b'Electrical Equipmentfrom page 23charge all guests for the electricity and water they ac- CAMPGROUNDtually use. The integration allows owners to retrieve meter val-ues with a click of a button. In CampLife, the begin-ning meter values for a site can be remotely refreshedand set at check-in (starting utility billing) and then MICHIGAN**RV RESORT MANAGEMENT**updated in the same way at check-out (closing the bill CAMPGROUNDS FOR SALE Dont sell your resort, instead hire a premierand automatically adding the charges to the reserva- management company specializing in the RVtion invoice). You can read more about the new part- IncludingResort/Campground industry.nershipinthenewssectionatthefrontofthemagazine.South West Michigan Our proven systems and over 40 years of experi-Other products the company is highlighting in- ence result in more cash for the resort & owner.cludes a pad-mount pedestal and ringless pedestals.BRIGGS REALTY Call for a free quote on fees.Elliott noted that the process is just beginning for www.briggsrealtyonline.comchanges that might occur to the National Electric Newby Management941-721-0046Codein 2023.616-942-1071 www.newbymanagement.comAfterwildfiresoutwestandhurricanesinthesoutheast, the manufacturers of all electrical equipment are racing to catch up,noted Elliott. Weve got good stock though. There are some things that are takingfour to six weeks to get right now, but the factories are moving quickly to get thatback into shape. Come springtime, I dont think it will be a problem to do any up-dates, but right now people are just scrambling because of the fires and the hur-ricanes from this summer.(800) 800-2811www.go-usg.comYour Electrical SolutionsYES provides everything from electrical wiring to meters, pedestals and evenwater meters, according to Maggie Linnell. Not much has been added to the product catalogover the past year, as Linnell said she has just been fo-cused on keeping pace with the number of orders thatare coming in at the moment. We are seeing owners looking for conversionkits so that they can meter their pedestals, but ifowners buy anything, they are looking for meteredservice boxes or pedestals at this point, she ex-plained. We are just seeing more people lookingto upgrade their equipment to the newer, betterstuff.Linnell said that the cost is holding some people backfrom exploring the addition of electric vehicle outlets. They are talking about it, but I dont know if we willsee a huge surge of interest in that area for a while, sheexplained. While Linnell has heard of more developments andexpansion projects, she also noted that owners arebeing careful how they expand and watching the money they spend. They are being very prudent with the resources they have, she said. (855) 644-2400www.yourelectricalsolutions.netWCMIndustry Predictionsfrom page 21built and existing parks being upgraded and expanded, meaning more places to camp.Many of the displaced campers from public parks will find that private parks will step uptheir game and provide a suitable environment for enjoyable camping. Already we are seeingmassive resorts come online with openings in all of the major destination locations. Professionalcapital and financing has recognized the profitability of our industry and is aggressively investinginto the places we all stay.Canadian RVers are not coming back till late in 2021While the above covers the general environment, there will be regional differences to thisoverall outlook. For example, if you head south for the winter there are amazing opportunities ARVC Offers OHCE Content On-Demandright now to stay in parks that are traditionally full of snowbirds from Canada. Despite the first virtual Outdoor Hospi- recordings through the ARVC store.The Canadians are not coming in the winter 2020/ 2021 and as a result many of the parks that tality Conference & Expo(OHCE2020) wrap- Even if you couldnt attend OHCE2020,normally cater to them are aggressively courting more local business. This drop in snowbird ping up on Nov. 5, attendees and those that these recordings will provide you with all oftraffic also will impact parks and places where they normally stay during the migration south couldnt attend now are able access record- the information and insights that you needor back north in the fall and spring. Campers can take advantage of this to stay in some great ings of the conference, according to officials to improve your campground business inplaces that are normally filled up. from the National Association of RV Parks 2021, said Paula Horwitz, executive direc-Ravi Parikh and Campgrounds(ARVC). tor of education and events for ARVC. ByRavi is CEO of RoverPass Campground Management Software, a leading More than 25 educational sessions, along purchasing these recordings, youll have ac-provider of campground management software. His company helps camp- with Takeaway ToursofARVCmember- cess to the leading business strategies, bestground and RV park owners book, track, and interact with campers from all parks, the popular Reservations Systems practices and insight, so you can learn howover the world. Panel, the informative general sessions and to improve your campground business atthe keynote address by bestselling author your convenience.I believe the RV industry will continue to see growth in 2021. The travelGretchen Rubin on how to be resilient in the OHCE2020 registrants or those that pur-industry as a whole is struggling this year, especially international travel. Some age ofCOVID are available on ARVCs On- chase recordings can log in to the ARVC por-subsets of this may never fully recover and some may go under entirely. line Learning Center. tal and access the My Learning center toI read a recent article about cruise ships potentially being a thing of the past, for example. Those that registered for the virtual con- watch any or all OHCE2020 sessions. UsersRVs are unique in that they offer a mix of intimate family gatherings and travel in the great ference receive access for free, while those can also refer to the PowerPoint presenta-outdoors. As more camps and parks lift restrictions, I think well see people flocking to the most that missed out can purchase access to the tions used in the sessions by going to thepopular sites. recordings starting Nov. 23. Access to the Resources tab. There is also an open dis-This could cause overcrowding and could put a slowdown on booking, so campers may OHCE2020 recordings costs $299 for ARVC cussion board where users can comment,need to book further in advance. What I hope is that this will have a spill-over effect so that membersand$999fornon-members. ask questions, leave notes and connect withsmaller venues will get more visitors.WCM Those interested can purchase access to the colleagues throughout the year. WCM30 -January 2021Woodalls Campground Management'