b'Water Recreationfrom page 21into hyperdrive after a small blip when the COVID pandemic first started.CAMPGROUNDWhen COVID hit in April, a lot of our clients put their splash pads on hold untilthey could figure out where the economy was headed, and we were definitely con-cerned, he explained. It wasnt but a month or so after that when the momentumpicked back up and the splash pad market went into hyperdrive. With all the publicsplash pads being forced to close due to the virus, the private entities ramped uptheir installations dramatically (more than ever) and we finished out 2020 better thanthe year prior.Blais said that Rain Deck could tailor splash pads to meet the needs of park ownersand to fit within their budgets.We have been expanding the catalog of features over the last six months and into2021 with approximately 80 new commercial grade, above-ground features andground sprays, he said. A few features that we are extremely excited about are theRain Deck Rain Jet LED Lighted Nozzles(RD150-0L - RD159-0L) and the Rain DeckMulti-Program Electronic Controller with LED Light Control(RD500-0L).Blais said that the company is expecting an overwhelming demand in 2021. (888) 445-7246www.raindeck.comSlideRenuWesterville, Ohio-based SlideRenu had a down year in 2020 due to the pandemic,according to the companys owner, George Fischer.We were down about 30%, he told WCM. We will probably be back to our nor-mal levels in 2021 though because we had a lot of projects that were postponed, andthey are coming back. Fischer said that the companys products could revitalize slides and play featuresthat have been faded by UV rays and heavy use.A lot of people dont think you have to maintain these features, but you have to ifyou want to extend the life of your investment, he explained.The company also uses a gel coat product that Fischer said can make a slide lookbrand new.(614) 948-2557www.sliderenu.com WCMADVERTISERS INDEXBefore AfterAdvertiser Page # Advertiser Page #Applebrook RV Parks32 Kampgrounds of America/KOA.22Supplier Insightsfrom page 14 ence,sheexplained.Theircolorschemes, their logos, their photos are Athens Park15 LaMotte.27The app also has a feature called Site all built in and everything is updated in B&B Electrical.32 Lancaster Log Cabins.10Tonite, which allows a camper to put in realtimeautomatically.Itsallrunwhat kind of rig theyre driving and what through an easy-to-use dashboard on By the Yard Inc.25 Leavitt Recreation & Hospitality Insurance18they need in terms of size, amenities and a park owners computer where they Chadwick Mfg. Ltd27 Montana Canvas.6utilities, and the app will provide them can, if they want to, change their wholewith campsites that are going to best theme for the Fourth of July or any CheckBox Systems.10 MySites/Southeast Publications.12meet their needs. other event. The app also provides a space for In 2021, the company will continue to CheckBox Systems.21 Newbook.11campground owners to post rules and tout its augmented reality features. Commercial Recreation Specialists.14 Pacific Yurts.4policies.In 2020 we did a lot with scav-Itcanhelpsaveacampground enger hunts that could be played dig- Delta Treatment Systems.13 Pelland Advertising.26owner a lot of money because they dont itally through a phone with hiddenhave to worry about printing the rules or cluesthatwerearoundacamp- Dogipot20 Phelps Honey Wagon.24policies, noted Gere. They can have ground, noted Travis Gere. Those Doty & Sons Concrete Products.21 Polly Products8their self-check-in forms and everything have been exciting for families of allbuilt right into the app. Thats been really ages, especially with so many activi- Dri-Dek32 Shore Park by Skyline.15beneficial with COVID as well, where so ties having to be canceled due to so-much can be done through the phone cial distancing.Eaton Corp8 Skyweb Networks.19app versus having to go into the office He explained that park owners can Fluid Mfg.23 Staylist.9and pick up a map. turn these games on in their own appsShestatedthatanothermodule and then alert the families to go out into Great American Direct.28 Tengo Internet2specifically for outdoor activities allows the park and look for clues. When they Hialeah Meter2 Tower Company.26owners to input nearby hiking trails, bik- scan the clues with their phone theying trails, and where to fish with GPS lo- come to life.Jamestown Advanced Products23 Utility Supply Group Inc32cations.Its a great way to get campers to findThe app does not pull from a massive all the aspects of each park. One of our Kay Park17 Woodford Manufacturing Co25database but rather has a specific web goals is to transcend that static map in a K&K Insurance.24 Workamper News.29build unique to each campground.webpagethats360degrees,heEvery single app is unique, so every summed up. Kampgrounds of America/KOA.7 YESYour Electrical Solutions.14click will take you into a new experi- www.campersapp.com WCM30 -March 2021 Woodalls Campground Management'