b"Virtual Hospitality Expo Sees Light Traffic, Now On-Demand The Virtual Hospitality Expo wrapped up its three-day Lieberman, who produced similar events in 2010 andrun on Sept. 17 with two more panels and an Expo that fea- 2011, said he was spurred to produce this Expo by state as-tured more than 20 vendors. sociation directors who contacted him after being forced toHighlights of the Expo included a panel with numerous cancel their annual Spring conferences due to the COVIDstate association executives titled Joining an Associationcrisis.Why You Should and another panel titled How to Get Non- We developed it to help them out, he noted to WoodallsRVers to Come to Your Campground, which featured a Campground Management(WCM). continues until Dec. 31.number of different unique accommodation providers. Associations who are able to get some of their members Exhibitors will be notified when people enter theirThe Expoproduced by Art Lieberman, CEO of MCPS to attend the conference receive a portion of the revenue booths and want to chat with them, he explained. We willfor Campgrounds, a credit card processor, and Deanne that is made, according to Lieberman. be promoting the event until Dec. 31 and will be findingBower was billed as a way to connect park owners/oper- Lieberman admitted that traffic was lighter than expected ways to drive more traffic to the Expo.ators with industry vendors given that many of the annual during the three main days of the Expo, but noted to WCM After spending nearly six months putting the Expo to-in-person conferences were either canceled or moved vir- that he plans to continue to promote the Expo and drivegether, Lieberman told WCMthat he wasnt planning to dotual in 2020 amid the COVID crisis. traffic to the event during its On-Demand phase thatanother Expo like this in the future.Ben Quiggle WCMInsider Perks Offering Free DesignServices to OHCE ExhibitorsRealizing that some exhibitors in the RVpark and campground sectors were not thatfamiliarwithvirtualconferences,BrianSearl, CEO and founder of Insider Perks, aCleveland, Ohio-based marketing firm spe-cializing in the outdoor hospitality industry,knew he wanted to do something to give ex-hibitors a boost as they look at developingvirtual tradeshow booths for the NationalAssociation of RV Parks and Campgrounds Perky(ARVC) annual Outdoor Hospitality Confer-ence and Expo(OHCE) from Nov. 2-5. Turned virtual this year due to the currentCOVID crisis, OHCE is offering exhibitors achance to showcase their products in a vir-tual booth, something many vendors maynot have marketing assets for. Searl is offering free design services for signing digital stuff.all marketing and promotional materials ex- Exhibitors who sign up to participate inhibitors will need to help ensure their OHCE the conference will be given Searls contactexperience is a successful one. information and exhibitors can reach out toIf they're purchasing a background ban- Searl to begin the process of designing theirner as an upgrade to their booth and they materials. need it designed, we'll do that, he ex- It's fairly simplistic. We're not going toplained to Woodalls Campground Manage- put restrictions on people, Searl explained.ment (WCM). If they want to design a PDF We want people to look good and we want,that they're going to attach to their booth ultimately, the virtual experience to lookandletpeopledownload,we'lldothat. good. We dont know when we might meetWhatever they need to make their digital ex- for in-person meetings again. It could be asperience better.early as next Spring or we may not be backThe intention behind it is to allow peo- in-person until 2022. No one really knows.ple, who otherwise may not have that digital So, the better impression that we can giveexperience, look good because they really people of virtual events, the better off every-haven't had much time to pivot, he added. one will be.They're used to printing out brochures and To learn more about Insider Perks, headmaterials like that. They're not used to de- to insiderperks.biz.Ben Quiggle WCMCampspot Offering Free Photo Shoot to New CustomersCampspot, an all-in-one online reser-vationandcampgroundmanagementsystem, is now offering a free propertyphoto shoot for any new customer that understands how important photogra-switches to its software this year, accord- phy can be for driving revenue and show-ing to Campspot officials. casingaparktopotentialcustomers,Each photo shoot is worth $1,500noted company officials. As part of its freetravel, editing, drone footage and all as- photo shoot offer, Campspot is partner-sociated costs includedand is com- ing with CampgroundViews.comand itspletely complimentary to businesses just affiliateprofessionalphotographerstofor being new Campspot customers. deliver on this promise.We are all about driving added value Park owners should always be lookingfor our customers, said Casey Cochran, for a leg up to promote and showcasedirectorofbusinessdevelopmentat theiruniqueamenities,accommoda-Campspot. In addition to our $2 per on- tions, and activities, especially online,line booking pricing for new parks that saidMarkKoep,founderofCamp-sign up to use our software this year, were groundViews.com. adding this extra incentive that will help To claim their free photoshoots, inter-campgroundsbetterpromotetheir estedcampgroundownerscanvisitunique properties. www.joincampspot.com/book-more toWhileCampspotguaranteesanin- scheduleatimetospeakwithacrease in a parks revenue just by switch- Campspot team member and demo theingtoitssoftware,thecompanyalso software. WCM6 -November 2020Woodalls Campground Management"