b'ARVCfrom page 12 sure during a pandemic; Campground Profilefrom page 27 Currently, there have been no reportedjunction with coalition partners at the RV In- closures due to a COVID outbreak at the more 100% occupancy year-round.dustry Association (RVIA) and the RV Deal- than 3,500 RV parks and campgrounds na- The Ayers have learned many otherersAssociation (RVDA)tourgethatall tionwide; lessons along the way to building theiraspects of the RV industryRV parks andRVs are self-contained, minimizing the campground business. Among them:campgrounds, manufacturers and suppliers, exposure of the occupants to situations like Give your park a catchy name:Peo-dealers and service centersbe considered the current pandemic; ple remember the Lazy Llama Camp-essential businesses and allowed to be openCampsites are ideal for social distancing ground, Ayers said.whenever a pandemic or natural disaster by providing space in the outdoors; and Spend money on good Wi-Fi:I havelevel event occurs.Campgrounds can adopt CDC guidelines traveling nurses and traveling doctors Carolyn Ayers, shown teaching a class, plans to doAs weve seen throughout the COVID pan- and protocols, which have been adapted for that have stayed here before. They will more at the park when she retires from teaching.demic, most state executive orders were all parks by ARVC, including remote check-in come here and work in Johnson City, 20taken directly from the guidelines recom- procedures, to protect guests and staff. minutes away. The first thing they ask is,mended by the Cybersecurity and Infrastruc- According to groups like the Texas Med- Whats your Wi-Fi like? I have aboutture Security Agency(CISA). That is why it is ical Association, camping is one of the low- 250 megabits with five access points. IimperativetohaveRVparksandcamp- est-riskactivitiessaferthangrocery rarely hear an issue about Wi-Fi.grounds specifically listed as essential busi- shopping, eating outdoors at a restaurant, or Always have an improvement proj-nesses for the following reasons: even going for a walk outdoors in a major city. ect you can tell people about: You al- RV parks and campgrounds accommo- RV parks and campgrounds must be deemed ways want to give people a reason todate first responders, traveling medical per- essential businesses and be allowed to op- come back and see something new orsonnel, displaced families and Americans erate to continue serving those who need have a different experience. Ive beenin-between homes during natural disasters places to stay and to aid in the recovery of making a nature trail for people to walkand pandemics; the economy. their dogs. It will have names of the Many parks provide laundry facilities and If you have questions about the inherent trees, he said. Ayers is also remodelingsell propane which are considered essential risk legislative process or ARVCs advocacy a structure on his campground into aservices; workwithCISA,contactJeffSimsat rentalaccommodationcalledThe RV parks and campgrounds can provide jeff.sims@arvc.orgorcall(417)337-0451. Llama Lodge, which should be avail-able by spring. It will sleep five peoplethe opportunity to minimize the risk of expo- WCM and include a kitchen, he said.When you build something, build itright:While their park does not have a Campers can interact with the Llamas andlot of facilities, Ayers said his laundry fa- other farm animals. cility is as nice as the laundry at any ex-pensive campground. His Llama Lodge, know his guests and start the process offor its part, will be equipped with attrac- creating a personalized experience fortive furnishings, including black iron them. You can set up that personaliza-light fixtures, granite countertops, brick, tion with the reservation process, he said.log interior walls and a beautiful black Of course, that is easily accomplishedceramic gas stove for heating. because we are a small campground.Ifyoufindsomebodygood,keep One surprising thing the Ayers haventthem: Its hard to find good employees. done as of yet is travel to Peru to see lla-Ayersfoundcampgroundhostsand mas in their native habitat. They plan towork campers who have skills to com- visit Machu Picchu and other sites inplement the needs of the campground. Peru in the spring of 2022.WCMGivepeoplepersonalizedservice:While there has been a big push in thecampgroundindustrytomovethe Campground Overviewreservation process online, Ayers or his Name: Lazy Llama Campgroundstaff personally greets every guest byphone to process their reservation. Address: 405 Chuckey Ruritan Road,I dont allow reservations to be made S., Chuckey, TN 37641online, he said. You have to call. I want Attractions and Amenities:The mainto talk to our potential campers. attraction is the llama farm, and theWhenpeoplecalltomakereserva- opportunities park owners Jerry andtions, Ayers uses the opportunity to get to Carolyn Ayers provide their campersto interact with the animals, with itshiking with them on StorytellingLlama Treks or learning how to spinyarn and weave using wool from thellama. The campground also has anorganic garden and guests are wel-come to pick their own produce andgather eggs in the morning. The 34-site park is designed for RVs only.However, a Llama Lodge that sleepsfive will be available in the spring.Website:https://llamacampground.com Contact: (423) 823-2100WCM28 -April 2021Woodalls Campground Management'