b'lage concept with another investor which would in- So far, the company has two tents set up in the U.S., We had our manufacturing facilities up and run-clude five tipis.at a Marine family integration center in San Diego, ning all year, he noted to WCM. We have some spaceWe provide the tipis, and she puts all the decora- Calif., and another is up and running in New Mexico at to spread out, so that has worked out well, and we havetions, the furnishing, the bedding and the fireplace, a site that formally opens in the spring.been shipping out products every day. everything together that allows the customer to pur- The company also makes furniture specifically for He noted that other businesses, along with RV parkschase it all as a complete package, she explained. its tents and believes a campground should be able to and campgrounds, have been utilizing the tents as aLoffler said it is taking the company eight weeks at get an affordable glamping tent that can comfortably way to create safe spaces and socially distance. Bairthis point to get orders out to customers. She expects sleep a family of four that lasts 8-10 years without any said that well-established supply chains have allowedthat lead time to jump to 12 weeks as spring rolls major maintenance. Their tents sell for $10,000 to the company not to miss a beat in 2020. around.$15,000. The price includes decking materials but not We have had some issues, like one of our millsThe cost per tipi is about $3,500 to $6,500.freight costs. burned down and then some other suppliers had to541-389-3980www.tipi.com The companys most popular model is the Classic shutdown due to the crisis, but we had plenty of inven-Wood Safari Tent. The Classic safari tent has two bed- tory on hand and once they were able to get back on-rooms, one with a full-sized bed and the other with a line, we just kept building. Im not saying it hasnt beentriple bunk for kids. It features a small dinette-style a challenge, but weve been able to deal with it and getkitchen with a room for eight to dine and has an op- everybody their products on time.tional full bath as well. It comes in three sizes. As far as new innovations are concerned, PacificWhen the package arrives, you have everything you Yurts is looking to incorporate more ventilation into itsneed to put it together, Higbee explained. We even units, according to Bair. provide a metric tape measure, since the instructions We are the first in the industry to develop a remote-are metric. You basically need one person that can controlled skylight opener so that people can raise andbuild simple things and a few other people to help. lower their dome skylight, he explained. It makes it(503) 754-0160www.outstandingtent.com easieranytimeyouwanttogetsomeairflowupthrough the dome.Pacific Yurts Currently, the company has a lead time of a fewOutstanding Tents Bair said that Pacific Yurts continues to sell the weeks, but Bair noted that park owners typically investJason Higbeetold WCMthat Outstanding Tents has heck out of its yurts, although the company has closed more time into preparing land for a yurt. been generating more interest among park owners as its office space and its displays due to the COVID crisis.Pacific Yurts are suitable for any climate, with insu-it works to solidify a foothold here in lation options that include wall liners and window cov-theU.S.TheNetherlands-based ers. The units come with quality roofing fabric availableglampingtentmanufactureren- inmultiplecolorstoblendintoanysurroundingstered the U.S. market in 2019.seamlessly. That option comes with a 15-year manu-Higbee, the exclusive sales agent facturers warranty. for the company here in the U.S., Base prices for the standard yurts range from $5,475noted that most of the interest he to $10,995 depending on size. has been getting is from new en- 541-942-9435www.yurts.comtrants to the market. Jason Higbee Half of them dont understand PlainsCraft Covered Wagonsthe learning curve that they have in front of them and Dennis Steinman, founder of PlainsCraft Coveredthe other half does understand the learning curve, but Wagons, told WCM that the company has been fortu-they are a couple of years out before theyre actually nate throughout the COVID crisis. going to do anything, he noted.Unique Accommodations continued on page 33WOODALLSCM.com February 2021-25'