b'Unique Accommodationsfrom page 18on the fire, Gibson explained. Right now, the company is looking at shipping current orders in late January, Gib-son noted, but they expect eventually to take about eight weeks to ship products.By spring it could take even longer. Gibson told WCM that there seems to be more demand for unique accommo-dation products because they require a lower upfront capital cost. We are noticing that if an owner is opening a significant number of glampingsites, they are leaning towards tents because of the lower costs, he explained. Peo-ple like the yurts, but it is more of a luxury item and the initial cost is higher. How-ever, it does have a longer return on that investment and it offers a unique space.The company is looking forward to growing more in 2021 as Gibson prepares tolead the company into an age of innovation. We are looking at redesigns of some of our products, as well as potentially in-troducing different fabrics, colors and features, said Gibson. 970-438-2261www.coloradoyurt.com noted. We have the ability to do some of the larger resort developments, but obvi-Eco Structures USA ously those require an extra level of permitting and planning, so those are just aJosh Bell, U.S. sales manager for Australian-based Eco Structures USA, told WCM little further out on the horizon.there continues to be a strong demand for the different products the company of- The company specializes in turnkey installs of engineeredfers.tents and shelters for destination resorts. Built on steel frames,We continue to have conversations with individuals who are looking to do some the companys tents are designed to withstand the elements, ac-larger developments, which is certainly where some of our products stand out, he cording to Bell. We expect to have a busy start to 2021 as owners get a handleon what their plans are, he explained. The company continues to find ways to innovate, accordingto Bell, noting that the company has introduced hard-walledcabins known as Tourist Cabins. Built on a galvanized steel frameJosh Bell that is hurricane rated, it comes as a kit with insulated wall panelsand features three or four different sizes. Owners pick the roof line, and everythingcomes ready to construct onsite.It has a little bit more of a bespoke design and features a different floor plan lay-out than what you would typically get from a park model RV, he said. Internation-ally they have done well, so we are excited to see how they do in the U.S. We arehoping this is a solution for owners who maybe dont want to do the park model RVsetup.619-997-5788www.ecostructures.com.auGlamping Pods of AmericaEvenwiththeCOVIDcrisis,JohnPoynor,founderofGlampingPodsofAmerica, is staying busy as orders come infrom campground and RV park ownersacross North America. Our hottest seller is still the Mega Podwith the full bath in it, he shared. It hasabout 140 square feet on the inside. It isroughly 16 feet long and 10 plus feet wideon the exterior. It has room for a full-sizedbed or bunks, full-sized shower, pedestalsink, toilet and a little kitchenet area withabarsink,androomforacountertopfridge and microwave on the countertop.Typically, they ship in multiples of twoto help split shipping cost. Other models include the Standard Podand Family Pod. HesaidtheMegaPodretailsinthe$15,500 to $16,500 range. The pods are de-livered fully built with plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems in place and readyto hook up at the site. 417-385-1664www.glampingpodsofamerica.comMontana CanvasCurt Dinges, owner of Montana Canvas, told WCMthat 2020 has been a very chal-lenging year for the company but that it ended up still being a good year for sales. There have been more supply chain issues since some facil-ities were closed and shipping has been taking longer, but overall,we feel blessed to be sitting where we are sitting at the end of theReal Log Park Model Cabins year, he explained. The company is known for building canvas glamping tentsand creating canvas that is used in other glamping products forothercompanies.Dingessaidthe Real Rustic Log Cabins companycontin- Turn-Key! Curt Dinges uestorefinethe Durable and Appealing way it is building its tents and the Highly Profitable packages it offers.Pays Off Within 1-3 Years I think it has really made it simplePark Model Cabins for our customers to understand ex-Starting at $27,900 actly what we do, he noted. In thelast few years, we have incorporatedLocated in Lancaster, PA quiteabitofinnovationintonew717-445-5522www.LancasterLogCabins.com screen and vinyl materials and intoUnique Accommodations continued on page 2420 -February 2021 Woodalls Campground Management'