b'SUPPLIER INSIGHTS BY RON BARGERWoodford Continues to Innovate Hydrant Design, Touts Reliability of ProductsMany dont realize, but that red, flip- horizonal install options.the industry standard. It is freeze-less signed to produce immediate waterhandled water hydrant so familiar in It is a freeze-less, anti-burst system and automatically draining when the flow in sub-zero temperatures. Speci-farmyards,golfcoursesandcamp- thatcampgroundsare hydrantisclosed,and fied for use in public areas such asgrounds across North America is the really loving, especially thehoseisdetached. campgrounds and parks or any loca-old Y34 yard hydrant made by Texas- forpetwashingsta- Shestatedthatopera- tion where potable water and low-leadbased Woodford Manufacturing Com- tions, Clark explained. tion is simple, with the construction is required, the hydrantspany(WMC) since 1929. The company Itwontevenburstif water coming from the are completely sealed. A diverter spoutcontinues to thrive making a wide va- the campground forgets source once the handle allows independent water flow whenriety of hydrants and faucets and is and leaves the hose at- is lifted into the on posi- the hose is attached with a backflowdoingwellascampgroundsacross tached.tion.Shestatedthe preventer. North America experience a surge in TheMSRPforthe companyalsohas Another product from the companybusiness. The company now has many most common, 10-inch heated lines for camp- is the Thermaline, low-lead, sanitarybrandsservingvariousindustries length is about $142, but grounds that can keep water connector. It is a compact unitunder the Woodford brand. campgroundowners the hydrants functional especially designed to provide waterBusinesshasbeensurprisingly will pay less, according below freezing. service to mobile homes or campinggood,saidEllen to Clark. It comes with aC a m p g r o u n d s cabins in freezing conditions. A high-Clark,marketing five-year guarantee.should also be aware of strengthplasticcasingisinsulatedmanager for Wood- Clarksaidtheold oursanitaryyardhy- withpermanentlymoldedandford.Duetothe Woodford Y34 hydrant is drants, said Clark. The bonded polyurethane foam, accordingsurgeincamping, still its best seller.S3 unit is low-lead and it toClark.The15-watt(110-120v)campgrounds have Itisjustincredibly isasanitaryyardhy- portable insert heater costs about athefundsnowfor reliable, made in Amer- drant that means it has penny a day to operate even at 50 de-some upgrades and ica and the parts have a reservoir that prevents grees below zero. A wheel handle atm a i n t e n a n c e alwaysbeenavailable,sheshared. the ground water from entering the the surface level shuts off water belowEllen Clark work.People just love this solid, time-tested service line. The water cannot drain the frost line when the hydrant is notShe stated that many campgrounds design. Any customer that gets them back into a weep-hole in the ground, in use. dontknowthatWoodfordoffersa will never use anything else.so it is always fresh.TolearnmoreaboutWoodfordnewer hot and cold outdoor faucet se- The old standard design is so robust Thecompanysfreeze-less,low- ManufacturingCompany,headtories that comes in both vertical and and problem-free that it has become lead, sanitary yard hydrants are de- www.woodfordmfg.com.WCMGama Sonics Solar Lighting Designed to Save Park Owners MoneyNorcross, Ga.-based Gama Sonic sales. money.is a solar lighting company special- Wehavesev- Cohennotedthatbusi-izing in upscale commercial and res- eralexcitingnew nesshasbeengoodforidential illumination. The company solarlightsthat the company as camp-was founded in 1985 as a manufac- campgroundsare groundscontinuetoturer of emergency lights and other utilizingaround see more traffic. electronics. It now builds consumer theirproperties, Peopleneedse-andcommercial/industrial-grade saidCohen.We curelightinginsolar-powered, energy efficient, cus- arehelpingtoin- campgrounds andtom lighting solutions, according to Matt Cohen creasesafetyand conventionalMatt Cohen, director of commercial security,aswellassavingthem lightingneedswiringandre-quires the rout-ing of electricallines that can getexpensive,nottomention the electri-cal bill, he explained. Our lightinghas no electrical bill, charges its ownbatteries and only needs a wireless Post systems for all Gama Sonicinstallation and one initial invest- post-mounted lighting systems arement. Its a win-win for all involved.craftedfromcastaluminumandHe said even though it has been range from $174 for a basic six-foot,anextremelytoughyearwiththe five-inch post to $439 for a deluxepandemic, his company has stayed 12-foot post.busy and it resulted in a good sales TheGamaSonicEverestSolaryear.Lamp Series is inspired by an urbanA lot of campgrounds that have streetlight design. They bring a mixnotupgradedlightingforseveral of industrial elements and modernyears are now adding our solar in- dcortocampgrounds,notedstallations, added Cohen. Most do Cohen. The Everest II series has 500sections of their campgrounds and lumens of warm-white light. It incor-parks at a time. If they have dark porates a 10W solar panel with fivesides to their parks, many times its nights of lighting duration on a fullbecause it was cost prohibitive to charge on high mode and 10 nightsadd conventional lighting. Our lights on lowlight mode. are a great solution.TheGamaSonicSolarPillarHe said installation is a matter of Commercial Bollard allows ownersa small concrete foundation and in- to choose from high or low light set-stalling the pole and the light. The tings, bi-directional or mono-direc-lightsautomaticallycomeonat tional light and even stair-stepped,dusk.motion-sensitive output. Each light Gama Sonic sells has a Gama Sonic offers a wide range 10-year life span with a two year war- ofotherproducts. Tolearnmoreranty. Cohen was promoting four new aboutGamaSonic,headtolights for the 2020/21 season.www.gamasonic.com. WCM14 -December 2020Woodalls Campground Management'