b'EDITORS NOTES By Ben QuiggleTime to Think About All-Electric RVs?Are electric RVs the future?Thats a question a lot of people have been asking lately. Its a common theme in the news these days and something we covered re-cently on WOODALLSCM.com.And the short answer is, Heck yes! EVs are an inevitable part of theAmerican future, and theres no doubt that RV park and campgroundoperators are well aware of that fact. They can see manufacturers build-ing a wide array of electrified commercial and personal vehicles andannouncing aggressive plans for EVs that in some cases call for the ul-timate elimination of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles altogether.General Motors Co.plans to phase out gas- and diesel-powered ve-hicles by 2035 and Ford Motor Co., will be limiting its European pro-duction to electric and plug-in hybrid models by 2026. Tesla, of course, has also brought the conceptof electric vehicles to the forefront.So, while no one expects a massive wave of EVs in the short-term, the world is clearly changingbeneath our feet with regard to the internal combustion engine. If automakers are moving to all-electric offerings, then it stands to reason that the RV industry may not be far behind.In fact, German manufacturer Dethleffsin 2020 came out with an electrified version of a ClassC motorhome wrapped in thin-film solar cells that can help charge the coachs batteries. Built onan Iveco Daily Electric chassis, with an 80 kW motor and 228Ah battery pack, the unit can travelabout 100 miles per charge.Also, the Iridium EVby WOFoffers a motorhome design that can go 249 miles on a charge.There has been some movement on the desire for RVs that can go off-grid as well, with compa-nies like Go Power!offering solutions for OEMs to add solar panels that can completely power atowable. A Canadian company, Evolve Solar Teardrops, is currently offering just such a trailer.But what does the electrification of RVs mean for park owners?While all-electric RVs are not going to be pulling up to your park in the next few years, it isnt outof the question that some may start popping up not long after that. That means it is important tostart thinking about how that could impact your park.Is your infrastructure prepared to handle an all-electric rig? Will you be installing rapid chargingstations? How will you offset the cost of that upgrade?Will you provide a mobile quick-charge ve-hicle that can charge up campers batteries? How about a battery swap station where campers canexchange lithium batteries much like swapping out a propane tank?Because all these questions and more will need answers in the not-too-distant future, WCMplans on taking a more in-depth look at developments in the electric RV space and how they willlikely affect campgrounds.Not unlike the challenges video rental businesses faced during the move to streaming TV, youdont want to get caught flat-footed when the industry moves toward electric RVs. WCMwww.woodallscm.comApril 2021 Vol. 52No. 4G & M E D I A LLCGROUPContact Information: Editorial Rick Kessler, Managing EditorSherman Goldenberg, Publisher rkessler@rvbusiness.comsgoldenberg@rvbusiness.com (734) 777-6830Office: (574) 457-3370 Gary Gerard, Editorial DirectorMobile: (574) 457-6637 ggerard@rvbusiness.comFax: (574) 457-8295 (574) 528-1275Ben Quiggle, Editorbquiggle@rvbusiness.com Jeff Crider, Senior EditorMobile: (574) 306-7781 campinginfosource@gmail.com(760) 469-5905Advertising:Ally Kollat, Account Wendy Thorne, AccountExecutive, National Ad Sales Executive, National Ad Salesakollat@g-gmediagroup.com wthorne@g-gmediagroup.comOffice: (574) 266-7980 ext. 11 Office (574) 266-7980 ext. 14Art Direction:Trina Nissley, Art Directortnissley@rvbusiness.comAll general correspondence, circulation and display and classifiedsales inquiries may be directed to the following:Woodalls Campground Management, C/O G&G Media Group LLC, 2901 E. Bristol St., Ste. B, Elkhart, IN 46514. Fax: (574) 266-7984Owners, managers or marketing directors of privately held U.S. campgroundsmay receive a free subscription upon request to Woodalls CampgroundManagementone free subscription per campground. Others may purchase subscriptions at these rates: $24.95 per year U.S. or $35.95 peryear in Canada. Contact Woodalls Campground Management, C/O G&GMedia Group LLC, 2901 E. Bristol St., Ste. B, Elkhart, IN 46514. Email: rvbusiness@rvbusiness.comWoodalls Campground Management is published monthly by G&G MediaGroup LLC at the above address.2 -April 2021Woodalls Campground Management'