b'MODERN MARKETINGKeys to Unlocking TikTok for Your BusinessBefore earmarking time and money to a TikTok marketing program,ask yourself if youve maximized the other digital marketing sites onEvannewhich your business participates. If you dont have the bandwidth toSchmarder beacommitted TikTokcreatorbutseeademographicmatchand potential, consider working with an influencer.Whether you are a newshound or a second) video platform that has taken your radar. But should you start build- As you begin to develop a feel for thesocial media lover, youve likely heard on entertainment, teaching and collab- ing a presence on TikTok?platforms videos, youll likely agree withof, watched, and maybe even partici- oration, making it fun and relatable, at Like all digital marketing efforts we experts: 15-second clips are unques-pated on TikTokover the past year.least for certain age groups. weigh,itdependsontheaudience tionably more watchable (but more dif-Like Vine, Snap and Instagram Sto- Love it or want nothing to do with it, youre trying to reach. As of June 2020, ficult to produce). ries, TikTok is a short-form (15- or 60- as a wise modern marketer, put it on nearly 46% of US TikTok users were be- TikTok For Business tween the ages of 20 and 39. Add an- If you feel TikTok is a match with yourotherdecade,40-49,andtheresan parks demographics, begin by creatingopportunity to reach a total of 59.8% of an account. Add your business nameU.S. TikTok users. The 50-plus demo- and choose a username. Your usernamegraphic sees only 7.1%. The 10- to 19- canonlybechangedevery30days.year-oldagegrouprepresents32.5% Choose one that represents your park.(valuable only IF they are the vacation Once this step is complete, click on thedecision-makers).three dots in the upper right corner ofIf you run a primarily Boomer/retire- the screen and select Manage Account.mentparkorevenatransientpark, Thereyoullhaveanopportunitytowhile good to be aware of, TikTok is change to a free business account. probablynotwhereyoushouldbe Back to your profile, click on the Editspendingyourmarketingtimeand Profile button. Add your email address,money. However, if your business is a telephone number, a short bio, connectsummer-seasonfamilypark,TikTok toyourInstagramandYouTube ac-might be a social media network to start counts, and change your profile photoconsidering.or add a six-second profile video. OnceTo get a feel for the platform and its youve amassed 100 followers you willcontents, download the TikTok app on have access to analytics.yoursmartphoneortabletandstart From here you can start followinglooking around. Some of the content is like-minded accounts, favoring TikToks,nonsensical or plain weird, but some and researching hashtags. Getting fa-can pull you into a fascinating lost-time miliar with others in the outdoor hospi-vortex. Hone in on outdoor hospitality talityindustryaswellastrending,by searching for relevant hashtags such relevant TikTok hashtags can help youas #rvlife, #campfood or #camping.shape your TikTok content. Using theDig deeper, exploring the feeds of above examples, you can see that KOAusers who promote outdoor hospitality posts straightforward, feel-good, well-experiences.ThismightincludeRV produced clips. Forest River is all abouttours from Forest River(nearly 330k fol- showing RVs and fits as much into theirlowers,382videossinceNovember clips as possible.2019), camping promotion from Kamp- Challenges, Duets grounds of America Inc. (600-plus fol- and Stitches, Oh My!lowers, 17 videos since November 2020) TikTokthrivesoncollaboration,or some of the more watched TikTokers bringing users together to experience,using industry-relevant hashtags. perform in and be part of a clip. One ofthe early and most popular uses of Tik-Tok is challenges. Youve probably seenthese; dance steps or lip-syncing peopleacross the platformacross the globe perform to a particular song. To see afabandfunchallenge,search#gi-tupchallenge on TikTok and watch folksfrom all walks of life interpret this cho-reographed dance. As a business, youand your staff might get involved in afew challenges, eventually issuing yourown to a well-loved road song, like WillieNelsons On the Road Again or JohnnyCashs Ive Been Everywhere, Man. Duets are another way to interactwith fellow TikTokers. By allowing Duetson your post, others can create a collab-oration side-by-side, picture-in-picture,top, bottom, etc. Stitch lets others use ascene or piece of your TikTok in theirclip creation. Like Duets, you can disal-low this feature if desired. TikTok Best PracticesAs with every marketing campaignand platform you take part in, there arebest practices to help guide your success.Some may be familiar; others are specificto TikTok. Here are five for your review:1. Branding across your entire digitalmarketinglandscape:ExtendyourModern Marketingcontinued on page 328 -April 2021Woodalls Campground Management'