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Will visiting grandchildren feel tentialguestsmightliketohearlike they are in a reform school rather rather than an accurate and thoroughthan a campground? description of what the park offers, Is your campground at the upper what it doesnt offer, and why the ma-scale of predominant rates in your jority of your guests like it for exactlyarea, or is it highly affordable? what it is. Thenthereisasetofquestions Life is too complicated, and run-where the answers are not quite black ning your business profitably is moreand white, but where the wrong ex- challengingnowthanever.Helppectations can lead to serious misun- yourself to succeed in that endeavorderstandings and the ever-dreaded by treating your prospective guests tonegative reviews: the truth that they deserve. If you say that pets are welcome,do you have a list of breeds that are PeterPellandistheCEOof not allowed? 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WCMApp My Community, Camping in Ontario Partner on New AppApp My Communityand Camping in Ontariohave introduced CampON, Campingin Ontarios dedicated mobile app, according to a press release.The CampON mobile app is a standalone, fully integrated app that is free to down-load on Appleand Androidplatforms and connects campers to over 440 private camp-grounds across Ontario. Campers have the ability to search by campground name oruse the map to find a park for their next camping trip.Camping in Ontario has three levels of listing options for members to choose from: A basic business listing includes contact information and a description of the parkand its services. An enhanced listing includes a description, photo, contact information and onlinereservation links. The third option provides campers with the full suite of App My Communitys fea-tures for an individual campground. The full functionality features include custom formswith digital signature capability, activity lists, RV sales links, time booking capability andmuch more.This option also includes the ability for a campground owner to send pushnotifications to stay engaged with guests year-round. WCM8 -November 2020Woodalls Campground Management'