b"FURNITURE SHOWCASEAdirondack chairs, like the ones shown here fromBy the Yard, are among furniture products that aremost sought after by park owners.Furniture Suppliers Notice Uptick in Salesas Park Owners Expect Increased TrafficS BY RON BARGER Inclusion and safety are the buzzwords for 2021, Pilot Rockproducts, said the company is experienc-uppliers of RV park and campground fur-niture have already noticed an uptick in she continued. Ive seen a significant increase in ing typical traffic so far in 2021. interest as they look to continued grow- bids for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) com- January and February are always slower, but ouring sales throughout 2021. Sales and in- pliant retrofits in buildings and public areas. Most of outdoor park and camp customers are beginning toquiries for new purchases were up during ourrequestsforquotesincludeADA-compliant make plans for this coming summer, he said. Imthe slow winter months, and as park own- products. On the safety front, customers are looking sure there is a lot of enthusiasm out there to have aers prepare to reopen their parks this spring, furni- for products that are easily sanitized and not affected more normal summer this year, but there is stillture suppliers are optimistic. They foresee strong by whichever cleaning product they choose to use. some caution about what the pandemic might holdsales in 2021 coming off what was a record sales year One of the largest campground furniture produc- for the country. Even with the economic shake-upfor many in 2020.ers in the business, Fireside Lodge Furniture, is a caused by the pandemic last year, we ended 2020Eric Shoemaker is the owner of the Morristown, major player thriving in the first quarter of 2021. slightly ahead of 2019. We are looking forward to aTenn.-basedFrostysParkEquip- Known for its handcrafted rustic furniture, the com- good 2021. ment. He purchased the 40-plus- pany does a lot of work with campgrounds, resorts President of Sparta, Wis.-based Lynkris Patio Fur-year-oldmakerofcampground and lodges from across North America. niture Inc., Bruce Webster is also optimistic aboutfurnishingsandequipmentjust We have been very busy in 2021 so far, said 2021. three years ago and stated that busi- Michael Trosvig, director of marketing and e-com- Our commercial pool furniture sales to camp-ness has been pretty good so far in merce. There is no end in sight to the orders that are grounds and RV parks have started great this year,2021. His location is just an hours coming in. This is a great springboard after last year. said Webster. I don't know that we have a particulardrive from Pigeon Forge and Gatlin- It has been busy, and we are excited about 2021.hottest seller. Chairs, lounge tables and umbrellasburg, Tenn., two major camping re- According to Spencer Santilli, marketing associate always sell well, but I will say that sales of our kidsEric Shoemaker gions. at Jamestown Advanced Products, furniture are way up this year. I don't know that I seeWere doing well, he said. The weather this 2021 is shaping up to be a very good any specific trends developing but we noticed cus-winter has been more of a factor on sales than the season.tomers updating and spending more money oneconomy, but we are right on track for where we After being humbled by our best their pool areas over the past few years.should be with our numbers.year yet in 2020, he shared, the new Samuel Doty, of Doty & Sons Concrete Products,Shoemaker said he was getting plenty of inquiries year has been off to a promising start. said that although the first quarter is one of his com-on products such as picnic tables, fire rings and Weveheardfromplentyofopti- panys slowest times of the year, inquiries and quotecamping grills.mistic customers about the contin- requests are up. The regular campground owners that I deal with ued accelerated growth of camping We are getting a lot of inquiries, he said. Wetell me that they are full and even the state parks we Spencer Santilli as a safe, socially distanced vacation have been swamped with quote requests and cus-deal with are full, he added. Naturally they are option. It has been interesting to listen to our cus- tom jobs. It looks pretty good for 2021. going to go through more grills and fire rings if they tomers talk about the planned expansions and up- Kay Park Recreation has been serving camp-are busier. We also offer installation and thats a big gradestheyhaveinmindthisyeartohelp grounds and parks from its Janesville, Iowa, locationdifference for many. accommodate the expected influx of campers and since 1954 and produces a wide range of furnishingsAtMulliken,Mich.-basedPolly the new social distancing norm. and equipment. Products, the company is experi- He said campground owners for the most part are Business has been pretty good,encing the strongest start to a year in well-capitalized and ready to reinvest in new furnish- said Marilee Gray, marketing direc-the companys history, according to ings and equipment.tor. Sandra Anson, director of sales and We see an overall recommitment to the camp- She said winter is usually the slowmarketing. groundexperienceasawhole,saidSantilli. seasonbutthereissolidinterestJanuary was a record-setter for Whether that means expansion projects, upgrading from her customers for the comingboth incoming sales orders and or- existing sites to abide by social distancing measures, year banking off the momentum ofders shipped, she said. And it ap- or replacing current products. 2020. Sandra Anson pearsthatFebruaryisgoingto Bob Simonsen, marketing manager for Cherokee, We are doing well as a lot of peo-follow suit if the first half is any indicator. Iowa-based RJ Thomas Mfg Co., the manufacturer of Marilee Gray ple are wanting to spend more time16 -April 2021Woodalls Campground Management"