b'SMART OPERATIONSWebsite Design Considerations: A Look at Some of the AcronymsThere are no magic wands or shortcuts to effective SEO. Some people try toautomate the process, typically using website plug-ins, but there is nothing likePetercarefully incorporating it into the construction of the site. Important componentsPelland are a carefully written page title, description, proper alt tags behind photos andgraphics, open graph content, and a data feed for search engine robots.My last column covered material chase bonus, or free shipping. An- searches.Bewareofcompanies on a regular basis, showcasing onlythat I had recently presented in a othere-commerceincentivethat (oftencontactingyouviaspam the best available images. You canwebinar titled Best Practices: Web- applies to campgrounds takes the email or telemarketing calls) who evenaddvideosandGoogle360siteDesignConsiderations.This formoflimitedinventory.When promise you #1 search engine place- videos, all of which help to createcolumn continues on that theme, somebodywantstocamponthe ment on Google. 99% of those are greaterengagement.Speakingofaddressing some of the acronyms Fourth of July, it is a safe assumption scams. You know those telemarket- engagement,askyourbestcus-that you will want to implement ei- that the demand for campsites will ingcalls.ThecallerIDprobably tomers to write reviews; post ques-ther on your existing website or its far exceed the available supply. Sub- shows a local phone number, you tionsandanswers;andsetupsuccessor.Theseideasapply tly stress how people should avoid answer the phone, wait a second, messaging.whether your site has been built by disappointmentbymakingtheir then hear a bloop sound, followeda company that understands your reservations early, with an accom- by somebody from a boiler room in KISSbusiness and industry, a computer- panying click here to reserve now Bangalore who tells you his name is Farfrombeinguniquetoweb-savvy kid down the road, or that per- link. If they need more information Michael. The same people might be sites, the acronym for Keep it sim-sonwhoyouseeinyourmirror or would like to communicate with calling you another day, pretending ple, stupid should influence mostevery morning. you first, be sure that every means of thattheyarefromtheWindows aspects of marketing. 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Important components are the navigation says Map, does thatsmooth navigation and an intuitive SEO acarefullywrittenpagetitle,de- mean your parks Site Map, travel di-end user experience, there can be a Whether or not they really under- scription,properalttagsbehind rectionsonGoogleMaps,orthedisconnection that breaks that in- stand how it works or what it means, photosandgraphics,opengraph sitemap of your website.tended path from point A to point B. everywebsiteownerisatleast content, and a data feed for search Dont waste clicks and your visi-A call to action tends to present an vaguely familiar with the concept of enginerobots.Mostimportantly, tors time. Put your contact informa-incentive, whether real or percep- searchengineoptimization.Al- carefullywrittentextwherekey- tion on every page, without forcingtual, that keeps people on track and though SEO is treated as a profit op- words are king. Many people com- people to click on a Contact Usfocused. portunitybymanywebsite ment that few people read text these link to access that information. In-In an e-commerce environment, development companies, it is essen- days. Well,myansweristhatthe stead of just linking to your socialthat incentive often takes the form tial if you want your website to be 10% of people who still care to read media content, embed it into yourof a limited-time discount, a pur- found and highly indexed in online will appreciate the text on your site, home page. Understand your targetandsearchenginerobotsdevour market and ensure that your websiteevery word. Make them count! is designed to appeal to those de-mographics - rather than missingGMB the mark. Think smart!Another very important SEO fac-torisyourlistingonGoogleMy PeterPellandistheCEOof Business. Your Google My Business Pelland Advertising, a company thatprofile is extremely important and he founded in 1980 that has beenunderyourfullcontrol.Startby serving the family camping industryclaiming your Business Profile if you for nearly 40 years. His company spe-havenotdonesoalready.Then cializes in building fully responsivecheck that all of the contact infor- websites, along with producing a fullmation is correct. This includes the range of four-color process print ad-name of your business; your correct vertising,forclients.Learnmoreaddress, phone number, and web- aboutPellandAdvertisingatsite address; and your hours. Your https://pelland.com/ or see its ad incampground is open 24 hours a day, this issue. WCMso dont let potential guests see theword Closed.Ofcourse,updatethese hours in your off-season.Choose the most appropriate cat-egory for your business, if it is not al-readyshowing,thenchooseappropriate secondary categories.There are over 3,000 categories tochoosefrom,sobespecific.Themostobviouschoicesarecamp-ground and RV park. You have lit-tle control over the description thatGoogleshows;however,youcanwrite a from the business descrip-tion. Select attributes (such as freeWi-Fi or LP gas) listing any of thefull range of your parks amenities.Be sure to add (and update!) photos8 -January 2021Woodalls Campground Management'