b'arranged for a private company to pick Marcia said. In less than six months, we ally dont have the temperament, peo-up guests at their campground and take have over 100 five-star Google reviews, ple skills or other attributes needed tothem on winery tours. You can choose as well as over 100 five-star Facebook re- work in a campground. Marcia says sheone to five routes. Its the ultimate wine views, and most of them reference my likes to check with at least five differenthopping experience and wine country husband, myself and our camp host. references. She also finds it helpful toadventure, Marcia said. Marcia believes she and her husband ask about a job applicants weaknesses. The Neeses also invite family-friendly are also having a successful business OfferreliableWi-Fiserviceandfood and dessert trucks to visit their launch because they both work on site clean, user-friendly restrooms: Thesepark on weekends. The food truck offer- at their park. Guests like to be able to in- two amenities are always top priority forings range from barbecue to Southern teract directly with the owners because campground guests, and the Neeses be-cooking to sliders and fries to tacos and it enables them to establish a stronger lieve its important to give the guestsbeer. The dessert truck offers everything connection with the park, she said. what they want. The Neeses have a fiberfrom cakes and ice cream to donuts and Marcia has several other tips for suc- optic line coming into their park andcheesecakes.cess that shes happy to share with new they use a local provider for Wi-Fi serv-With so many things to see and do, The Neeses built Riverwalk RV Resort based off and aspiring and even existing park op- ice. Marcia said their Wi-Fi is strongits no wonder the Neeses are busy. But their own experiences RVing.erators. Among them: enough to provide streaming qualityMarcia said one of the keys to their suc- Screenyouremployeescarefully: Wi-Fi for up to three devices at eachcess is simply being nice to people and We feel we reached our goal of doing One of the Achilles heels of the camp- campsite. She said their restrooms aremaking great customer service their top it better (than other campgrounds and ground sector is the presence of people modern, rustic, warm and inviting.priority. RV parks) just by being nice to people, holding guest service positions who re- Therestroomshaveair-conditioningand heating, and the park has an ADA-compliant bathroom. We even havemusic playing throughout, she said.Participate in online travel forums:So much marketing and communica-tion takes place online and participat-ing in travel forums is a great way forparks to gain exposure with travelerswho are looking for advice on places onplaces to visit. For 2021, the Neeses are planning topair their food and dessert truck visitswithonsiteentertainmentincludingHawaiian luaus, craft fairs and otherevents, which they are scheduling fromMarch to December. This year, they arealso planning to invite 25 vendors tocome to their park to sell their products. They currently operate RiverWalk RVPark with help from two camp host cou-ples, with two working in the office andtwo working on the grounds.While the Neeses have plenty of land,they have no plans to expand their park.We have a boutique-size park. Its veryintimate. We have trees. The area besideit is a big field. We want to keep it small.This is our retirement plan, not our get-rich plan, Marcia said. This is whatsgoing to help us so were not working forother people for the rest of our lives.Inthemeantime,however,theNeesesaregeneratingincomefromJimsconstructiongradingjobsandfrom Marcias latest job, which is work-ing as a national sales representative forCampspot, the Grand Rapids, Mich.-basedreservationsoftwareproviderwhich the Neeses use to process themajority of reservations for their owncampground.Im the only female on their salesteam and I am the only one who owns apark, Marcia said.MarciaexplainedCampspotisaneasy sell because it works so well for herown park. Nearly all of our bookingscome through the website, she said, somy staff doesnt have to be tied up withphone reservations.Campground OverviewName: RiverWalk RV ParkAddress: 315 RiverWalk Trail,Jonesville, NC 28642Description: 51 RV sites, restroomswith shower facilities and streaming-quality Wi-Fi.Amenities: A beach along the YadkinRiver. Dogs are allowed to swimalong a section of the beach. A campstore is also onsite.Website: https://riverwalkrv.com Contact: (833) 788-2229WCM26 -March 2021 Woodalls Campground Management'