b'the association.grounds have had a very good summer is education and our and cancelled, said OCOA ExecutiveOur conference is normally held in season. annualexpopro- Director Kristy Smith, adding, how-March and our year-end is June 30, so NJCOAisalsoworkingtoprepare vides that to mem- ever,wetypicallyholdafalltourofthere was not much time to be able to New Jersey parks for a smoother re- bers. It is also one of campgrounds in Oc-offset the loss, said Joann Delvescio, opening in 2021.the pillars of support tober and that was aNJCOAsexecutive We are in the process of working for the organization virtualeventhelddirector.Luckily, with the State Department of Health in financially.The through Facebook.NJCOA is financially rewriting the campground code in the boardislookingat OCOA is thinkingsound and it has not hopes that if the virus is still running waystofulfillthe ofnewideasforcreatedahardship rampant in 2021, and there are closures Don Bennett, Jr. governanceobliga- waysthatitcanfor us. and quarantinesthat the new word- tions, but we are not going to work on safelyholdtheNJCOAalsode- ing and definitions in the code may help an entire virtual conference, as there are Spring 2021 Conven-layedinvoicingits us through a smoother transition and many (associations) trying to fill that tion&TradeShow Kristy Smithmembersfordues, opening, Delvescio explained. space. We are hoping this is only a tem- in-person and are confident the associ-Joann Delvescio butrenewalsare porary situation and that 2021 will see ation can make that happen by tweak-now coming at a good clipNEW YORKour meetings return to normal. ing different things. We held off sending our dues no- The Campground Owners of New CONY has been in frequent contact Smith said OCOA is also on par withtices out this year until mid- August in- York (CONY) was not able to hold a with its members, however, updating where we usually are at this time ofstead of the first of July and I am happy conventionthisyearduetoCOVID, them on the latest information con- year with membership renewals. to report that almost 70% of our mem- much like some other associations.cerning the pandemic and any relevant MostOhiocampgroundownersbershavealreadypaidtheirdues, Unfortunately, in New York, gather- guidelinesaffectingparkoperations. wereveryappreciativeoftheworkDelvescio said, adding, Although we ings are limited to 50 people or less for CONY also delayed invoicing its mem- OCOA did to ensure their parks couldopened some two months later than certain gatherings only, said Don Ben- bers for their annual dues by about two open safely and as soon as possible inusual for our transient campers, I am nett, Jr., CONYs president and CEO. months and renewals are coming in at the spring and have not hesitated tohappy to say that all New Jersey camp- Obviously, one of CONYs mission silos a good pace.renew, she said, adding that she antic-Renewals definitely have come in ipates fewer problems next year.quicker than normal. I attribute this toReal Log Park Model Cabins two items, Bennett said. One is the PENNSYLVANIA great work that our lobbyist and associ- The pandemic forced the Pennsylva-ation did to maintain our industry as nia Campground Owners Associationessential business, allowing us to open (PCOA) to cancel its convention, as wellearly on. The second item is that camp- as its annual York RV Show.Real Rustic Log Cabins grounds for the most part have had a Cancellingthe Turn-Key! verysuccessfulseasoninpandemic RV show has been a Durable and Appealing times.huge financial hard- Highly Profitable Bennett also anticipates that 2021 ship for the associa- Pays Off Within 1-3 Years will be a little easier because CONY has tion,butwehavePark Model Cabins already established campgrounds as es- workedoutapathsential businesses. forwardandareStarting at $27,900 lookingforwardtoLocated in Lancaster, PA NORTHEAST CAMPGROUND beingabletohostASSOCIATIONthe show next year, Jason Vaughan717-445-5522www.LancasterLogCabins.com The pandemic forced the Northeast said Jason Vaughan, PCOAs new execu-CampgroundAssociation(NCA)to tive director. cancel its two annual member events, Despitethesehardships,PCOAincluding its Northeast Conference on membership is on the rise. Camping inMarch We have 14 new members for 2020-andthefallNCA 21. We attribute the COVID situation toGreatEscape.The eight of them, Vaughan said. loss of income from Six parks have been forced to dropNCAsannualauc- their membership, however. tion,sponsorships One of them specifically mentionedand at-the-door reg- COVID and its possible effect on theiristrationsissignifi- bottom line as a deciding factor, notedcant.Vaughan. AnothersaiditwasnotaHowever,with Cyndy Zbierski good year. They lost two associates, withthe amazing support of our NCA Busi- two others up in the air.ness members and that of the camp- Vaughan anticipates that PCOA willgroundsthatwerepre-registeredto be very busy this winter and spring. attend, the Northeast Campground As- Certainly,weareinbettershapesociationisfaringmuchbetterthan today regarding our members, but weother businesses at this time, accord- know that we need to stay focused oning to NCA Executive Director Cyndy ourrelationswithstateofficials,heZbierski,adding, Thesupportersof added. We are also working on a fewNCA helped us weather the storm with other legislative items, so we think thatflying colors to this point.we will be continuing to have a prettyNCA is planning to hold its next con- busy winter and spring.ference March 18-21 at the SouthbridgeHotel and Conference Centerin South- TEXASbridge, Mass.The pandemic forced the Texas Asso-Just one exciting space in this new ciationofCampgroundOwnersvenue is a 250-seat classroom-style am- (TACO) to reschedule its annual Springphitheater that will allow NCA to create Meeting and Trade Showto August, buta learning area that allows for plenty of that had to be cancelled, too, because ofelbow room in comparison to seminar continuing concerns over COVID-19. spaces used in the past, Zbierski said. This was a signif-icant financial hard-OHIO shipbecausetheThe Ohio Campground Owners As- show is our secondsociation (OCOA) was one of the few largestnon-duescampground associations that was able revenue generator. Ittohaveitsconventionjustbefore is the single largestCOVID-19restrictionswereputinto fundraiserforourplace across the country. legislativeefforts,We were able to get our big spring Brian Schaeffer said Brian Schaeffer,convention and trade show completed TACOsexecutivedirectorandCEO.in-person the first weekend in MarchFortunately, the association is in veryjust before things started to be closed State Associationscontinued on page 3220 -January 2021Woodalls Campground Management'