b'SUPPLIER INSIGHTS BY RON BARGERDOGIPOT Continues to Build on its DOGIPARK Product LineSince1994,OrlandoFla.-based campground reach into the dog park equipment in our offerings. There is a SMART pick up bagsDOGIPOT has been a dog-waste solu- products arena as well, under the reg- steel line and a poly line of DOGIPARK and trash receptacletion provider to the campground and istered trademark DOGIPARK. products. RV park sectors, municipal parks and We are still coming out with the Shestatedpolyproductsarethethe public space arena. Touted as the DOGIPARK products for 2021, which is longest lasting, and that the steel lineThe Smart Solution to Dog Pollution, our agility equipment for campground is a bit pricier because of its durability.DOGIPOTwasoneofthefirstpet dog parks, Rosado said. It is fairly Its of note that the poly products arewaste stations that changed the pet new to us. We decided a few years ago made out of 100% recycled material,ownership culture, putting pet owners thatourwasteproductsanddog said Rosado. It is really nicely madeinchargeofpickingupwaste,and equipmentproductsgohand-in- and very durable. changing the entire canine ownership hand.Wenowhavetwotypesof She pointed out that dog parks areresponsibilityscene,accordingto for people too and her company alsoLinda Rosado, the companys director provides a wide range of benches andof sales and marketing.picnic tables for observers and ownersWith its pet stations, complete with to relax on while their furry friendsSMART pick up bags and trash recep- frolic.tacles, being the companys bestselling The entire investment for a nice dogitems, Rosado said it still is a major parkismuchmoreaffordablethanplayer in the industry. many campgrounds expect, accordingBusiness has been really good for to Rosado. us, she stated. As with many suppliers Of course, it definitely depends on spacenicelywhileallowingenoughto campgrounds, her company is ben- the size of the park and the fencing, room for the dogs to run and play. efiting from the increase in camping she explained. But when we built our DOGIPARKagilityequipmentin-interest and selling products to camp- new building here, we ended up put- cludesDOGI-Tunnel,DOGI-Arch,ground owners who can now afford to ting in a 6,000 square-foot dog park DOGI-Hoop and Fire Hydrant.upgrade and expand their operations.DOGI-Tunnel and we have about $4,000 worth of www.dogipot.comThecompanyhasexpandedits equipment out there, and that fills the (800) 364-7681Great American Direct Adds Hammocks, New Bed Base to LineupGreatAmericanDirect, basedin ingaKampgroundsofAmericaInc. countrytooffer multiple loungers up to three. ManyWilliamsburg, Va., custom designs indoor (KOA) campground over many years.campgrounds better campgroundsusetheminpocketand outdoor lodging furniture based on Mostproductsshipfactorydirect pricing, according to parks and as part of an inviting land-the companys own experience in manag- from production facilities around the Kendall Lecker, mar- scape theme in common areas. ketingmanagerfor Theyshipveryfasttoourcus-thecompany.She tomers,Leckeradded.Theyaresaidthatbusiness weather-resistant and have mildew andtookanupswing UV protection. There are straps incorpo-duringtheCOVID Kendall Lecker rated into the fabric to help distribute thecrisis. weight and for comfort. Its not SunbrellaBusiness has been different this year fabric but very similar to it called Labut good, she reported. As camping in- Siesta weatherproof fabric. It was spe-creased and campground owners real- cially designed for the particular require-ized that they were going to have a great ments of outdoor hammocks. It is easyseason, they started buying and we had to maintain, quick-drying and weather-lots of orders in June and July. We have resistant. Plus, the material is recyclablebeen very busy. and can be re-used.Our newest offerings include some Frames for the hammocks come inreallynicehammockselectionsfor powder-coated steel or wood. The pricecampgrounds, said Lecker, They come for the hammocks depends on the sizewith a variety of bases. The hammocks and frame. A double hammock is $79, orthemselves are beautiful and come in all a king costs $109. The frames run fromsorts of different colors and sizes. These $200 and up for the two sizes and arehave just been developed and we are available in wood or steel. starting to offer them on the website. The other new item we have for 2021She said the hammocks come in two is a new Goliathplatform bed base, shesizes, king and double, to accommodate added. Its a hospitality quality bed base,but it is a platform bed. It eliminates theGreat American Direct offers need for box frames and also cuts costsseveral different hammocks.in unit maintenance and cleaning be-cause campgrounds no longer have toworry about cleaning under the bed. Leckerstatedthatsomecamp-groundsreceivedthemthisyearandliked the simplicity and ease of use. Itcomes with foundation support as well.Side panels create a protected spacereducing the housekeeping area, helpingprevent loss of items during a guestsstay, and adding foot room, she noted.The company offers a full spectrum ofcommercial-gradefurnitureforbothcomfort and style for cabins, yurts, andpatio sites. We stand behind our outdoor hospi-tality products and only sell what works,concluded Lecker www.greatamericandirect.com(757) 229-0567 WCM14 -January 2021Woodalls Campground Management'