b'B&B Electrical Jamestown Advanced ProductsTerry Linnell noted that they continue to see an uptick in sales of pedestals and Spencer Santilli, a marketing associate for Jamestown, N.Y.-based Jamestownmeters, as more park owners look to meter electrical consumption at campsites.Advanced Products, told WCM that the company remained busy supplying aPark owners dont want to get left with a huge electric bill and I think that goes numberofproductstoparkhand in hand with more sites becoming seasonal, where someone will just leave owners in 2020. their RV at a site for three to four months We saw the camping indus-at a time, she explained.try mobilize quickly to developLinnell noted that more park owners safe, socially distanced spacesare also looking for pedestals that have for families to travel to for emo-a 20-amp GFI breaker rather than a 20- tional well-being and cope withamp GFI receptacle.the pandemic, he stated. It isThat is something we have been sell- genuinelyhumblingthatweing more of, she reported.have been able to help familiesThe companys electrical layout serv- andcampgroundsovercomeices are also extremely popular, accord- some of the challenges of theing to Linnell.pandemic.We help park owners or developers The company offers a varietylayout where their parks pedestals will of pedestals, including powder-sit and on issues such as wire distribu- coatedpedestalswhichcantion, she said. We can do anything come in a variety of colors andfrom new park layouts to expansions or can even include a parks logo. upgrades at existing parks. Santilli said that the company saw a tremendous increase in expansion proj-Asked about electrical vehicle charg- ects in 2020, especially during the fourth quarter. ers, Linnell noted that it doesnt seem to With that increase came an influx of requests for our power outlets and otherbe an area that has caught on quite yet in the RV park and campground sectors.products, he noted. Our factory is busy at the moment and is working to meetWhen we first bought the business, we really did take a hard look at that, she the upcoming demand for the 2021 spring season.said. But we didnt really see any interest from owners. We felt that maybe the Santilli said that as more RVers explore the concept of having a mobile officepeople who were buying electric vehicles maybe werent the ones that were RVing. and newer campers bring more devices, park owners are going to want to be awareIt is something that we are prepared to offer though if we hear more owners in- of the power needs those RVers will bring with them. quiring about it. Owners need to be prepared to supply power to all those gadgets and devicesThe company also sells a variety of solar powered lighting, according to Linnell, that the modern family will travel with and rely on throughout their stayevenbut that most inquiries at the moment are focused on pedestals and meters.though it may contradict the authentic camping experience, he explained. Owners are really focused on upgrading and expanding at the moment, she (800) 452-0639www.jamestownadvanced.comexplained. (888) 391-3802 www.bbelec.comUtility Supply GroupThrough a partnership with CampLife, a reservation software company, USGEaton Corporation is prepared to launch a remote meter reading program in December. The programShaq Tensley, product manager for Eaton Corporations Marina Power & Light- is designed to save a parks staff time by eliminating the need to trek through theing/RV Park Hookups division, told WCM that the company campground to individually check meters, while also making sure park ownersprovides free electrical design services, along with substations, Electrical Equipmentcontinued on page 30panelboards, and of course, powerpedestals. They also offer commu-nication options, like TV, cable andInternet connection points. Eaton offers owners a variety ofdifferentpedestalsincludinglighted, metered and even pedestalsthat feature water connections.Shaq TensleyI do know some conversations that we are havingas far as innovation is the ability to integrate remotemonitoring into some of our RV products, Tensley ex-plained. We are going to see that generating somebuzz here in the future.Remotemonitoringwillallowparkownerstogauge electrical usage from their iPhone or tablet, ver-sus having to go to each pedestal to pull the informa-tion, he continued. On the electric vehicle side, Tensley said that thecompany is working on products that would providepower for electrical vehicles, but that it doesnt haveanything available commercially yet.We have realized a steady increase in business over the past few years, henoted. We are seeing more developments and new people entering the sector.(757) 258-6324 www.eaton.comHialeah MeterLisa Senior told WCM that the company is still warning campground ownersthat it is getting more difficult to get used dial-type meters from utility companies. Owners are looking at having to pay more fornewer digital meters without access to the me-ters the company acquires from utility compa-nies and refurbishes as a way to recycle them.The company has been supplying electricmeters to campground and RV park ownerssince the 1950s, according to Senior. Hialeah Meter also repairs and calibrates ex-isting meters that park owners have installed. If a meter has been plugged in for morethan 10 years in a single spot it should alwaysbe looked at to make sure it is still accurate, Senior explained. It is really impor-tant park owners keep up on their calibrations, especially at sites that host long-term seasonal customers.(800) 654-0821www.hialeahmeter.comWOODALLSCM.com January 2021-23'