b'FormerARVCChairman,IndustryLeader David L. Berg Remembered forService to Outdoor Hospitality IndustryEditors Note: This story was written in northern Maine, often proudly claim- He and Jane married in 2001 and to-by the staff at the National Association ing his birth connection to the County, getherquicklydevelopedthecamp-of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC). Davidfoundcampgroundownership grounds mission of Clean, Quiet andlater in life after a full career as a pho- RelaxingThe Way Camping ShouldThe outdoor hospitality industry has tographer,policeofficerandbotha Be, creating a camper experience thatlost an icon and all who knew him have union and management negotiator. was just that, picking up a 10 10* 10lost a friend. David L. Berg (1957-2021), In1997,hepurchasedwhatwas Good Sam rating for the past 11 years ways to negotiate the toughest prob-co-owner of Red Apple Campground in known at the time as Fran Mort Camp- consecutively. lems when there seemed to be no way. Kennebunkport, Maine, passed away ground in Kennebunkport and changed David would regularly be seen driv- I drew encouragement and insightsuddenly at his winter home in Florida the name to Red Apple Campground in ing the campground in his beloved 1948 fromhimthroughoutmyleadershipon Wednesday, Feb. 3. His wife, Jane, honor of his parents, who had owned Ford F-1 Lobster Delivery Truck deliv- time, Johnson added. I would askwas by his side. and operated the Red Apple Camps ering the catch of the day to hungry myself What would David L. Berg do?Born and raised in Aroostook County in northern Maine for several decades. campers. He believed, Every camp- or I would simply call him and ask. Nowground tries to have one special thing I cant. It feels to me like a little bit ofto set them apart from others. For us, its energy and light have left the world. Ifresh Maine Lobstahs delivered right am grateful to God for the impact ofto a campers site. David L. Berg to me personally and toHe loved Red Apples campers. They the greater camping enterprise.were there for the experience, and he David spent many years volunteeringenjoyed giving exactly that to each of tirelessly, helping other park owners di-them. He was a people person who rectly and held numerous leadershipbroughtoutthebestineveryone positions in industry associations at thearound him and will be remembered state, regional and national levels.fondly for his love of the industry and Underhisownership,RedApplehis overwhelming desire to see other Campground became a member of thecampgrounds succeed. Maine Campground Owners Associa-David was truly one of a kind, said tion. David served on the associationsPaul Bambei, president and CEO of the board since 2001, including two termsNational Association of RV Parks and as president from 2003-2004 and againCampgrounds(ARVC).WhenDavid from 2011-12.was chairman of the ARVC board of di- Davids legacy of passion, leader-rectors back in 2010, he hired me as ship, dedication and commitment to theDavid Berg was very involved in numerous associations and traveled annually to Washington D.C. ARVCs CEO, and we formed both a pro- successofallRVparksandcamp-to advocate for RV parks and campgrounds.fessionalandpersonalrelationship grounds,aswellastotheentirethrough the ensuing years that I will tourism industry, will live on forever,cherish forever. He cared for people said Kathy Dyer, executive director ofand spoke often of the importance of in- the Maine Campground Owners Asso-dustry unity. He mentored others, espe- ciation. David was a gift to this indus-cially those that were younger, spoke try and to all of the hearts he touchedhis mind in a way people respected, day in and day out.and was one of the most charitable per- For so many in Maine, and acrosssons Ive ever known. David and Jane the country, David was more than awillalwaysbebondedinheartand friendhe was a mentor who wantedspirit. I loved him as a brother. toseethemandtheircampgroundARVCsimmediatepastchair,Al business be more successful.Johnson, executive vice president of There are no words that describedevelopmentandpublicaffairsfor the impact David has had on my life,RecreationalAdventuresCo.,which notedToddSouthwick,ownerofownsnumerousKampgroundsof KokatosiCampgroundinRaymond,AmericaInc. parksthroughoutthe Maine. David was and still is a mentorUnited States, explained that Davids and sometimes a father figure and mostleadership set ARVC on a path to sta- of all a friend. Because of the time andbility as an organization. effort, he has put into the camping in-Thank God for David. At a time of dustry, he will be sadly missed by metransition and lack of direction in the and many.campgroundindustryandARVC,his David wasnt driven to succeed inboundlessenergyandactivewit business for his ego. He was driven tobrought stability and direction, he said. succeed so he could help others andAs chairman of ARVC, he set us on a see them succeed, said Lucas Hart-road that has led to both financial and ford,formerownerofinsuranceinfluentialstrengththatwereoutof providerEvergreenUSA,basedinreach before. More than that, he con- Lewiston, Maine. He loved to maketinued to share his talents for the indus- other people happy. Berg had a hearttry wherever he could do the most good as big as his booming voice. He wanted on the ARVC Board, the ARVC Foun- to help bring joy to the lives of all ofdation, the Public Affairs Committee, thosearoundhimwhetherhethe annual auction. Even with his intel- touchedtheirheartsforsecondsorlect and energy, he served humbly. He decadeshe wanted to make people,found humor all around. And he found all people, happier in life. He wanted to20 -April 2021Woodalls Campground Management'