b'Water Recreationfrom page 18splash pools, which are pools that include a splash pad in them. We have a lot more features that add to our product line, she noted. And wehave a lot more custom features that people are asking for which is cool because wecan create all that as well.DeCaro said that splash pads and splash parks are becoming more popular be-cause they have less liability than a typical pool. You also dont have to have a lifeguard, she explained. And they are more budgetfriendly in the long run. DeCaro said that the company is already booking into 2022 and that 2021 spotsare filling fast. We do build everything in-house and sometimes there is a back order on items,but for the most part weve been pretty good, she explained. (419) 663-3279www.emeraldfx.comHammer HeadAfter years of working as poolcleaners,DeanDietrich,co-founderofDelrayBeach,Fla.-based Hammer Head, said he andhis older brother saw a niche for apool vacuum product, hence thecreation of the Hammer Head.The Hammer Head is a manu-ally operated pool vacuum thatfunctionsindependentlyofapools filtration system, accordingto Dietrich, who has operated the company for the past 20 years.The operator can quickly set it up and start cleaning without any kind of neces-sary filtration valve change, electrical power, water pressure or anything like that,he explained. For resorts, hotels, condos and campgrounds where theyve got a poolthat theyve got to keep clean, this makes the process a lot easier and quicker. It onlytakes minutes to vacuum the pool, and none of the debris goes into the filter sys-tem.The company offers two different vacuum sizes, according to Dietrich, with onethat has a larger head and cleaning path.(866) 877-7983www.hammerheadvac.comRain DeckLuke Blais, the companys co-owner, told WCMthat the splash pad market wentWater Recreationcontinued on page 30WOODALLSCM.com March 2021-21'