b'Estes in Estes Park, Colo. He gave not Trustees from 2017-2019. His legacy of him in 2019 with its highest honor, the ers just because you can, and not toonly his time but his whole heart and serving the ARVC community was ce- Herb Strauss Award. expect something in return. My goalsoul to the RV and camping industry. mented in 2013 when he was awarded None of the volunteer work he did has always been to work as part of aWhen I think of contributors to this the organizations highest honor, the was ever accompanied by expectation team to make our industry stronger.industry, said Schutter, president of prestigiousStanMartinMemorial of recognition, though. He once said, AllthosewhoknewhimwouldLeisureSystemsInc.,whichfran- Award. The ARVC Foundation honored I was raised to do something for oth- agree he did just that. WCMchises more than 70 Jellystone ParksacrossNorthAmerica,thenameDavid L. Berg, will always be at the topof my list. I have never met anyone aspassionate, giving, or committed to ourindustry on the local, state and na-tional levels as DLB. He was a truefriend, mentor and an example for allof us to follow.David had a passion specifically foradvocacy, serving as chair of ARVCsPublic Affairs Committee since 2018and traveling each year to WashingtonD.C. to meet face to face with legisla-tors about the value of our industry.David was one of the most insight-ful, compassionate, and humorous in-dustry leaders I have had the privilegeto work with in my career, said JeffSims, ARVC chair from 1997-1998 andcurrent senior director of state rela-tions and program advocacy. He wasthe epitome of the ultimate volunteer.As my colleague, we had great con-versations together as we walked thehalls on Capitol Hill. As my friend, wediscussed everything under the sun.As he prepared to adjourn the most re-cent Public Affairs Committee meetingon Jan. 19, he made this request: Myhope for 2021 is a kinder, gentler atti-tudetowardourfellowman.Letsfocus on that.He also served as vice-chairman oftheARVCFoundationBoardofWOODALLSCM.com April 2021-23'