b'Water Recreationfrom page 17 The material that we use to create our product islong-lasting, he noted. If you use a high-pressureare placing closer to beach areas they may have. washer on the top and bottom of it to clean it from timeHe explained that some park owners are building out to time, it will keep it like new and serviceable for manyaquatic zones they could offer as day-use areas to help years.generate additional income.(239) 643-0448www.dri-dek.comIts like theyre building businesses in parallel as op-posedtojustthecampgroundwithitsamenities, DuraGridRomens noted.Salt Lake City, Utah-based DuraGrid manufacturersStaffing is a concern for the industry at large and safety matting and deck tiling that can be used in a va-when it comes to aquatic items it can be difficult for WGWAG is a u-shaped boat that targets the older teen riety of capacities, from bathhouses to pool decking, ac-park owners to staff those amenities. Romens said it re- market, according to Brigham. A single operator stands cording to Lauren Christensen, account manager andally comes down to understanding what your business on the boat and moves through the water by shifting marketing representative for the company.can handle.their weight from side to side. She told WCM that the company produces indoorBrigham said that so far she has been seeing more matting that is constructed of flexible PVC plastic, whileinterest from parks that offer an all-inclusive package offering rigid plastic tiles for an array of outdoor appli-when it comes to providing amenities. cations.It is a slam dunk for them, she noted. It depends Our indoor product is anti-microbial so that moldon the owner in some regard, too. Most of the parks we wont grow on it in wet areas, Christensen explained.find that are having success with our products have Our outdoor product is built with strength in mind, soowners that promote and support them. owners can place tables, chairs, or even drive vehicles(855) 932-6725www.corcl.com over those tiles.Both the indoor and outdoor products come in a va-Dri-Dek riety of colors.Lee Dees, president of Naples, Fla.-based Dri-Dek, Everything is easy to install, Christensen said. WeThere are splash pads that dont require a lifeguard said the company provides self-draining floor surfaces utilize a peg system that just snaps together and staysbecause there is no standing water, he explained. I such as interlocking tiles that are used on pool decks together. The tiles provide height, so campers are notthink it comes down to the design phase and under- and in bathhouses. standing in puddles, and the tiles are manufactured tostanding what you are building. If an amenity does re- If there is water and bare feet, then we feel it is prob- stay in place and not slide around.quire more staffing, then maybe you look at how you ably a good place to have Dri-Dek, he told WCM. (800) 457-0174www.duragrid.comcan monetize that amenity. I think staffing is an aspect Weve served this market for 35 to 40 years.that needs looked at closely because in the past owners Dees said the companys business has increased as Emerald FXwould just add an amenity without thinking about it. more owners add water amenities and develop more Emerald FX continues to tout its Drench Deckprod-(877) 896-8442www.crs4rec.com bathhouses. uct to campground owners as it comes complete withWe think the future looks good, too, he explained. water features and is designed to be easier to install, ac-Corcl Dri-Dek offers 12 different colors that owners can cording to DeCaro. Carter Brigham, the designer of the Corcl and its re- choose from, and even provides custom coloring, but Owners also have the option of utilizing a concretecently released sibling, the WGWAG, said that the company Dees said there are significant production requirements base to secure the system at the park, or Emerald FXdidnt add any new products as it continues to focus on get- for custom-colored tiles. also provides a tiled surface that can be used as the baseting its Corcl and WGWAG boats into more campgrounds. The company offers large sheets and rolls of inter- as well.A Corcl is a small, kid-friendly round boat designed locking tiles, which Dees said work great if owners are DeCaro also told WCMthat more parks are buildingto be operated by one person with a kayak paddle. The looking to cover a pool deck or a large area. Water Recreationcontinued on page 2118 -March 2021 Woodalls Campground Management'