b'LSI Hands Out Annual Awards to Jellystone Park FranchiseesLeisure Systems Inc.(LSI) presented a limited num- despite state and local COVID-19 restrictions and dif-ber of its annual awards to Yogi Bears Jellystone Park ficulties recruiting sufficient staff to work during theCamp-Resortsfranchisees this year because of COVID- pandemic.19 restrictions, which prevented many parks from of- Schutter also recognized the Quigley family of thefering their full range of attractions and activities. Jellystone Park location in Harrisville, Pa., for winningOur franchisees didnt have a level playing field this the Medium Park of the Year Award from the Nationalyear because COVID-19 restrictions varied by jurisdic- Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds(ARVC) fortion, so we adjusted our awards program accordingly, the fifth time, as well as ARVCs Plan-it-Green Awardsaid Rob Schutter, president and COO of LSI, which for the third consecutive year in recognition of thefranchises Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts across the parks environmentally friendly business practices. TheU.S. and Canada. Quigleys previously won ARVCs Park of the Year AwardThe awards were presented to franchisees during an in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2017.online meeting which replaced LSIs annual four-day A number of Jellystone Park operators were recognized. Schutter noted that seven of the 10 finalists forSymposium this year due to the pandemic. Photo credit: Wisconsin Dells Jellystone Park ARVCs Medium Size Park of the Year award were Jelly-Awards issued included the following: stone Park locations, including parks in Glen Ellis andThe Jim Webb Spirit Award: This award, named Amboy, Ill., recognizes franchisees who work at local, Lakes Region, N.H.; Quarryville, Pa.; Luray, Va.; andafter Jim Webb, who played a major role in the success regional and national levels to improve and grow the Canyon Lake and Wichita Falls, Texas.of the Jellystone Park franchise network in its formative campground industry. This years award was presented Erv Banesof the Jellystone Park location in Franken-years and beyond, is presented to the franchisee who to Brent Gasser, of the Wisconsin Dells Jellystone muth, Mich., received ARVCs Pioneer Award, whichbest embodies the same tireless spirit, enthusiasm and Park, who Schutter said had worked extensively with recognizes early industry leaders and visionaries whosecommitment to Jellystone Park locations that Webb the Wisconsin Association of Campground Owners groundbreaking efforts have contributed through thedisplayed. This years award was presented to Peter (WACO) to ensure that campgrounds across the state years to the growth and success of the RV and camp-Clark, of the Jellystone Park location in Woodstock, could open this year. ground sector of the outdoor hospitality industry.New Brunswick, who Schutter said has been an inspi- Brochure Design: Schutter said the Jellystone Park Kelly Jones, former LSI vice president of operations,ration in many ways to Jellystone Park franchisees in location in North Java, N.Y., had the best brochure de- who is now working as vice president of operations forboth the U.S. and Canada. sign this year. franchiseesat TheJenkins Organization,receivedThe Dan OConnell Service Award: This award, Schutter also presented special Awards of Distinc- ARVCs Herb Strauss Educational Impact Award. Thenamed for the highly regarded campground industry tion to all Jellystone Park operators who managed to Jenkins Organization owns the Jellystone Park locationpioneer who developed the Jellystone Park location in open and have a successful camping season this year in Pelahatchie, Miss. WCMARVC 20 Group IV Donates to Help Support ARVC Foundation ScholarshipThe National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds 20 Group IV announced the donation to the ARVC Founda-(ARVC) 20 Group IV recently donated funds to the ARVC Foun- tions Vice Chair Michael Hobby earlier this month duringdation for support in creating an annual scholarship that will OHCE, the second year in a row the group has surprised thecover the full cost of attendance for one individual at the Na- ARVC Foundation with a donation. These donations havetional School of RV Park and Campground Management. The servedasagreatkickofftotheARVCFoundationsfalldonation was announced virtually during ARVCs annual Out- fundraising push, which also coincides with the annual ARVCdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo(OHCE) in November. Foundation Auction and a Giving Tuesday campaign. TheseARVC 20 Group IV is proud to present its second annual efforts provide the bulk of the money raised by the ARVC Foun-campground management school scholarship to the ARVC dation to support scholarships and disaster relief for those inFoundation, said Joe Moore, CPO, OHC, 20 Group IV admin- need in the industry.istrative executive and past member. Because 20 Group IV We cannot thank 20 Group IV enough for their efforts to arvc.org/donate or learn more about the ARVC Foundationswas founded by graduates of the school, we want to encour- support the ARVC Foundation and everyone in our commu- efforts at ARVCFoundation.org.age and sponsor a deserving student to attend the school and nity, said Paula Horwitz, executive director of the ARVC ARVC 20 Groups are composed of non-competing membergain the knowledge base that we were fortunate enough to Foundation. This scholarship is just one of a number of ways campgrounds voluntarily and mutually associated to providereceive. We trust that the ARVC Foundation will choose a qual- that this group, and all ARVC members, join to make our in- a confidential exchange of experiences, problems, and ideasified candidate to receive this scholarship and strengthen our dustry such a strong and amazing family. at regular meetings. Learn more and apply to join a 20 Groupcampground industry through this education platform. Support the ARVC Foundation Giving Tuesday fundraiser at here: arvc.org/ARVC-20-Groups.WCMCanadian RV ShipmentsUp by 12% During Q3The Canadian Recreational Vehicle As-sociation(CRVA) reports that RV wholesaleshipments into Canada for the third quar-ter, ending Sept. 30, totaled 6,995 unitscompared to 6,244 in 2019, representing anincrease of 12.03% for the period.According to Statistical Surveys, RVDAof Canada reported retail activity duringtheQ3totaled18,570unitsandwhencompared to the wholesale shipment fig-ure of 6,995, Canadian dealers inventorylevels have significantly decreased furtherduring the quarter.While we experienced a strengtheningof the wholesale shipments into Canadaduring the third quarter of just over 12%,the numbers lag behind the increase of36.5% for North America during the sameperiod as reported by the RV Industry As-sociation, officials said. The CanadianRV association is optimistic that produc-tion and supply chain issues continue toimprove during the fourth quarter andinto 2021 to assist RV retailers replenishtheir much lower than average inventorylevels.TotalRVwholesaleshipmentsintoCanada YTD as of Sept. 30 is 20,101 versus29,965 units in 2019 representing a de-crease of 32.92% overall. WCM4 -January 2021Woodalls Campground Management'