b'Strong Tampa Show Sales: Good Omen for 21Bynearlyallaccounts,the2021Florida RV SuperShow was a success asdealersandmanufacturersaliketoldWoodallsCampgroundManagement(WCM) that the event was marked by ro-bust sales even with an attendance fig-ure that was about 20% to 25% fewerthan last years record tally of 74,861.The annual event, hosted Jan. 13-17bytheFloridaRV TradeAssociation(FRVTA) at the Florida State Fairgroundsin Tampa, is typically a bellwether for theRVindustry.Agoodshowtypicallypoints toward a good year of sales. Thequestion on everyones minds headingintotheTampaShowthisyear,though, was would the pandemic put adamperonattendanceandsales?Orwould sales continue at the acceleratedclip the industry has been enjoying overthe past 10 months?The show was unbelievable, con-firmed FRVTA Executive Director DaveKelly. Everything from the number ofpeople who attended to the fact that thepeoplewhocamewereveryseriousabout buying, it all was just unbelievablygood.Everymanufacturersrepand Attendees mingle at the 2021 Florida RV SuperShow. Photo by Shawn Spenceevery dealer I talked to was very, verypleased with the show. They were veryhappy with it. number of people who were new to the at last count before he left the show, he had maybe as many as 60% to 70% whoThe show went absolutely fantastic, market, and that goes from entry-level knew Gulf Stream had sold over 40 units still wore their masks the entire timesaid Phil Sarvari, president and CEO of all the way up to motorizedjust a lot ofup 25% from the business done at last they were at the show, he noted. YouGulf Stream Coach Inc., Nappanee, Ind. first-time buyers, he said. years SuperShow. know, coming in, we did have some con-People were really upbeat and eager to Thewidespreaddemographicof Kelly added that most everyone was cerns about people who didnt want to orget product. It was amazing to me how those buyers also was notable. Every- very cooperative and patient with the would refuse to cooperate with the pro-cognizant the customers were relative to onefromfamiliestoretiredpeople, COVID-19 protocols that were in place, tocols, but we had no incidents at all.the shortage of inventory and their sense soon-to-retire people, professionals, ab- which included temperature checks, so- Everyone was very cooperative with theof urgency to purchase units. solutely all age groups, he said. cial distancing and wearing masks. restrictions we had to work under. AlsosurprisingtoSarvariwasthe While Sarvari didnt have a final tally, Evenwhentheywereoutside,we Gary Gerard WCMRV Dealer Donates $10,000 inWinnings Back to Care CampsWhenJennifer hoodcancerMercer, director of twice, once with adevelopmentfor nephewandCareCamps, the againwithacharitythathelp niece,Teresakidswithcancer said. Fortunately,find hope and heal- bothsurvived.ing in the outdoors, Randy lost his fa-madethecallto ther, sister, grand-RandyandTeresa motherandtwoWagner,ofWag- aunts to lung can-ners Outdoor Ex- Randy, left, and Teresa Wagner, of Wagners Outdoor cer. I lost my fa-pressRV,she Express RV, present Dave Smith, Care Camps ambas- ther to cancer. Wethoughtshewas sador, with the $10,000 grand prize they had just won. knowfirsthandgoing to be making howterriblethistheir day. Randy and Teresa had just won disease is. No kid should have to suffera $10,000 grand prize from a contest de- cancer. The RV industry experienced asigned to raise funds for Care Camps. tremendous year, and we were all pre-Instead, it was Randy who made Mer- sented with an opportunity to give back.cers day when he inquired Would it be We would love to see all RV dealershipsokay if we donated the money back to and RV manufacturers match this dona-Care Camps to help more kids? tion and support Care Camps movingLast month, Level 5 marketing com- forward. Lets help all kids with cancer ex-pany issued a year-end charitable giving perience the healing power of camping.challenge to RV, marine and motorsports Care Camps is a non-profit charitydealers all over the U.S. and Canada to that helps kids with cancer experienceinspire them to make a charitable gift to hope and healing in the great outdoorshelp the kids cancer charity Care Camps. by sending them to 135 special oncologyTo add a little incentive to give for the camps. At camp, kids get all the medicalfirst time, Level 5 ponied up a $10,000 care they need, along with specializedgrand prize to be given away to one lucky counseling, and they get to do it whilewinner. experiencing the healing power of na-Fortunately for Care Camps, the fam- ture. ily who won the grand prize happened to For more information on how you canbe a couple with incredibly generous help, contact Jennifer Mercer by phonehearts. at406-671-0447orbyemailatOur family has experienced child- jmercer@carecamps.org. WCM6 -March 2021 Woodalls Campground Management'