b'Modern Marketingfrom page 8 2. Use hashtags: TikToks content dis- hashtag. Dont fly blind; create a hash- yourself if youve maximized the othercovery is driven by hashtags. There is a tag strategy. digital marketing sites on which yourbrands recognition to TikTok by using 150-character limit for your caption, in- 3. Sound is as important: Choosing business participates. If you dont havethe same color scheme, logo, bio text, cludinghashtags.Itsrecommended the right sound (a song or original the bandwidth to be a committed Tik-andcontactinformationasusedon that you use one For Your Page hashtag audio from TikToks vast music library) Tokcreatorbutseeademographicyour website and other digital market- (#fyp, #foryou, #foryoupage), a relevant makes a huge difference in how attrac- match and potential, consider workinging properties. trending hashtag, and a clip-specific tive your clip is to those scrolling. For with an influencer. maximum exposure, search for and use And theres no harm in choosing totrending sounds.add TikTok to your watch list. But be4. Tell a story: Even with the limited careful not to get sucked into the vortexamount of screen time available, you of lost TikTok time. Its so easy to do, andmust tell a story. Your clip should have a thats the point, isnt it?beginning, middle, and end. 5. Your opening shot must capture at- EvanneSchmarder,principaltention: Avoid the typical preamble and and founder of the RV industry-spe-open your clip with the hook. As with cific digital marketing firm Road-every piece of marketing material, your abode Production, has a new bookgoal is to make an attention-grabbing to help you do just that. Marketingfirst impression. Your RV Park/Campground OnlineTikTok Today? is available as an e-book at your fa-Before earmarking time and money vorite online bookseller or in printtoaTikTokmarketingprogram,ask at Amazon.com. WCMSmart Operationsfrom page 10ence of terms of service and privacybe equivalent on all devices. pages, the inclusion of multimedia con- Missing META descriptions. As with tent (particularly YouTube videos), andthe titles, the descriptions should be use of keywords in text, headlines, pageequivalent on all devices. titles, and URLs. Page quality issues. Your site must In summary, if your website was builtpresent its full content on mobile de- eightor10yearsago(orperhapsvices, including text, titles, captions, and longer!),itisprobablynotmobile-content that is not impeded by ads. friendly,andnodoubtsuffersfrom Videoissues.Anyvideocontent many additional weaknesses. It is be-must be presented in a format that is yond time to build a new siteor itsupported by mobile devices, should could be time to decide to simply closenot require a user to scroll too far down your business and call it quits.the page, and should not be excessively PeterPellandistheCEOof slow to load.Thereisalonglistofadditional Pelland Advertising, a company thatGoogleSearchrankingsignalsthat he founded in 1980 that has beenshould not be ignored, but at least at serving the family camping industrythis time, they individually pale in com- for nearly 40 years. His company spe-parison to a mobile-friendly framework. cializes in building fully responsiveThose ranking signals include quality of websites, along with producing a fullcontent,thequalityandquantityof rangeoffour-colorprocessprint backlinks, the quality and relevance of advertising, for clients from coast tooutbound links, the security of a site coast.LearnmoreaboutPelland (HTTPS and SSL), site uptime, updated Advertising at https://pelland.com/content, the user experience, the pres- or see their ad in this issue. WCMWeatherfrom page 3 CEO of the Texas Association of Camp-ground Owners, said the rolling blackoutsmanager,saidatthetime.Wehad made it difficult for park operators to runpropane on-site but did run out because their linen and sanitation departments.(delivery)trucksweredelayed. Weex- Someparkoperatorssaidtheygotpected more check-ins due to folks need- through the worst of the cold reasonablying a place to stay, for an extended period, well, however. I have to say that we havewhile repairs were done in their homes. been pretty blessed at our property, saidWe currently have campaigns going to let ChristyCoker,managerofTexanRVpeople know we had extended stay op- Ranch in Mansfield. tionsinthepark. Wealsoopenedour We did have some areas (where) theKountry Kreamery during the week, with water froze, but luckily the main wateralimitedmenu,toaccommodatestaff (line) to the park was never lost, she said,staying in the park and guests who do not adding, Power outages also did not affectwant to venture out. us as we are located near a hospital. WeOne of the local residents who rented a have our fully stocked general store that iscabin during the worst of the blackouts kept open to the public for supplies. Ourwas Lisa Rhodes, member services direc- biggest issue is not having propane to sus-toroftheTexasAssociationofCamp- tain everyone.ground Owners(TACO). TACO also announced at the end ofMy family and I were experiencing no February that the Internal Revenue Serv-electricity here in north Texas for a couple ice (IRS) moved the tax-filing and pay-of days, Rhodes told Woodalls Camp- mentdeadlineforindividualsandgroundManagement (WCM)inan businesses in Texas to June 15 because ofemailed statement. So, I was able to get a damage across the state caused by the se-cabin at North Texas Jellystone for a cou- vere winter storms. ple of days until our power came back on. Texans who receive a late-filing penaltyTheyhadrollingblackoutswherethe notice are encouraged to call the IRS topower would be out for about 30 minutes have it abated. The extension applies to athen on for 45 minutes to an hour. We were variety of filing deadlines that fell after Feb.able to stay very warm, and so thankful to 11, including those for 2020 business re-be there at a nice cabin for a very reason- turns, originally March 15, and quarterlyable rate. payroll and excise tax returns, normallyBrian Schaeffer, executive director and April 30.Jeff Crider WCM32 -April 2021Woodalls Campground Management'