b'MODERN MARKETINGThe Mastery Levels of Modern MarketingDepending on your audience and your business, you might con-siderdevelopinganemailmarketingprogram,anonlineloyaltyEvannecampaign or dive into the emerging world of chatbots. Ask yourselfSchmarderif Pinterest, TikTok or Snap would serve your interests.Buffets. Remember those? Presented ging for attention. Like a buffet, success- ing, to Pinterest and Instagram, to the ing program, not flushing out this datawith a selection of beautiful options, ful modern marketers will fill their plate new kid on the blockTikTok, where will make its success scattershot andyou can choose favorite dishes as well with tried-and-true tactics that get re- should a budding or even experienced much less efficient in dollars and timeas try something new that looks appeal- sults but leave room for something new, outdoor hospitality marketer turn? Start spent. ing. You get to experiment and can al- something promising and as of yet, un- by knowing where you want to go. Set With that task completed and armedways go back for more of what you liked explored. written, measurable goals, review them with customer-specific information, athebest.Ifanewitemthatlooked While it might be tempting to scoop often,andadjustasneeded.When great place to start is Facebook. The typ-promising was not to your taste, at least out a little bit of everything, carefully youve reached your objectives, its time ical RV and camping demographic areyou tried it. Maybe it was the prepara- choosing the most aligned outlets to to advance.heavy Facebook users, everyone fromtion that didnt tickle your taste buds. In best serve your business and becoming Digital marketing programs should boomers to Gen X being found there.that case, you might make note of what an expert on those before introducing a be built from the ground up. There are Just be sure you are delivering the mes-you did enjoy and, if an opportunity new platform is the surest path to digital shared components that every business saging style your target market is accus-presents itself in the future, you can give marketing success. should be using, namely a responsive, tomedto. Whethertheywanttobeit another go. You may love it or simply Groundwork (everyones baseline) SEO-optimized websiteand Google My entertained, tempted with special of-confirm that it is not for you.With so many tempting choices, sev- Business. After all, with an always-on fers, or looking to their peers for re-Digital marketing is a lot like that. eral welcoming you with an easy and supercomputer in everyones pocket, views,yourpostsmustreflectyourEven marketers just starting out have free sign-up process, others costing a prospectsandcustomersshouldbe audience.preferred platforms, ideas on how to prettypenny,itseasytobeover- able to find your park online and garner Ifyoufeelyoucan(orhave)reach their audience. And then there are whelmed. From the old standbys like answers to the most frequently asked master(ed) Facebook and have time inthe newly minted opportunities, beg- Facebook, websites, and email market- questions. These likely include operat- the budget for a second platform, con-ing hours and seasonal opening/closing siderInstagram.Withanimage-dates,locationinformation,howto friendly product and the link betweencontact you, and if you accept pets. Uti- Facebook and Instagram, the leap be-lizeSEOtoappearmoreoftenand tween the two is not too great. The keycloser to the top of search engine re- to Instagram success is discoverability.sults.Expandingonthesetools,you Looking back at your SEO website re-might set a future goal to appear in search,convertyourkeywordsandsearchpositionzeroforparticular phrases to hashtags. Youre permitted 30terms. Develop these two digital mar- per post, so use as many as you can.keting tools before moving on to the Create a set of standard, SEO-derivednext step.hashtags. Add image specific hashtags.Beginners template End with industry- and brand-specificUnderstanding who you are trying to hashtags. Definitely take advantage ofreach is imperative. We often talk about Stories but stay on top of new develop-avatars and ideal customers in this col- ments, including the ready-to-explodeumn. Why? Its your compass. Not only Reels. will knowing audience demographicsIts not enough for Facebook and In-age, sex, income, education, preferred stagrammarketerstomerelyhaveatravel distance, etc.help your market- presence on the platform. Remember,its still SOCIAL media. You must en-gage. Intermediate add-onsYour finely tuned website is hum-ming along. Google and Google Mapsare offering up accurate and informa-tive data about your park. Youve devel-opedaninterestedandgrowingcommunity on both Facebook and In-stagram. By this point, you know whoyour customer is, the messaging theymost respond to, and how to get theminvolved in your program. Congratula-tions, you are ready for more. As its been for several years, videomarketing is the next logical step. Youneednt be a Steven Spielberg-level di-rector or have deep pockets like Disney.Youmust,however,quicklycaptureyour audiences attention and get to thepoint. Facebook videos seem to do well atthree minutes or less. Optimize Insta-gram Stories and Reels at a mere 15 sec-onds. YouTube appears to have the mostsuccesswithsix-toeight-minutevideos. Planning does wonders here. Whatdo your prospective viewers want towatch? Is it weekend activity highlights?A facility tour? Behind the scenes? Guesttestimonials? How-tos? You can create asix- or seven-minute video to premierModern Marketingcontinued on page 168 -February 2021 Woodalls Campground Management'