b'Unique Accommodationsfrom page 25 requests for a turnkey product where the unit is ready to start rentingwith linensand other featureswhen he is finished with construction. We have remained busy, he said. It seems as though park I think owners are realizing that they can rent it a lot sooner if we just do every-owners are a little uncertain about where things are going and thing all at once, he explained. While the price tag might be higher, theyre goingholding off on some capital equipment expenditures, but so far to get more revenue faster doing it that way.we have remained busy.Burland noted that he has had a number of conversations with furniture suppli-Steinman said that the lack of in-person shows has definitely ers about incorporating more of a turnkey product into the lineup. forced the company to do more videos to give potential cus- Along with looking for new ideas to add to the product lineup, Burland has hadtomers a look at what the wagons offer.to deal with increases in material costs due to the COVID crisis. They are a different type of unit and that is really driving the They went up 30% and then came down, he noted. I am just paying attentionDennis Steinman growth, explained Steinman. They also include a bathroom to the market and making sure I order materials when they are priced lower.with the unit and that has been a big deal recently, since many Burland said that it is important for owners to plan ahead.people dont want to share I havent been able to crack the nut of how to get people to plan ahead yet, hea bathroom with others. explained. I still have space for 2021, but it is filling up quickly.On the innovation side, 281-481-8733www.treewisedesigns.com WCMthe company has recentlyintroducedaninsulatedcover for its wagons thatSteinman said helps keepin heated or cooled air. It is almost like a blan-ket that replaces the regu-larcover,henoted.Itbasically allows us to sealthe unit a lot better. Thewhole thing provides bet-ter comfort for the guestsand reduces cost for heating and air conditioning. 785-748-4588www.plainscraft.netShelter Structures AmericaShelter Structures Americaoffers a number of differentaccommodationunitsin-cludingtipis,bell-shapedtents and a wall-style tent, ac-cording to Keith Krzeminski,company vice president. HetoldWCM thatbusi-ness in 2020 was good due tothe companys ability to sellevent tents and other glamp-ing units. Some of the com-panysproductswereusedfor medical tents, by restau-rants and for other such usesduring the pandemic. Betweenthatandtheglamping side of things wemust field over a dozen callsa day, Krzeminski explained. We have seen a huge shift towards the glamping sideof things and inquiries are going through the roof. The companys products are built on an engineered steel frame with a nylon orcanvas cover. Perhaps one of the most unique products the company sells is itsdometentsthatallowuserstohavewide views of the outdoors from insidethe structure. The domes are really the best bangfor the buck, Krzeminski pointed out.For under $10,000 you can get a fullyinsulated dome with a door and a deckthat is ready to rent immediately andcan serve as a permanent structure.Right now, the company has aroundan eight-week lead time on productsdepending on where a park is located. 424-254 9172www.shelterstructuresamerica.comTree Wise DesignsKnown for its unique treehouse de-signs,TreeWiseDesignshasalsobranched out into other areas, now pro-ducing yurts, covered wagons, tents andtipis, according to Reid Burland, thefounder and owner of the company. It has been a pretty steady year forthe company, he told WCM. Typically,park owners dont like me on site whenthey are filled with campers, but thisyear they were more willing to let mecome during the season and build theunits. They are just trying to add moreunits as quickly as they can. Burland said that he is noticing moreWOODALLSCM.com February 2021-33'