b'Spot2Nite Gives Owners More Chances to Market Last-Minute BookingsA spur of the moment decision to take out an RV for systemprovidersRMS,Newbook andCheckfront.the evening and the subsequent difficulties in finding Bruner said they are currently working to load camp-an RV site on such short notice, sparked the creation of grounds that utilize those systems into the app. They areSpot2Nite, according to co-founders Sam Bruner and currently in discussions to integrate with other plat-Terry Broussard.forms as well. The goal is to have one platform with asIt just wasnt easy to find open sites the same day many park management systems on there because thatyou planned to travel, explained Bruner. It was an in- means there are more parks, and there is more abilitycredibly challenging friction point not only for us, but for individuals to see whats out there and see whatsfor a lot of folks.available to them, he mentioned.Bruner and Broussard decided to do something and Bruner noted that when a camper does select a sitestarted Spot2Nite in late 2019 with the goal of creating Sam Bruner Terry Broussard and goes to pay for it that the system immediately up-an app that allows users to book a campsite in real time. dates a campgrounds info to show that the site has nowThe platform is set to go into beta testing by the end of but when youre in the directory and you click to book, been taken. the year.then it kicks you out to the parks website, and then you Thats the value of direct integration at the level thatBroussard pointed out that the app is not designed to have to go through all the individual filters you are look- were working with right now across these multiple sys-be a competitor to reservation systems, but instead inte- ing for, and then hope that theres a spot at the end of it. tems, said Broussard. It gives us real time, immediategrates with reservation systems to highlight the sites a Bruner said that Spot2Nite utilizes integrations with visibility of those sites and whats available.campground may still have available so that campers can park management systems to show sites available in Spot2Nite passes along a $2 to $5 fee per booking toquickly determine where they can camp for the night.real-time that meet the campers needs without having campers using the system to find a site. There is no real booking engine for the RV sector, to transfer a camper to another site.To learn more, head to partners.spot2nite.com. Bruner noted. There are a ton of directories out there, The platform has so far integrated with reservation Ben Quiggle WCMOutdoor Business Pros Hosting Virtual Conference Dec. 8-9Outdoor Business Pros has announced Jellystonethe Buy, Build or Sell Virtual Conferencetaking place from Dec. 8-9 at www.outdoor- Parks Seebusinesspros.com/.With the busy season behind them and as sources and connections together to give at- Sales Jumpthey look ahead to 2021, smart entrepreneurs tendees a wealth of information.can take advantage of the holiday period to The live event takes place Dec. 8-9 and is 21.8% Amidget an advantage on the competition. Bring- all about connecting to address questionsing together over 25 speakers teaching over and discuss action plans. Five different live50 different sessions in a proven platform, the question-and-answersessionswilloccur COVID Crisisevent promises to deliver the most value in with wide-ranging panelists available to an-the industry, noted a release from Outdoor swer most questions. Attendees will be en- Same-parksalesatYogiBearsBusiness Pros. couraged to submit questions in advance and Jellystone Park Camp-ResortssoaredContent sessions and educational mate- also ask questions during the sessions. 21.8%duringthethirdquarterasrial are designed and structured for three dif- We have taken all of our lessons learned locked-down families ventured out-ferent types of attendees. Those looking or from The Back to Camping Summitand The Vir- doors, according to a release frominterested in: tual Glamping Show USAto create the ultimate LeisureSystemsInc. (LSI)which Buying online platform to empower active and aspiring franchises more than 75 Jellystone Building park operators, added Koep. In the end, if we Parks across North America. Selling can create better buyers, builders and sellers EvenwithmostcampgroundThe outdoor business is the hottest thing we can improve everyones business. openings delayed by the COVID pan- Investment groups and developers have showngoing but there is a giant void of quality infor- Registration is now open and accessible demic, year-to-date same-park sales more interest in operating Jellystone Parks. mation and training available, stated Mark by visiting www.outdoorbusinesspros.com/. were up 3.7% over 2019. LSI is onKoep, founder and CEO of Outdoor Business To learn more about Outdoor Business Pros, track for a 13th straight year of system development agreement to build aPros. He added, we are pulling all of our re- go to www.outdoorbusinesspros.com/WCM sales growth. new Jellystone Park location in Bron-For years, the family camping in- son, Texas, located midway betweendustryandJellystoneParkhave Houston and Shreveport, La. Plansshownamazingresiliencytoeco- for the park are being developed now.nomic challenges, said Leisure Sys- It is expected to open in 2022.tems Chief Executive Rob Schutter. Real estate investors are attractedOur performance this year under- to the Jellystone Park business modelscoresthatandpointstoavery for a number of reasons, Schutterstrong future as the nation recovers said. We expect to see them con-from the pandemic. tinue to acquire and expand existingSchutter added that there has been properties,convertnon-brandeda big uptick in the number of families campgrounds to Jellystone Park loca-camping at Jellystone Park for the tions, and build new resorts from thefirst time. ground up.Thebrandsthird-quarterper- ThisyearNorthgateResortsformance, which includes a nearly added two New Hampshire Jellystone50% increase in cabin rentals and a Park locations to its portfolio, whilenearly30%jumpinmerchandise real estate investment firm RER Ven-sales over last year, is continuing to tures joined the Jellystone Park sys-attractrealestateinvestors.Sun temwithitsacquisitionandCommunities Inc. recently acquired conversion of an independent camp-the Jellystone Park location in Waller, ground in North Port Huron, Mich.Texas,northwestofHouston.Itis Jellystone Park has developmentnowpartofajointventurewith agreements in place for seven newNorthgate Resorts, which is operat- parks. To assist franchisees with con-ing it. Sun and Northgate now have versions and new projects, Leisure10 Jellystone Park campgrounds in Systemsestablishedapartnershiptheir portfolio. The companies each with Environmental Design Group,separately own several other Jelly- which specializes in campground de-stone Park properties. sign and construction.Galveston, Texas developer Jerry Formoreinformation,visitLeBlanc is also among those con- www.jellystonefranchise.comandtributing to the Jellystone Park sys- www.jellystonepark.com. WCMtems expansion. He recently signed a6 -December 2020Woodalls Campground Management'