b"KOA 2020 VIRTUAL CONFERENCEVENDOR DIRECTORYAccessParkswww.accessparks.com(888) 507-1128AdventureKEENwww.adventurewithkeen.com(800) 678-7006AGS Guest Guideswww.agspub.com(877) 518-1989Ascot Enterpriseswww.ascotent.com(574) 773-6202Brightz Ltd.www.brightz-ltd.com(419) 517-0049Camp and Park Accounting LLCwww.campandparkaccounting.com(302) 643-2267Camp Casualwww.campcasual.com(818) 864-2707Canterbury Cabinswww.canterburyrv.com(574) 534-0034Champion/Athens Park Homes LLCKampgrounds of America Inc. will be featuring a 3D www.athensparkhomes.netexpo floorplan and introducing gamification to help www.championhomes.com(903) 677-0108increase traffic at its virtual conferences expo.CheckBox Systemswww.CheckBoxSystems.net(866) 345-9434BY BEN QUIGGLE Coghlans Ltd.KOA Hopes to Revitalize Park Owners During www.coghlans.com(877) 264-4526Cody Talbert Distributionwww.codytalbert.com(407) 397-9610Three-Day Virtual Conference from Nov. 16-19 Cold River Mining Corpwww.ColdRiverMining.com(216) 466-2968Virtual conferences are a new experience for the RV park and probably going to have different areas of the campground serve Colorado Yurt Companycampground arena, and Kampgrounds of America Inc.(KOA) is as pathways to different sections of the convention. We will have www.coloradoyurt.com(970) 240-2111working hard to make sure its Virtual Conventiongoes off without our live workshops during set times where attendees will be able Conestoga Wagon Companya hitch.to watch the workshop and then chat and ask questions to the www.conestogawagonco.com(307) 277-0525Originally scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, KOA switched presenter. Constant Contactgears in early July as it became evident that large conference One of the things that Humphrey is most excited about is the www.constantcontact.com(855) 783-2308gatherings were probably not going to take place in the midst of six networking lounges that will allow attendees to get questions CSG TEESthe COVID crisis.answered from fellow KOA owners. KOA will also have experi- www.csgtees.com(586) 489-6204We did our site visit in January as we planned to host the an- enced staff members on those specific topics monitoring thenual convention in Las Vegas and we had everything mapped rooms.Earth Sun Moon Trading Companyout, noted Kama Humphrey, KOAs director of training and During a workshop, the Q&A session may go long and the www.esmtees.com(888) 458-1687events. Then COVID blew everything up networking lounges will really enable attendees who want to EcoStructuresand we realized that we needed to com- continue a discussion to move to the appropriate networking www.ecostructures.com.au(619) 610-0216pletely change our theme as we moved to lounge and continue the discussion, Humphrey explained.Enjoy It LLCa virtual convention.We typically have around 25 workshops, going virtual gives www.enjoyit.com(866) 575-3775The new theme KOA choseReboot, us the opportunity to deliver more content, Humphrey said.Recover, Revitalize is meant to encapsu- Live workshops include:Fireside Lodge Furniture Companylate the campground sectors year so far. Effectively Manage Your Guest Complaints www.firesidelodgefurniture.com(877) 568-6188When the COVID crisis began, own-Campground Insurance Trends: The Impacts of Pandemics Fishing Innovations LLCers faced many challenges, so they had to & Disasters www.fishinginnovationsnrv.com(540) 921-7659Kama Humphrey reboot and recover from that, HumphreyEmbracing Diversity Among Your Guests & Staffexplained. Now its time to revitalize. It's time to look forwardGet More Loyal Campers to Your KOA with Value Kard Frito Lay Snacks to Youand learn from our experiences and maybe look at some of the Rewards www.fls2u.com(888) 600-6620positive things that have come out of this world that we've beenImprove Your Sites to Increase Revenue Gama Sonic Solar Lightingin lately.Building Campground Value in a Pandemic www.gamasonic.com(800) 835-4113Set to take place Nov. 16-19, by late September, KOA had rep-Managing Your Finances in Times of Crisis GCI Outdoorresentatives from more than113 campgrounds signed up to at-Its Time to Replant KOA Kamp Green www.gcioutdoor.com(860) 345-9595tend, with more expected to register. A day after registrationK2 New FunctionalityPart 1 Go Fun Face /University Outfitters LLCopened up for the conventions expo, 45% of the expos boothsMedia & You: Targeted and Trendy www.gofunface.com(617) 307-6556were already filled. By late September, KOA officials reportedMaking Sure Long-Term Guests Arent a Long-Term having only 43 booths left.Problem Graphic ImprintsRegistration looks different for us this year, said Humphrey.K2 New FunctionalityPart 2 www.graphic-imprints.com(405) 256-0894We typically charge per person to attend convention. This year,Creating YOUR Action Plan for Success Great American Directwe're charging per campground, because we have a cool op-Navigating the J-1 Visa Work & Travel Program www.greatamericandirect.com(757) 229-0567portunity with going virtual. Typically, convention attendees areThe Art of the Hot Deal Hogeyemainly owners and managers, but by going virtual, that kind of The Virtual Convention will also have a slew of on-demandopens it up to all employees. Maybe owners have some key staff workshops that will be available to attendees 24/7 during the con- www.hogeye.com(479) 300-6160that they would like to have involved with convention this year vention.HybridLightand they can do so. They can watch the on-demand workshops anytime they www.HybridLight.comKOA is charging each campground $400 for an all-access want too, noted Humphrey.Independence Bankpass to the Virtual Convention, which means all employees of a After the Virtual Convention, recordings of workshops, on-de- www.1776bank.com(877) 621-1776particular park can take part in educational sessions and the mand sessions and other events will move to the KOA University Its All About Satellitesexpo. They will also receive a convention swag bag that KOA is online program where franchisees can access the material,mailing out.Humphrey said.www.itsallaboutsatellites.com(800) 951-1979Humphrey said the Virtual Convention experience will be 3D The Virtual Convention will also have some familiar aspects Jamestown Advanced Productswith a campground setting, since KOA is not hosting it in a typical to it, with general sessions each day featuring updates from key www.jamestownadvanced.com(800) 452-0639convention center setting. Work is still being done on some as- KOA personal, including CEO and President Toby ORourke. KOA J Wright Conceptspects of the show. will also be hosting its Idea Xchange and annual awards pro- www.rvcablegrip.com(916) 955-0048We are going to have a networking lounge, which is probably gram. going to be a group campfire experience, she noted. We are ARVC Virtual OHCE2020continued on page 20 KOA Vendor Directorycontinued on page 20WOODALLSCM.com November 2020-17"