b'MODERN MARKETINGUnderstanding Whats on the Horizon in the Campground SectorSo, what is positioning? Its securing a unique position in your mar-ket and your consumers minds, a guidepost for your communica-Evannetions.ItfocusesonabusinessimageandbenefitsthatareSchmarderimportant to its customers, establishing a like-minded connection.Looking and living through these market has expanded. Awareness of ourcompetitionrunsthegambit weather.challenging times, it appears theres a all that we offer is top of mind. Thats from cruise lines to Club Med-style All three of these camping demo-light at the end of the coronavirus why now, with increased interest in vacations to overseas adventures.graphics look for information on thetunnel. With news of COVID-19 vac- outdoor hospitality and in the ramp- Positioning reflects the perceived surrounding area, nearby state, na-cines, some up to 90% effective, talk is up to a post-COVID-crisis world, it is value of a product or service. These tionalandthemeparks,beaches,turning to how to immunize the gen- of the utmost importance that we po- perceived values may include qual- lakes or mountains, the food scene,eralpopulation.Itsevenbeenre- sitionourselvesforongoingfuture ity/status,price,usage,orbenefit. convenient shopping, and anythingportedthattheUnitedStatesmay success. What you do on behalf of Whilewecancompeteonallfour interestingthatmakesaplaceun-achieve herd immunity by May 2021, your own business has a tremendous fronts, benefit may be the strongest. usual or a must-see.nothing short of a miracle. effect on the industry as a whole. This Reflecting on this marketing concept The last but not least group to con-Whenwegetthere,theoutdoor is true in the physical sense as well as and developing a strategy can help ce- sider is transient travelers, those pass-hospitality industry will face some of the marketing sense. Our goal should ment the value that a camping excur- ing through on their way to or fromthe stiffest competition it has seen in be to lift outdoor hospitality, be it your sion brings to guests and prospects. somewhere. They are likely interestedyears.Nearlytheentirecatalogof park or your neighbors, in the interest Begin the process by asking your- in how easy it is to access parks, whattravel options will be available for the of creating long-lastingeven gener- self a few big picture questions. What kind of sites are available, convenienttaking.Andmakenomistake,the ationaldemand.are the top three things that your tar- fuel and food nearby, bathhouses, andtravel and hospitality industries will getmarketwantsfromanouting? if there is a propane filling station onbe doing everything they can to at- What positioning looks like Conversely, what are the three things site. tract travel spending. This means that So, what is positioning? Its securing theyalwaysavoid?Howdoesyour In terms of convenience, ease ofthey will be putting their best propos- a unique position in your market and business meet those ingrained atti- travel, daily pace, things to do, see andals forward. I have no doubt that mar- your consumers minds, a guidepost tudes?Howdoesthecompetition experience, and associated costs, canketing campaigns and programs are for your communications. It focuses meet or miss the mark? you make a case for consumers tobeing developed right now to reach on a business image and benefits that Find a quiet place, get a notebook, choose a camping trip over other op-consumers the moment widespread are important to its customers, estab- and begin jotting down your observa- tions?travel opens up. lishing a like-minded connection. A tions.Weve been extremely fortunate. Its two-prongedapproachtothis Thinking along those lines, what Its up to us allbeen a wild and booming year, with process is to understand what moti- aspects are most important to camp- There will always be the RV/camp-the RV industry surpassing even the vates your customer or prospect and ing consumers? Is it the romance of ing faithful. Those are important peo-highestlevelsofpastsuccess.Our to think competitively. In this case, the open road, the ability to come and pletoreach,someofthemevengo when and where they wish? The becomingindustryevangelists.Butcommunity-buildingaspect,con- theres another group that might be onnecting with new and old friends? The the fence; they are persuadable. Thesesafety and comfort of traveling with are the people that purchased an RVtheirownbed/bathroom/kitchen? during the pandemic, giving this modeThese three attributes of outdoor hos- of vacationing a try for the first time.pitality are unique positioning points, Ask yourself how we retain these cus-somethingthatcantbeeasilyhad tomers. Ask yourself what we need toelsewhere. do to build loyalty.Add these discoveries to your note- By developing a positioning strategybook. Are you beginning to see pat- to reach our specific audience, mod-ternsthatwillhelpyouposition ern marketers are contributing to theoutdoor hospitality? success of the entire outdoor hospital-ity industry. Put down in writing theMake it personal type of camping consumer that youDrill down to your parks customer serve. Review some of the ideas we dis-base. Doing so will help you under- cussedaboveandcreatemarketingstand what it is that your industry seg- material that will appeal to them. Con-mentrespondsto.Asyouread tributetowinningtheheartsandthroughthenextfourparagraphs, minds of those that are curious aboutthink about the benefits we confer to our specific style of hospitality. Plantour guests. Compare these with our the seeds of benefits to be had andnon-RV park/camping competitors. memories to be made when choosingWhat are the similarities and differ- to spend time and money with notences regarding what they are selling? only your park but also the collectiveHowcanyoudifferentiateyourself park industry.and our industry? Its going to be a heavy lift. Now isPreparetomakenotesinyour the time to develop a well thought outnotebook as you go through this exer- approach and a clear strategy. Dontcise.rest on your laurels. Work with yourDo you operate one of the many peers; work with your state associa-summertime family properties? Your tions; work with your travel bureaus.target consumers are interested in fa- Stronger and smarter together, we willcilities, recreation schedules, theme maintain our fair market shareweekends,bonfires,familysports,swimming pools and other water at- EvanneSchmarder,principaltractions, and on-site cafs.and founder of the RV industry-spe-Winter snowbird parks, as well as cific digital marketing firm Road-summerseasonalparks,aremost abode Production, has a new booklikely to attract individuals that are in- to help you do just that. Marketingterested in community events, shows, Your RV Park/Campground Onlinemeals and activities, arts and crafts, is available as an e-book at your fa-sporting opportunities such as pick- vorite online bookseller or in printleballleagues,hobbyclubs,and at Amazon.com. WCM10 -January 2021Woodalls Campground Management'