b"make people better people.His service to campgrounds in theNortheast region began in 2005 whenDavid joined the board of the North-east Campground Association (NCA)andheservedthatorganizationinmany capacities for the past 16 years,including once as president from 2009-2010 and twice as vice president from2005-2009 and again from 2018-2021.David was there for his friends andpeers. He brought out the best in thosehe was around and truly cared aboutwhat was happening in our lives. Helookedoutfortheindustry;alwayssearchingforthenextpersonthatshouldbeinvitedtotakepartinaboardoracommittee,saidCyndyZbierski,executivedirectoroftheNCA. Volunteering his time was im-portant to him. I can only imagine whathe did to help those in his communitiesin Maine and Floridausing the ex-ample he set at the state, regional and David Berg would often drive his 1948 Ford F-1 Lobster Delivery Truck around his park and delivernational levels of the camping industry lobsters right to his campers campsites.over the past nineteen years.Doris Daniels, longtime NCA mem- everyone as we pay it forward in his in the room feel so good about whatber and co-owner of Normandy Farms name! wedo.ItwasobviousmysonwasFamily Campground in Foxboro, Mass., At the national level, David served deeply affected by that speech, be-hopes Davids legacy will inspire ran- two terms on the ARVC Board of Di- cause when David was done my sondom acts of kindness that would have rectors (2004-2013 and 2016-2021) and turned to me and very seriously said,made him proud. was chairman from 2010-2011. I want to be chairman of ARVC some-David will always be remembered I was at an ARVC conference with day.'as the one with a great story, filled my teenage son in 2010 when David PastARVCChairsKathyPalmeriwithhumor,makingeveryonesmile wastheARVCchair,saidPeter (2003-2004) and Rob Schutter (2012-andfeelcomfortable,shesaid. Brown, owner of Lone Oak Campsites 2013)rememberDavidassomeoneGreat people never die, as they live inEastCanaan,Conn.,andARVCs who gave selflessly and made a last-on in our hearts forever. I hope he can current chair. David gave a speech at ing impact on our industry.sprinkle his kindness down on every- the awards banquet that Ill never for- David was an industry giant, saidone from the heavens above and it will get. He talked about our industry with Palmeri,formerowneroftheYogiinspire random acts of kindness from amazing passion. He made everyone Bears Jellystone Park Camp-Resort of22 -April 2021Woodalls Campground Management"