b'MODERN MARKETINGState Campground Directories Can be Content WorkhorsesIf you look at it from a digital marketers standpoint, a statecamping directory is a treasure trove of content. It might con-Evannetain camping stories, testimonials, product recommendations,Schmarderrecipes, regional information, maps and more.This months Modern Marketing col- to be saved and shared. reader if desired. Think of it as an online TravelOregon.com does a brilliantumn is a call to action for state execu- version of walking into a state visitor job of this by building a cascade of con-tivestoworkcloselywithindividual Directory Diving center. Yes, theres the all-inclusive state tent built on single topics. For example,parks,developinganddisseminating If you look at it from a digital mar- guide but youll also find detailed infor- bicycling aficionados can click on thecontent that helps keep the dream alive. keters standpoint, a state camping di- mation for specific interests. front-page Bicycling or Outdoor Ad-A European colleague of mine, Eicke rectory is a treasure trove of content. It Lets use Floridas outstanding visitor ventures panel and discover severalSchuumerman, executive director of might contain camping stories, testi- website as an example. In addition to different biking options throughout theLeadingCampings of Europe, recently monials,productrecommendations, their info-packed Official Florida Vaca- state, mirroring content found in thesent me a promotional video from the recipes,regionalinformation,maps tion Guide, VisitFloridahas carved out Visitor Guide.German National Tourist Board called andmore.Individually,eachoneof a Florida Fishing Guide, Florida Golf StateassociationscanfollowthisDream NowVisit Later #DiscoverG- these topics is designed to reach a spe- Guide, and has even partnered with the lead with their unique content includ-ermanyFromHome (https://youtu.be/ cific consumer, piquing their interest Florida Association of RV Parks and ing building campfires and campfire3sbU567-6Sk). The video, seen by over and prompting action. Campgrounds to provide an RV park cooking,hiking/walkingandplant24millionviewers,focusesonwhat For example, the Texas Association and campground directory. identification,citytoursandpublicpeople are dreaming about experienc- of Campground Owners(TACO) Texas Another possibility may be for state transportation, etc. Member parks caningoncetravelisrestored.Theyre Campgrounds 2020 guide is themed associations to offer PDF versions of benefit by teasing the content, bothdreaming about beautiful towns and Texas Traditions. Think world-famous the most popular brochures and flyers with text and images, and linking to thecaptivatingcities,meetingfriends, Texas BBQ, happenings such as rodeos available to guests across the state, in stateassociationsassociatedweb-making memories, enjoying unspoiled and dances, even cowboy boots and partnership with the brochure publish- pages, with full attribution, of course.nature and the great outdoors. other Texas-centric shopping. In 2020, ers, usually attractions and other suchAs I watched, I thought about our Camp-California chosetofocuson entities. Savvy ad sales reps might even Maximizing Whats Insideguestsandprospects,justlikethe ghost towns, as well as other iconic Cal- charge a small fee to distribute this in- And then theres fulfilling good old-whole world, dreaming of upcoming ifornia dreams. Maines mighty 2020 di- formation to website visitors while at fashioneddigitalmarketingneeds.travels.Iimaginedthemeagerlyre- rectory is rich with stories about the the same time serving guests relevant Smart parks and associations can piecesearching their next camping/RV ad- many wonders of Maine from light- and useful information in one easy and out ready-made information from theirventure, looking at videos and photos, houses to lobsters to lakes. Its this con- convenient location. directories to assist in filling their con-connecting with destinations and other tent,ifnotfullydevelopedthen tent marketing calendar. After all, everycampers,inspiredbutanxiousby certainly outlined, that motivates trav- Expanding the Web park needs something interesting totodayscircumstances.Asindustry eler decisions. Evenifdevelopingstand-alone say. Every state directory is brimmingmarketers, its our job to not only keep The one-size-fits-all approach of a guides isnt in the cards, state associa- with relevant news. Its an ideal partner-the dream alive but to also shine some single directory could be augmented by tion webmasters can still utilize this ship.light, boosting their imagination and following the example of successful vis- content for the benefit of the associa- From e-newsletters to Facebook, In-anticipation. To that end, what actions itor bureaus, offering stand-alone, col- tion, its member parks and camping stagram, and blogs, this modern mar-should we be taking? lectibleguidesfocusingonregions, consumers. The research and writing ketingtactichand-deliversthoseIn my last column, I briefly touched activities, or interestseach guide its work has already been done, now its a oh-so-challengingpiecesofinfoon state camping directories and the own entity, complete with its own ad- matter of organization and layout. Take needed to fill the what to post slots.possibilitiestheycanbringabout. vertising. These might take the shape of advantage of whats been published by Entireguides,regionalortopicalThere are several benefits to taking mini-magazines or short PDFs. Rather reviewing current and past directories, guides, individual activities and eventsadvantage of these state association than going to the expense of printing, creating a written content inventory, mentioned in the guide(s) or brochuresworkhorses, using them to develop ex- these targeted guides could be offered organizing it into topics, and develop- and flyers, stories, recipes, and any-citing trip planning materials that beg asadigitalproduct,printedbythe ing website categories for those stories. thing else the guide(s) cover that maypique interest in an outdoor vacation isperfect for posting.Whenutilizingthiscontentaddlinks, images, and attribution if neces-sary. The links can be directed to a stateassociation webpage or to an individualparks site depending on where the in-formation is housed.Dream LoversSpreading the message of outdoorhospitality experiences, getting eyes onthe directories, and enticing an internetaudience to keep the dream alive is thename of the game. And what marketerdoesnt love discovering relevant con-tent to share at will. Its a win-win-win.Make your state camping directory dodouble or even triple duty. Market everyinside detail of that guide. Remember,were looking to turn the dreamers intodoers. What part will you play? EvanneSchmarder,principaland founder of the RV industry-spe-cific digital marketing firm Road-abode Production, has a new bookto help you do just that. MarketingYour RV Park/Campground Onlineis available as an e-book at your fa-vorite online bookseller or in printat Amazon.com. WCM8 -December 2020Woodalls Campground Management'