b'ARVC 2020 VIRTUAL CONFERENCEARVC Vendor Directoryfrom page 16Virtual OHCE2020from page 16 general manager of that park, but also Natural Outdoor Supplieswithparkownersfromacrossthe www.naturaloutdoorsupplies.com(815) 353-3980panding it even more than just going on site and getting a country. tour. ItwillbeARVCmemberpark NewBookFrom Nov. 3-4, a more traditional schedule will occur, owners/operators having a great con- www.newbook.cloud(310) 855-3773with the opening general session on Nov. 3 starting at 8:30 versationabout2020andlookinga.m. (PT) followed by the first block of educational ses- ahead to 2021, said David Basler, Peak Energy Technologysions, a small break and then another block of educational ARVCs vice president of membership www.peakenergytech.com(888) 613-7775sessions.David Basler and marketing. It should be a greatThen we will move to our reservation systems panel, way to kick off the conference. Pilot Rock/RJ ThomasHorwitz explained. We will have representatives from all After the educational sessions and reservations sys- www.pilotrock.com(800) 762-5002of the major reservation system providers serving as pan- tems panel wraps up for the dayabout a four-hour chunkelists, prepared to give rundowns of what their business of timethe rest of the day will be dedicated to hosted Polly Productsis looking forward to in the coming year, any new releases buyer meetings.www.pollyproducts.com(877) 609-2243and that type of thing. Then we will still be hosting open The hosted buyer program is new for this year, butQ&As specific to the reservation system. Basler told WCM that they plan to continue the program Ranger Ready RepellentsThis years opening general session will feature Paul in the future as well. Bambei, CEO and president of ARVC, touring a park in Col- Attendees participating in the Hosted Buyer Program www.rangerready.com(203) 957-3555orado and having a candid conversation with not only the will be able to connect directly with exhibitors offering the ResNexusproducts and services thatinterest them and, at the www.resnexus.com(385) 218-2637same time, get their regis- RMStration for free.Campgroundowners, www.rmsnorthamerica.com(858) 427-1200operatorsandgeneralmanagers who are inter- Ron D. Beard & Associatesested in becoming Hosted www.rdbaconsulting.com(512) 219-7688Buyerscanapplywhileregistering for OHCE. The The Jump Padprocess only takes about www.thejumppad.com(855) 387-5667five minutes. One hostedbuyer will be accepted per Utility Supply Grouppark, and those who are www.go-usg.com(800) 800-2811acceptedandattendaminimumoffivepre- Registration for vendors is still open and new vendors arescheduled video meetings being added. To learn more, go to www.arvc.org/ohce.with exhibitors at the vir-tual Expo will have theirregistration fees refunded. Until Nov. 5 attendees will be able to look at a generalOnNov.4,ARVCwill overview of a vendors booth, but they wont be able to en-host its keynote address gage with the vendors until that morning, noted Horwitz.from Gretchen Rubin, an Just like during the in-person event where we do kind ofinfluentialandthought- a grand opening of the expo floor. provokingobserverof ARVC has been seeing a growing number of exhibitorshappiness and human na- and sponsors for the event as November nears, but Baslerture.noted that they have had to educate quite a few vendorsRubinskeynotewill on what to expect out of the new platform. focusonresiliencyand Some have been to virtual conferences in the past andfinding a positive attitude had good or bad experiences, so we have to educate themtoovercomeadversity on what features our platform will have and once they re-especially poignant topics alize the work we are putting into this expo and how userthis year, as RV park and friendly it will be, then the conversation becomes a lotcampgroundbusinesses easier, said Basler. acrossNorthAmerica Basler told WCMthat OHCE is designed to allow atten-have faced a historic com- dees and vendors to have strong conversations with eachbination of unprecedented other. challenges presented by Whatever program you use for a virtual event, you stilltheCOVIDpandemic, need to find a way to facilitate those connections, ex-whileatthesametime plained Basler.seeing record growth and The number one goal of any conferencebut espe-interestincampingand cially one that is part of a community like thisis the con-RVing. nections, whether its attendee to exhibitor or attendee toInadditiontoher attendee, its making those connections and those rela-keynote address at OHCE, tionships that help campgrounds be more successful inRubinwillalsointeract thecomingyear,notedHorwitz.Andwevebeenwith ARVC members be- through a very challenging year in 2020.fore and after the confer- Horwitz also pointed out that ARVC will still be hostingence through interviews, its annual auction, which benefits the ARVC Foundation.videos and more to create It will be hosted entirely online this year and it will be opena well-rounded conversa- the entire week of the conference so that people can keeption. an eye on items they are interested in. Then more educational ARVC will also be recognizing annual award winnerssessions will take place, during the entire week of OHCE, noted Horwitz. along with more time slots Were still going to be obviously recognizing our mem-for hosted buyer meetings bers, parks of different sizes and our state organizationslater in the day.and so on, she said. But we are not going to have justOn Nov. 5, the day will one dedicated time to hand out the awards. We will bestart with ARVCs annual doing a few sprinkled throughout, and then some othersmembership meeting and in a special awards block of time on Nov. 4.thentheexpofloorwill Tolearnmoreabouttheconference,headtoopen around 9 a.m. (PST).arvc.org/ohce.WCM18 -November 2020Woodalls Campground Management'