b'Western Wildfiresfrom page 31 redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains, ac-cording to published reports. Uncertainty surrounding wildfires in some locations is driving some campers to cancelmonths later on Oct. 14 and was only 10% Most of our members survived OK, said their reservations, even though the campgrounds in those areas may be open.contained as of late October. Many smaller DyanaKelley,presi-wildfires also ravaged Colorado this fall, in- dent and CEO of Camp-cluding the 33,000-acre Grizzly Creek Fire CalNOW RV Park andnear Glenwood Springs. CampgroundAllianceSome Colorado campgrounds in fire-rav- (CampCalNOW)inaged areas were forced to close early for the Auburn. While dozensseason, losing two months of business.of CampCalNOW mem-Seven members evacuated this summer bers were affected byandfall,explained the fires, either suffer-Mary Arlington, execu- Dyana Kelley ing smoke damage or ative director of the Col- temporary loss of business from excessiveorado Campground and smoke or evacuation orders, most of the clo-Lodging Owners Asso- sures have been temporary.ciationsto WCMin late Kelley added that some parks had taken inOctober. We know of wildfire evacuees, including Elk Creek Camp-at least some damage groundin Happy Camp, near the Oregon bor-for two members (in the der.Mary Arlington Grand Lake area): Elk Heres a closer look at how recent West-Creek Campground and RV Park and Wind- ern wildfires affected some private parks ining River Resort. We remain hopeful that fu- California and Colorado:ture reports wont be devastating.Despite the severe fire situation in Califor- Wishon Village RV Park nia,mostprivatecampgroundsescaped in Shaver Lake, California 26 tent sites. DespitetheCreekFiresdevastation,damage, including Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Californias Creek Fire had burned 358,967 For us, the fire is probably about 10 miles Oneida is hopeful that 2021 will be a betterResortand Cotillion RV Parkin Felton, which acres of forests near Yosemite National Park from us, but the only road in and out, has year. Our plans for next year are to be backare near Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park as of late October, forcing the closure of nu- been overtaken by fire, so there has been no open like every year, he said. As far as pro-and Californias oldest state park, Big Basin merous public and private campgrounds, in- public access in or out since our evacuation jections, there are several. Will COVID still beRedwoods State Park, both of which were cluding Wishon Village RV Park in Shaver on Labor Day, said Kris Oneida, who co- a factor? If the fire burns too much of ourravaged by wildfires that burned 40% of the Lake, which has 97 full-hookup RV sites and owns and operates the 60-year-old camp- area, whos going to want to camp there? Willgroundwithhiswife,Katie,whose our region remain untouched? If we remaingrandparents, Bill and Katherine Jasper, untouched, Id expect to be as busy as everopened the park in 1960. since so much other forest has been burned.We were at full capacity and have been We might be one of the few locations in theworking on getting guests property out of the region that was unaffected as far as the burncampground ever since. Our last two months is concerned. I do expect a lot of clean up.of this season have been cancelled as a re- We are 20 acres with ash all over the placesult. I do not expect the fire to reach our lo- and I also need to look at building and rentalscation, but we are looking at about $150,000 and assess any smoke damage.in lost income during that time period. We do COVID was a challenge all season. Thenhave insurance for lost income, but not near the fire ended it all.But I do believe Ive donethat amount. When a park is seasonal like the best I absolutely could have through it all,ours, thats a massive hit. Reopening for the and I dont mean that in any way to tout my-month is not an option, the forest closure re- self up, Oneida continued. Ive just receivedmains in effect into November. somanycomplimentsfromguests,theDespite the loss of business, Oneida con- county and the fire personnel this season thatsiders himself lucky compared to fire victims I never would have expected. Law enforce-who have lost everything. As for now, he ment (told us), If every county business wassaid, weve rented a remote office location running like yours (regarding COVID), theirand have been taking care of all the cancel- jobs would be much easier. And our countylations. So, we are doing fine, and I really am commissioner, who gave me the approval tonot complaining. So many people, including open this season, thanked me for keeping thepeople we know, like the lady who brings our place so well maintained and safe. But formail every day, have lost everything. me, Im just me doing my thing, taking care ofour business and our people. I walked awayfrom there satisfied with how things werehandled, so at that time, just after Labor Day,my feeling was, OK, its all been in my handsfor so long, now its all out of my hands. If itburns, if it remains, its in Gods hands now.Currently, I am making trips up there when Ican to continue to shut that place down. Itsa lot of work.Glenwood Canyon Resort in Glenwood Springs, Colo.The Grizzly Creek Fire started Aug. 10and was over 90% contained by late Octo-ber, having burned nearly 33,000 acres. Thefire started just a mile east of GlenwoodCanyon Resort in Glenwood Springs, ac-cording to park co-owner Kathy Schneider.I-70 was immediately closed, stoppingall travel through the Glenwood Canyon.Many of our guests who were off the prop-ertycouldnotreturn,sheexplained.Those travelling to check in, could not. Wewere fortunate that the easterly blowingwinds initially directed the fire away fromthe resort. Due to the extreme hot, dry andwindy weather conditions, the fire spreadup the canyon and branches, jumped theColorado River and circled back toward NoName and Glenwood Springs. We watchedas the fire came over the ridge across fromthe resort. Smoke engulfed the entire area.32 -December 2020Woodalls Campground Management'