b'State Associationsfrom page 16 believe that some of the renewals arenow coming in later than normal and itnesses we will get to advertise in the may be more difficult than normal toguide or on the new website. That is a get everyone renewed. However, we dolarge part of our income for the year, not predict a decline. Weve also hadshe said.Also, as 501-c6 trade associa- manynewmembersjointhisyeartion, we were not able to receive any which will balance out any losses.stimulus funds. In order for the associ-ation to continue doing the great work MARYLANDthat it has, it will need the support of the The Maryland Association of Camp-campgroundcommunity.Weneed grounds (MAC)hasanall-volunteermember support more than ever.board and executive director and doesKelleyexpressedsomefrustration not have its own convention or tradethatsomeCaliforniaparkoperators While some state associations were forced to cancel annual conferences, which can provide key show, though it does produce a camp-have not recognized that it was Camp- revenue, they are still fighting to find ways to keep up their legislative efforts and represent camp- ing guide as a member benefit. CalNOW that enabled them to open this ground owners at the state level. Weareasmallassociationof24year.members,plusaround15associateUnfortunately,shesaid,Idont and working to alert members in three and Campgroundsand Alabama Asso- (business) members.We belong to thethink they even know the only reason states about the latest COVID-19 proto- ciation of RV Parks and Campgrounds National Association of RV Parks andthey were allowed to open was due to all cols. suffered some financial losses due to Campgrounds (ARVC) and the North-the energy and effort of the associa- Arlington said her CCLOA members, the canceling of its annual conference east Campground Association (NCA)tion. in particular, have been outwardly ap- and expo.and encourage our members to attendKelleysaidCampCalNOWsmem- preciative of her work on their behalf, The registrations for attendees and their conferences. We also work closelybership billing began in September. given the issues that developed in Col- exhibitors who signed up for the 2020 with the Maryland Office of Tourismorado.conference will automatically transfer Development, saidCOLORADO, KANSASColoradomembershavebeen to the May 2021 conference, which will DebCarter,MACsAND SOUTH DAKOTA showering CCLOA with appreciation, be held May 11-13 at executive director.TheColoradoCampgroundand not only in their renewals but during the theOrlandoDou- That said, MACsLodging Owners Association(CCLOA), crisis itself. For each distributed email bletree Resort at Sea members have beenKansas Association of RV Parks and of news, Id receive a dozen or so emails World, said Bobby exceptionally appre-Campgrounds (Kansas ARVC) and the of appreciation, Arlington explained. Cornwell, the execu- ciative of the associ-SouthDakotaCampgroundOwners In the membership renewal process, tivedirectorand ations work on theirAssociation (SDCOA) are all managed many members have rounded up their CEO of both associa- behalf this year. byMaryArlington,aformercamp- dues to the nearest hundred, and sev- tions. We have had Weve had lots of Deb Cartergroundoperator eral have rounded up by several hun- a few attendees and interest from private campgrounds andwhohasspentthe dred dollars.Bobby Cornwell exhibitors request a possible associate members about join-past six years man- Arlingtonsaidshehasspentthe refund because they were unsure if they ing MAC this yearpeople we hadntagingcampground summer updating strategic plans for all would be able to attend in 2021. Our heardfrombefore,notedCarter.Iassociations. three associations. revenue this year will be hurt by not think this is due to the fact that whenArlington said all With approval from my three boards having our traditional annual confer- things are going well theres not as muchthreestatesman- of directors, I believe my three organi- ence and auction. Its hard to know for need for an association, especially oneagedtohavetheir zations are well set to deliver more value sure what the actual loss will be, but its as small as MAC. But now, with all theconferencesinone and content this new membership year probablyinthe$30,000to$40,000 new difficulties associated with simplyMary Arlington formoranother, than theyve ever done in the past, she range.being in business, associations are con-with minimal loss of revenue. South noted. CCLOA has been tweaking its For the remainder of 2020 we will be sidered more important. Dakotas spring conference was modi- 2017 strategic plan and recognized that having a few virtual meetings to stay Carter sent out member dues noticesfiedtoanonlinemeetingthispast 2020/2021 was the time to make some connected with our members and pro- in September.spring, she noted. There was loss of major adjustments. Kansas ARVC also vide them with updates on legislation,revenue, but it was minimal, all things recognizedthatbigchangeswere association business and other relevant MASSACHUSETTSconsidered.KansasandColorados needed. The changes werent spurred by information pertaining to their opera- TheMassachusettsAssociationofeventswereearlyenoughtonotbe the pandemic. For SDCOA, the pan- tions, he added. Campground Owners(MACO) partnersgreatly impacted, although some pre- demic merely inspired them to borrow Despite these losses, Florida ARVCs with the Northeast Campground Asso-registered attendees didnt attend. CCLOAs new plans. renewals are going well.ciation(NCA) for its conference, whichArlington had a tremendous work- Its too early to tell if we are going to was cancelled this year, but has beenload last winter and spring, keeping up FLORIDA AND ALABAMA see a loss in renewals due to COVID or rescheduled for March.with a blizzard of daily conference calls The Florida Association of RV Parks other factors, Cornwell said. We do MACO has been hosting Zoom Cof-fee Hours and Happy Hours through-out the season to keep in touch withmemberparks,saidMarciaGalvin,MACOs executive director. Its been agreat way to connect and to hear howotherparksaredoing and what theyaredoingtosuc-ceed. They ask ques-tions and weve beenfortunate to have theNewEnglandRVDealers Association(NERVDA)andARVCjoininour Marcia Galvincalls as well.That will be a positivegoing forward as we can connect face toface easier and more often.Financially, MACO is also doing well. The membership drive for 2021 isunderway and I have been getting re-newals fairly quickly, ad sales are on tar-getandmostparkownersandoperatorsseempleasedwithwhatMACO provided for them during thecrisis, Galvin said.NEW JERSEY The cancellation of the annual springconference of the New Jersey Camp-ground Owners Association (NJCOA)certainly resulted in a loss of revenue for18 -January 2021Woodalls Campground Management'