b'optimization tools.ing at the park, he explained. Were also looking integrating a VoIP where a park worker can pick upWe are also building sort of an advanced dash- into allowing our customers to have a mobile app a call from within Staylist itself from anywhere, likeboard, he explained. Whenever somebody asks that is going to be customized just for them and it a home office.us for data, were able to within a day give them a will have some features that are directly integrated Staylists version 3.0, which is set to come outnew report and put it onto a dashboard that allows into our system and be branded for each park. Its later this year, will also feature revised interfacesthem to visualize it. going to be a big item that were working on over and be more user-friendly, with fewer steps to ac-We build what our customers tell us that they the winter months. complish tasks, noted Reed. want, Parikh continued. We want feedback, we (855) 522-4369 Were really sprucing up the current interface towant our customers to tell us what they need and www.premiercampground.com todays standards, he said. We typically like to re-then thats what we build for them. fresh that kind of stuff every few years to keep up(512) 643-3387 Staylist with todays technology.www.roverpass.com Likemostoftheotherreservationsoftware (865) 205-0210providers with whom WCM spoke, Staylist saw a www.staylist.com Stainless Software Inc. dip in reservations during the early part of theBilly Chism, president of Stainless Software Inc., Spring that quickly rebounded into a very strong World Web Technologies Inc.which markets its Premier Campground Manage- season for its customers throughout the Summer.Calgary, Alberta-based World Web Technologiesment software, told WCM that the company is up Inc. has been selling its WebRezProreservation andat least 30% in 2020, crediting the increased inter- property management software for about 17 years,est in camping due to the COVID crisis.accordingtoFrank Verhagen,presidentoftheWeekend stays are up, and we have also noticed company. peoplestayingforlongerperiodsoftime,he The cloud-based program allows owners to cus-noted. We are also getting a lot of reservations that tomize the booking process, gives flexibility in howare filling up the weekdays.rates are set up and is accessible from any mobileIn business since 2015, the company is continu- device, among other functions it can perform. ing to grow, said Chism.Verhagen said that with the length of time theIts been pretty steady for us signing up new product has been on the market they have beencampgrounds year over year, he explained. This able to work out the kinks, which, he said, is ancrisis has really lit a fire under some owners that re- attraction point for some owners. alized they needed to get a better system in place. It is an important part of the decision-makingOne that offers notifications, tracking, online reser- progress, because if you are going to put the timevationsetc.into implementing a program then you want tomake sure support for that system is going to beThe parks that utilize our system were seeing a around years down the road, he noted. We havelarge number of new campers this year, explained that staying power. Jeff Reed, CEO and founder of Staylist. Our ad- (800) 221-3429vancedreservationsfor2021arealsolooking www.webrezpro.comWCMsolid.Thecompanyfocusedonreleasingremotecheck-in functionality when the COVID crisis firstbegan so that guests could check-in using theirphones or other mobile devices, and head right totheir sites, versus stepping into an office. Insteadofgettingabunchofprintouts,campers get everything in a PDFthe map, theamenities, Wi-Fi passwords, all that kind of stuff and even a way to chat with the front desk withouthaving to be bothered with making a phone call,Chism said that the company had a lengthy list noted Reed.of features it was working to implement.Staylist is working on a call-tracking feature thatOne of the latest things weve added is online not only allows park owners to track where reser-shopping, which gives campground owners an op- vations are coming through from online, but alsoportunity to sell some of their store items online so through phone call reservations. that customers can go ahead and pay for them and You can track different 800 numbers to differenthave them delivered to their site while theyre stay- campaign sources, Reed highlighted. We are alsoKOA Named to Franchise Business Reviews Culture 100 ListKampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) was recentlynamed to Franchise Business Reviews first annual Cul-ture100 list. The list recognizes the top 100 franchisebrands in a 2020 report on the Best Franchise Cultures. With over 500 franchisee and company-owned camp-grounds across the U.S. and Canada, KOA is a family- Franchise Business Review, a franchise market re-focused brand at its core. Most KOA campgrounds are search firm that performs independent surveys of fran-owned by families who often work and live right on the chiseesatisfaction,providestheonlyrankingsofpremises, according to a press release from KOA. franchises based solely on actual franchisee satisfac-One of our companys central beliefs is the impor- tion and performance. tanceoffosteringentrepreneurship,saidToby KOA was among over 300 franchise brands, repre-ORourke, president and CEO of KOA. Its our job to senting over 27,000 franchise owners, that participatedmake the process of business ownership easier by pro- in Franchise Business Reviews research on the bestvidingdedicatedpeoplebehindthescenessothis franchise cultures. KOA franchisees were surveyed onrecognition is a real honor. 33 benchmark questions about their experience and sat-Nearly nine out of 10 franchisees are satisfied with isfaction regarding critical areas of their franchise sys-KOA overall and more than half (54%) rate KOA as ex- tems,includingleadership,training&support,thecellent. Similarly, nine of 10 franchisees have a favor- franchisee community, and work/life balance.able view of their partnership with KOA and believe it Visit FranchiseBusinessReview.com to see the full listcontributes to their overall success. of the 2020 Best Franchise Cultures. WCM24 -December 2020Woodalls Campground Management'