b'Recreational Equipmentfrom page 16 courses, Prime Kartsand more. The company just recently signed a distributionwas down in 2020, although he is seeing more inter- agreement with Innova Disc Golf to carry discs andest from RV parks and campgrounds.other disc golf equipment. Theres a lot of hesitation with peo- Innova is the largest producer of Frisbee golf andple not knowing whats around the they have a new product we developed with themcorner,henoted.Onthecamp- called ACE Place, which is a short disc golf courseground side of things, we have been that fits into a smaller footprint, Romens said. seeing an upward curve for the past He continues to tout the need for owners to lookfew years ever since we started going at their parks and create recreation zones that incor-to conferences. porate both water- and land-based activities. Coach Cliff sells the brackets and We have in-house landscape architects to helphardware to construct a gaga ball pit design these projects and we are seeing more growthCliff Silverman and can even add logos to the metal on that side of our business than ever, explainedbrackets if a campground owner wants a unique Romens. We are seeing a strong pipeline of designlook. Typically built with treated or untreated wood sluice, which is made from bourbon barrels. projects due to more new developments and expan-planks that are purchased by the customer at their The gemstone mining sluices are designed to look sion projects. Its really inspiring to see all of theselocal hardware store, Coach Cliff sells composite like real mining sluices and allow campers a chance new projects going in. lumber planks in a variety of colors as well. topurchasebagsorevenbucketsofgemstones HesaidnewdevelopmentsthatoffertonsofIn 2019, Coach Cliff began selling a Universal buried in sand that they wash through the waterQuick Connect System that makes the gaga ball pit flowing through the mining sluice.easier to assemble and offers more portability. Park owners make an initial investment in pur-Coach Cliff has also expanded into the gardening chasing the sluice and then continually purchasesegment, offering a Garden Bed System for park product that they then sell in their camp stores.owners who may want to add a garden at their camp- Houchens noted that the company can set up aground. mining sluice in one day and that the company in-You can even create a horseshoe pit out of this stalls the sluices, with light help from campgroundsystem, said Silverman. employees. He explained that they try to keep all products in He said the company tries to keep stock on handstock for quick turnaround times when orders come for quick turnaround times on orders. in. We typically ship out an order the same day that If you are east of the Mississippi you should beit is ordered, Silverman explained.able to get everything in eight weeks, Houchens ex-(877) 266-8426www.gagaballpits.com plained. I am about 50% full on April deliveries atthe moment, so time is of the essence if park ownersCold River Mining want a unit before opening.amenities are raising the bar and putting pressure onHouchens told WCMthat the company was closed (216) 466-2968www.coldrivermining.com other campground owners to add amenities. down for 10 weeks and that they have dealt with Many of them are looking at their park and realiz-challenges, but are expecting a very busy 2021.Commercial Recreation Specialist ing they have a campground, but they also have anCold River Mining offers a variety of different gem- Knownforitseye-catchinginflatableaquatic opportunity to operate a day-use business, wherestone mining sluices, from smaller units that are products, Commercial Recreation Specialist (CRS) people can come and pay to utilize the amenities, buteight feet long, all the way up to larger units that can also offers a slew of other land-based products in- not necessarily camp at the park, Romens explained. reach 12 feet long. The company even offers a barrel cludingplaygroundequipment,miniaturegolf Recreational Equipmentcontinued on page 2220 -March 2021 Woodalls Campground Management'