b'Key Peoplefrom page 25 rules are put in place. Devenish expects 2021 to be a banner year for Canadian parks, although Canadiansprettymuchwearlost business from the rest of Canada COVID restrictions will still be in play.masks coast to coast up here. Its cer-and, more importantly, they lost travel- tainly not as political as what we haveers from the U.S. been seeing in the U.S. and we hopeSaskatchewan also prohibited travel- that we can control the spread of theers from other provinces and the U.S., virus by doing so, Devenish added.so their campgrounds also suffered a We should have the confidence of theloss of business, Devenish said. How- Canadian government that camping isever, other provinces were significantly a safe way to social distance after suc-up over last year. British Columbia, Al- cessfully ending the year.The govern-berta, Manitoba and Ontario did very ment has agreed with our rules andwell, he said. regulationsthatwedevelopedthisEven Quebec bounced back after ini- year, and we should be able to take thattially having to shut down in late spring snowbirds to make their annual trip venish is hopeful that the worst of the collaboration into next years campingbecause it had too many COVID cases. south to U.S. sunbelt areas. pandemic is behind us and that the season. We have proved that we canQuebec finally got going early in June. What were seeing now is the emer- economy will gradually improve as peo- operate in a way that ensures a safeAlthough they were a month behind, we gence of a few companies that will pick ple are vaccinated and restrictions are and healthy experience for our ownersare hearing that they still ended up being up your truck or RV in Canada and drop gradually lifted. and their campers. over last years figures, Devenish said. it across the border. So, you can fly over There is a real feeling of optimism Devenish said he is not aware of anyAchallengeofadifferentsortin- theborder,whichisweirdlystillal- for the Canadian RV and camping in- COVID-19 outbreaks at Canadian camp-volves Canadas continuing border clo- lowed,pickupyourunitandtravel dustry in 2021, he said. Although I grounds, a situation that bodes well forsure,whichhasnotonlyprevented south from there, Devenish said.would expect to see some form of re- the future. I think everybody is anxiousAmerican RV and camping enthusiasts ThenumbersofCanadiansdoing strictions for a good part of the year in to get back to normal, he said. But its afrom visiting Canada but made it a lot this are quite small, however, according 2021, we just want to see the end of the lot easier to have rules in place and thenharder for Canadas estimated 500,000 to U.S. park operators. Meanwhile, De- pandemicandwillfollowwhatever work to relax them as you go.WCMMARKETPLACEADVERTISE HERE!Get your business in front of over14,000 readers every month.Contact your sales representative574-266-7980WOODALLSCM.com April 2021-29'