basedcom- campground owners did not really knowpany that has been what they wanted out of a tent. buildingtentsfor The packages include a 12-foot by 14-over40years,has foot luxury model with A, B and C config-come up with pack- urations as well as a 14-foot by 20-foot inCurt Dinges agesthathesaid a suite model, also with three choices. makes it both easy We found campgrounds wanted ac-and affordable for campground owners commodations with a queen-sized bedto install its products.for two adults and then another packageDinges stated he just refined his newest to accommodate a family of four, Dingesproducts for 2021 that include three levels said. The Luxury Package A ($3,610) hasof campground glamping tents in both a everything you need for a complete shel-Luxury and Suite package making a total ter. In Luxury Package B ($3,440) theof six choices for campgrounds.campground just has to build a frame foronly the fly area. In Luxury Package C($2,570) they have to build out the entireframe. This is what we have new for 2021to help campgrounds get into our prod-ucts and make it easy. The three larger Suite Packagesrangefrom $3,540 to $4,870. Dinges said that depending on howcampgroundownersaddplankfloorplatforms, porches and furnishings forthe interior, campgrounds can end upwith an ultimate Luxury Package glamp-ingtentinthe$5,000-plusrange.Aglamping tent is an excellent return oninvestment that could potentially pay outin one season at $200 per night, he said. Its of note that Montana Canvas shel-ters, in which the air can circulate withoutside air, are at a premium during thesetimes of cautious campers and COVID. Ive been surprised at the number ofcomments and requests for these prod-ucts, concluded Dinges. This is some-thing that we can do to help people getthrough this and its not that far outsidefrom our main products. To learn more about Montana Canvas,head to www.montanacanvas.com. WCM14 -November 2020Woodalls Campground Management'