b'Unique Accommodationsfrom page 20the frame itself. I think we have got things pretty much dialed in. The company is joining forces with the Conestoga Wagon Company to provide atent and bathroom unit combined into one package. They were shipping the firstunits of that package in late December. It is meant to be a turnkey product, Dinges, explained. Campgrounds thathave the plumbing and electrical stuff in place are going to be able to set this unitdown and be ready to go.Besides just selling units for campground rental use, Montana Canvas has alsobeen seeing an uptick in other uses, such as for an outdoor educational area, cafe-terias and others. 406-388-1225www.montanacanvas.comNomadic Tipi MakersNomadicTipiMakerscelebrated 50 years in 2020and although the COVIDcrisis cramped the celebra-tion to some degree, NicoleLoffler, owner of the com-pany, told WCMthat it wasstill a really busy one. The glamping industryis marching forward yearafteryear,shesaid.Itkeeps getting more atten-tion and I think the COVID crisis really worked to actually highlight the positive sideof what glamping offers.Loffler pointed out that many of her customers are seeing a great return on in-vestment when it comes to the tipis she sells. We have some resorts that sell them out for $300 a night, she noted. Within 20days at that rate you get your investment back. Now, it does depend on the tipi, whatyou invest into it as far as furniture and other items, but plenty of parks are makinggreat money with our tipis. Loffler said that she has noticed more owners are purchasing the larger tipis thatcan hold families. We had one Jellystone that recently ordered 17 26-foot tents, which is our largersize, she explained. It is normal now for orders to come in for the 24- and 26-foottipis. We also have 22- and 20-foot tipis, although orders for those have sloweddown. Loffler said that the company is currently working on a turnkey tipi glamping vil-24 -February 2021 Woodalls Campground Management'