b"Supplier Insightsfrom page 14inmulti-parkownergroupsinthis of the multi-park owners in this space CAMPGROUNDspace, including Yogi Bears Jellystone useCampspotandtheiradvancedPark Camp-Resort, Northgate Resorts, reservations have skyrocketed.and Horizons, noted Cochran. Most www.software.campspot.comAccessParksSeeingMoreBusinessasGuaranteed Wi-Fi Speeds a Plus for OwnersIn 2007, AccessParks developed and ments for 2021 include technology tooperated the first consumer broadband seamlessly connect Smart TVs, Rokus,Wi-Fi service to cover hundreds of mili- and other headless devices that canttary bases worldwide, including the U.S. use a splash page for login. New broad-Marine Corps, U.S. Army and U.S. Air band routes on the west and east coastsForce, with no up-front cost to the facil- areallowingthosewhoareity, according to the company. Today the working/learning from the road to plancompany spans the nation with offices their trip using AccessParks BroadbandinJacksonville,Fla.,andSanDiego, locations.Calif., to serve parks and campgrounds The company is also going to offer aon both the east and west coasts. full TV channel lineup delivered over itsWith systems designed to support Wi-Fi network with no coaxial cable re-100,000troopsstreamingvideofor quired.briefings all in real-time, AccessParks We're also rolling out new solutionsprides itself in robust services for todays for smart TVs and streaming devices,largest or smallest campgrounds.like Rokus and Amazon Fire Sticks, toMost RV parks dont have Wi-Fi that make sure that they can connect to ourallows every guest to stream video at Wi-Finetwork,explainedRout. Nopeak times, said Tim Rout, CEO of the other Wi-Fi operator out there can on-firm.Whetherits board those kinds of devices becauseone mile or 100 miles they don't have a typical web browser toaway, our enterprise- be able to get to the splash page. We'vegradeequipment got a new solution that's going to allowensures every site is onboarding of all those video devices,connectedtofiber, which is key because 70% of our trafficservinggigabyte is video and we're becoming a videospeedswhereand provider. The days of people just brows-when guests need it. ing websites are kind of over. We con-Tim Rout If you already have sider ourselves more of a streaming TVfiber access, thats great, but 80% of our provider at this point. broadband solution is inside the park. His research shows the demographicWe serve the biggest national parks in RV parks has changed in the last year-in the system, added Rout. This in- and-a-half. cludes Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Gla- We think permanently, added Tout.cier, Death Valley and Lake Mead. We People are working from the road nowalso serve hundreds of private camp- all day long and their kids are distancegrounds coast-to-coast.learning, and this has caught all theHe stated the key difference between other operators flat-footed. They kind of ADVERTISERS INDEXAccessParks and other providers is its figured as long as people could go on aguaranteed broadband speeds per mul- web page, they were good to go. We'vetiple guest devices, 24/7, in its contract. been just slammed with business be- Advertiser Page # Advertiser Page #AccessParks has a Service Level Agree- causepeoplearesuddenlyrealizingment (SLA) that it claims is offered by those systems don't work for this new Applebrook RV Parks28 Kampgrounds of America/KOA.23nootherproviderwithfiber-optic demographic. speeds to any parkno matter how re- In late February, the company was B&B Electrical.20 Lancaster Log Cabins.24moteacross North America. launching its first system to be corpo-Its use of enterprise-grade 5G tech- rate-owned by Kampground of Amer- Business Finance Depot24 Montana Canvas.14nology to deliver high-speed into RVs ica Inc.(KOA).Chadwick Mfg. Ltd22 MySites/Southeast Publications.12has no up-front cost for installation but KOA is a very important strategic part-is rather billed on a monthly recurring ner of ours, Rout noted. They want to roll CheckBox Systems.12 Newbook.11charge basis, noted Rout.out what they're calling KOA broadband. CheckBox Systems.27 Pacific Yurts.4AccessParks is a company that be- We're also helping Yogi Bear Jellystonelieves in continuous improvement. Park Camp-Resortsand others.Commercial Recreation Specialists.10 Pelland Advertising.28We are rolling out the latest 5G tech- Rout also noted that Access Parks in-nologies and infrastructure for every RV stalls speed test probes at every site to Delta Treatment Systems.13 Phelps Honey Wagon.27park, he shared. 5G is not something ensure that each site is getting the guar- Doty & Sons Concrete Products.22 Polly Products14that's coming to rural RV parks. It is anteed speed.something that only has a range of a We operate speed tests every hour Dri-Dek8 RezChannel.21couple of hundred meters and is only anditreportsbackthespeedtoafor large metro areas. What we're doing graph, he explained. We give our cus- Eaton Corp8 Shore Park by Skyline.9is we are bringing all of that carrier- tomers this URL so they can embed it Enviro Design Products32 Staylist.7grade 5G technology to an RV park to on their website. When somebody is de-make sure that we can guarantee broad- ciding whether this park can support Fluid Mfg.26 Tengo Internet2band speeds inside each RV.their work or their distance learning,He explained that the Federal Com- they can make their decision based on Gama Sonic26 Tower Company.23municationsCommissiondefines seeing this graph at 8 p.m. last night. Great American Direct.18 Utility Supply Group Inc5broadbandas25Mbpersecondor Our partner parks typically see a 10- tomore for download speeds and three 20%-increaseinbookingsfromthis Hialeah Meter2 Utility Supply Group Inc32megabytes on the upload side. function.That's what we've been doing for 14 He said the company prides itself in Jamestown Advanced Products15 Woodford Manufacturing Co25yearsguaranteeing broadband inside full,5Gcampsiteinstallstypically Kay Park19 Workamper News.28an RV, said Rout. And the way we do within eight weeks, with no cash upthat today is through these 5G tech- front and a recurring monthly charge Kampgrounds of America/KOA.6 YESYour Electrical Solutions.10nologies.within a contract. Other AccessPark platform improve- www.accessparks.com WCM30 -April 2021Woodalls Campground Management"