b'CAMPGROUND PROFILE BY JEFF CRIDERThe Owners of Seahaven Marine RV Park Utilize Past Careers atNASA,OilRigstoImprovePark,MakeitaDestinationPoint People come into the private parkbusiness from a variety of fascinatingcareers.Scott Swanson was a freelance pro-ducer for Paramount Studios, ABC Stu-dios andWarnerBros. for20yearsbefore going into the RV park businessin Arizona, with his latest venture beingSonora Desert RV Parkin Gila Bend.Dr. John Shim developed a career asan orthopedic spinal surgeon in Tampa,Fla., before taking on a second job help-ing his parents run the Association Is-land Kampgrounds of America (KOA)in Upstate New York.Then theres Kal Karmous and IrinaYashkova,whoco-ownandoperateSeahaven Marine RV Park in the his-toric fishing village of Sneads Ferry, N.C.Kal and Irina have fascinating histo-ries in their own right. Seahaven Marine RV Park sits near the Atlantic Ocean andKal was born in the ancient port city features chartered fishing trips that are a hit with campers. of Alexandria, Egypt, and was broughtto the U.S. at the age of 2 when hismother, Wadida Oraby, a chemist, was developed a multi-decade career in the talentedasaRussian-Englishinter- Kazakhstan as part of her NASA assign-recruited to join an international inter- oil industry that gave him opportunities preter that she landed a job as an inter- ments.disciplinary team of post-doctoral re- to live and work in 27 countries around preter for a NASA contractor just before Owning and operating Seahaven Ma-searchersatNorthCarolinaState the world, including a two-year stint in graduating from the Monterey Institute rine RV Park, of course, is a dramaticUniversityinRaleigh.Kalsfather, Scotland, a year in Paris, and several of International Studies. Irinas NASA change for both Kal and Irina, givenMoustafaKarmous,washiredasa months each in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, assignments have included working as theirdecadesofexperienceworkingconsulting engineer at the same uni- Singapore, as well as several countries an interpreter for astronauts assigned to around the world. We needed some-versity and became one of the first en- inAfrica,includingAlgeria,Nigeria, the International Space Station, which thing on the ground, Irina says with agineersintheU.S.tospecializein Gabon and the Ivory Coast. involves space agencies from the U.S., laugh, adding, We needed somethingenergy conservation.Irina,forherpart,wasbornand Russia, Europe, Japan and Canada. Irina to balance us out.Kal grew up in Raleigh and eventually raised in Western Siberia, and was so has also worked in Moscow, Russia and Their interest in Seahaven Marine RVGlenda Simpson26 -November 2020Woodalls Campground Management'