b'SUPPLIER INSIGHTS BY RON BARGERApp My Community Offers Park Owners a Way to Market and Inform in a Personalized FashionApp My Community, developed by resorts using the app. campground. Armstrong Software, is a digital appli- She explained that the app is cus- Theguestcanjusttypeintheircation designed to help RV resorts and tom designed and named as an exten- campsite location and it will highlightcampgroundsorganizeandexecute sion of the campgrounds brand and it on the map, she said.guestandhospitalityfunctionsto once downloaded allows campers full The app also lists all of a parks ac-streamline and manage information. access to all the information needed tivities, with reminders specific to fa-Each app is customized by the com- for an easier and enhanced guest ex- voritesforeachcamperwithRSVPpany to mirror a parks marketing look perience.functions, ticket sale links and map lo-and feel to help promote its brand. The Itsuniquetoeachindividual cations to the event. An embedded ac-custom app then helps the business to campground,shecontinued.The tivityscheduleislinkedtotheincrease revenue, boost communica- guest just goes to the app store for campsite website with access to activ-tions and grow guest loyalty, according their device and downloads the app ityprintoutsthatareautomaticallytothecompanys namedafterthecampground.The generated for one-time handouts, re-founders.campgroundhasfullcontrolofthe ducing print costs. It also sends pushWestartedthe look, categories and content of what notifications to targeted groups thatcompanyinthe theappoffers.Weevenhavecus- could include all current guests, spe-summerof2017, tomized, built-in flash screens so that cific gatherings such as church groups,said Rose Duemig, they can promote their own amenities reminders to pet owners, all users orco-founder and co- or sell sponsorships for revenue op- staff reminders, just as an example. developer with her portunities.Owners can create custom forms forhusband,Joe.We She said the app always includes camperstofilloutspecificmainte-Rose Duemig arecampersour- the latest activity schedule, and vital, nance requests, feedback, delivery or-selves so we under- detailedinformationtohelpguests ders,orreservationrequests.Thestand all the ins and negotiate the resort during their stay.campground can enlist interactive ac-outsofwhatgoes Stuff like where do I go to do my tivities such as scavenger hunts to en-onasaguestand laundry? What are the hours it is open? gage campers. Owners can also use thewefiguredthere Is it cash or credit? Is there detergent app to reward guest loyalty with pointswasanotherway available there or in the store? Where earned from stays, purchaseand ac- Pricing is determined by the num-thatownerscould is the store? explained Duemig. The tivity attendance.ber of sites in each campground or re-communicateand idea is that we answer all these ques- Ultimately, campers on the road sort,withunlimiteddownloads.Itkeep guests up-to- tions, replacing the campers need to can book their stay, come to the camp- startsatbetween$250to$500perJoe Duemig date. We developed find a handout or ask a staff member ground and check-in, find their way to month.AppMyCommunitynowthe app based on our experiences and for directions or instructions.their site, and pay for their stay with- serves campgrounds that feature fromare now continually adding new fea- The map in the application helps outinteractingwithstaff,Duemig 80 to 1,800 campsites. tures to support the campgrounds and guestsnavigateallaspectsofthe concluded.www.appmycommunity.comNatural Outdoor Supplies Sells Numerous Products that are Popular in CampstoresFlorida-based Natural Outdoor Sup- selling his wares part time. The business We have a number of campground is green and natural.pliescame on the scene as a distributor quickly took off, providing Roth with a products that have become quite pop- About80%ofourof campfire and campsite convenience full-time business. His company now ular, Roth shared. Mostly, we are really supplies are Ameri-productsin2016,whenitsfounder, distributes coast-to-coast to over 300 strong in the fire-starter products, but can-madeaswell.owner and president John Roth, began active campground customers. the difference with us is that everything We think we have apretty unique selec-tion of products. His company dis-tributes a wide spec-trumofproducts, John Rothincludingcolorfulfirepackets,firestarters,flashlights,campingtools,grillingsupplies,bugrepellentandready-to-toast smore kits. One of our most popular products isthe Colorful Fire Packetsthat light up afire in colors for the kids, shared Roth.Weve also brought on a line of naturalbug repellents that are really good formosquitos and no-see-ems. A productthat is really coming on strong is theTwo-Alarm, which is a fire starter thatlasts 45 minutes. You just light the boxand have a fire. Its good if there is dampfirewood. These items are sold through campstores and are available on the com-panys shopping website at www.natu-raloutdoorsupplies.com.Shippingisfree with orders over $25. Southern California is a really goodmarketforusbecauseofthegreenproducts, he said. None of our firestarter products have any toxic materi-als in them. They basically are wood andwax. Campgrounds like green productsand so do campers.Natural Outdoor Supplies also helpscampgrounds with merchandising in itsstores,providingpre-stocked,free-Supplier Insightscontinued on page 3012 -February 2021 Woodalls Campground Management'