b'ARVC 2020 VIRTUAL CONFERENCEVENDOR DIRECTORYAmeris Bank-SBA/USDA Lendingwww.amerisbank.com(866) 616-6020App My Communitywww.appmycommunity.com(636) 236-1469Astrawww.astra.campgroundmanager.com(800) 374-8643Business Finance Depotwww.businessfinancedepot.com(800) 788-3884CampLifewww.camplife.com(615) 681-7289CampspotThe National Association of RV Parks and Camp-grounds Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo www.campspot.com(800) 724-8620will be offering a number of different ways for atten-dees to connect with each other and with the dozens Champion/Athens Park Homes LLCof vendors that will be exhibiting at the virtual show. www.athensparkhomes.netwww.championhomes.com(903) 677-0108BY BEN QUIGGLECheckBox SystemsARVC Focused on Education, Connections www.CheckBoxSystems.net(866) 345-9434Cold River Mining CorpThrough its Virtual OHCE2020 www.ColdRiverMining.com(216) 466-2968At the beginning of the year, most National Association ARVC told WCMthat the classes will be broken up into Colorado Yurt Companyof RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) members were different tracks. The five learning tracks are Brand Man- www.coloradoyurt.com(970) 240-2111thinking warm thoughts as this years annual Outdoor Hos- agement, Business Management and Practices, Human Colortime Crafts and Markerspitality Conference & Expo (OHCE) was set to take place Resources, Professionalism and Leadership, and Site and www.colortime.com(800) 500-0770in Daytona Beach, Fla.but the COVID crisis had other Facility Management.plans.We have so many elements that we are putting into Conestoga Wagon CompanyStarting in late Spring, ARVC officials realized the po- this conference and we dont want attendees to be sittingtential that they may have to switch the OHCE to a virtual in front of a computer for eight to nine hours a day, said www.conestogawagonco.com(307) 277-0525format and began making plans for such an event.Horwitz. Its not in their best interests because they wont Davis TentARVCs OHCE is set to run from Nov. 2-5 and you can absorb and digest that information. They wont have theregister at arvc.org/OHCE.same value walking away if we try to just mirror exactly www.davistent.com(877) 355-2267While there may be no sand or warm sunny beaches, what we did live in the virtual platform. And so, we are re-ARVC officials are working to make sure the virtual event thinking the amount of time that each of those education Delta Treatment Systemsoffers all of the educational opportunities with chances sessions are, and we are reducing the number of them, www.infiltratorwater.com(860) 577-7030for communication among attendees but the quality of the sessions does not decrease at all.that the in-person event normally fea- Educational sessions will include some familiar names Gama Sonic Solar Lightingtures.in the industry, while also introducing some new presen- www.gamasonic.com(800) 835-4113Paula Horwitz, ARVCs executive ters. director of education and events, told So far, the speaker list includes:Gorin/Cohen Consulting GroupWoodalls Campground ManagementChristine Taylor, an associate attorney with Towne www.gorincohenconsulting.com(703) 371-7467(WCM) that the entire ARVC team has Law Firm, PCbeen learning a lot about virtual con-Chris Hipple, managing general partner with Leavitt Great American Directferences and the opportunities they Recreation and Hospitality Insurance www.greatamericandirect.com(757) 229-0567Paula Horwitz offer for unique engagement. John Erdner, a corporate trainer with Northgate ResortsWe are seeing the excitement level grow each weekMichael Elliott, principle with Camp and Park Accounting Infintechamong our team because we are seeing it come togetherPaul Bosley, managing member of Business Finance www.infintechllc.com(615) 881-6566and visually it is captivating on this platform, explained DepotHorwitz. We spent a lot of time as a team really divingEric Stumberg, CEO of Tengo Internet Its All About Satellitesinto and researching best practices for engagement on aSteve Dunn, founder/CEO of PURIFYD SYSTEMS www.itsallaboutsatellites.com(800) 951-1979virtual platform. We read different perspectives after the There will be more than 20 sessions this year and eachfact from others who have hosted events, both from the will be recorded and available through ARVCs virtual plat- Jabba Communicationplanners standpoint as well as the attendees standpoint. form during the event and for 30 days after, at which point www.jabbacommunications.com(602) 235-0591We are making breakout and education sessions, and all ARVC members will be able to access the event con-designing them with those best practices in mind, she tent through their ARVC member profiles for the life of Jump Pad LLCcontinued. Really digestible amounts of time. We dont their membership. www.thejumppad.com(865) 387-5667have people sitting at their computers for hours on end On Nov. 2, the conference will kick off with ARVCs vir-losing focus and their legs going numb from sitting in a tual Takeaway Tours, which are included in the cost of Kampgrounds of Americachair. Its important for us to recognize that our attendees, registering for the virtual OHCE. The Takeaway Tours will www.ownakoa.com(406) 248-7444the audience that we work with, they are not idle individ- feature three parks in the Southern Florida regionJollyuals, theyre running small businesses that have them Roger RV Resort(130 sites) in Marathon, Fla., Natures Re- Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurancemoving all day. sort (304 sites) in Homosassa, Fla., and Cross Creek RV www.leavitt.com (453) 586-6553With that in mind, Horwitz said the numerous educa- Resort (612 sites) in Arcadia, Fla. tional sessions planned for OHCE are going to be reduced ARVC is doing prerecorded tours of the parks, which Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Servicesfrom an hour to 30 to 40 minutes, with opportunities for will be viewed by OHCE attendees, and then a live Q&Aspeaker/audience engagement within that time frame. session will occur with representatives from the parks.www.marcusmillichap.com(303) 328-2034We are really working with each of our speakers to We will also have representatives from other camp- Montana Canvasbring interactive materials to the very best of their ability, grounds around the country who can relate to and talkwhether that is linking out to a video or having some type about their experiences that align with what was high- www.montanacanvas.com(800) 235-6518of resource thats available which attendees can click on lighted in the tours as well, noted Horwitz. So, were ex- ARVC Vendor Directorycontinued on page 18and manipulate as the session is going on, noted Horwitz.ARVC Virtual OHCE2020continued on page 1816 -November 2020Woodalls Campground Management'