b'MODERN MARKETINGHow are You Marketing Recreational Experiences?Marketing your program, enticing campers to consider your park, andEvanneestablishing the many reasons why they should choose a stay at yourSchmarder property over the dozens of other vacation options. Thats where therubber meets the road.Whatisyourclaimtofame? Well- ful place to relax after a days drive? This new way of seeing the country. niques and their successes. Have youstructuredthemeweekends?Classes is what post-pandemic travel dreams are Its no secret that theres an extreme mastered (or begun developing) a multi-and crafts to rival a cruise ship? A peace- made ofexperiences, memories and a amount of planning, energy and cost platform content marketing plan? Arethat goes into developing the environ- you hot and heavy in the social mediament and experience you want guests to arena? Do you maximize the power ofassociate with your business. Add to that images to evoke emotions? How do youthe need to capture the imagination of encourage your guests to become in-newsomeeager,somereserved volved with your program?campersexperimentingwithoutdoor What are your goals? To fill your sites,hospitality. Once the initial work of form- build your return and referral business,inganambitious,targetedrecreation pre-sell event tickets, garner participa-package is complete, the skillful park tion and attention, get media coverageowner/operator must strategically pro- and positive buzz by and for your cus-moteittoachievemaximumguest tomers? Are you measuring your currentawareness and participation.marketing program efficacy? An equally challenging task? Marketing Finally, are you adept at pairing youryour program, enticing campers to con- digital marketing with calls to action? Re-sideryourpark,andestablishingthe member, youve got to ask for the sale. many reasons why they should choose a Answer these questions in writing andstay at your property over the dozens of you will have the bones of a mini-mar-other vacation options. Thats where the keting plan to promote your upcomingrubber meets the road. The clearer you rec season.are about your goals, the better you mar- Wide Net, Narrow Focusket your program, the wider your reach, Recreation is a perfect topic to buildthe more success you are likely to enjoy. youreditorialcalendararound.FromAndasexpected,awell-thought-out, scheduled activities to individual interestsmulti-channel approach is the most ef- and endeavors to local events and cantfective way for you to deliver your mes- miss tourist destinations, your seasonalsage to your targeted prospects. content cup should be overflowing withDevelop a Road Map ideas. As you create marketing messagesBegin by determining who your audi- that will resonate with your laser-focusedence is and how your target market likes target audience, shape them in severalto receive communications. Are they cur- different ways to fit the multitude of digi-rent guests? New to camping/RVing? Are tal platforms your business uses. Takingthey present online and where do they advantage of old digital marketing stand-spend their social media time? Are they bys such as your website, youll also wantlocal newspaper readers or long-distance to add a more modern twist to your mar-travelers?keting elements. To get your wheels turn-Look at your current marketing tech- ing, here are particulars on digital andon-the-ground tools and techniques tobroadcast your message. Website Your website is one of your top recre-ation promotion venues, your 24/7 salesforce. Before your season, take a freshlookatyoursitewithaneyetowardmodern marketing and your rec pro-gram.Makesureyouhaveengagingphotos, add testimonials, make a bigdeal about your theme weekends, eventsandcontests.Didyouaddanewamenity during lockdown or off-season?Say so or, even better, show so. Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly, allowing guests and prospectsto review your fabulous offerings on theroad and throughout your park on thedevice of their choice. Visual ContentVisual content tells a story like noother content can and is the top contentshared on many networks such as Face-book, Instagram and Pinterest. Make aconcerted effort to create interesting, at-tractivevisuals,beitvideo,photos,memes, image quotes and even slidepresentations that promote your parksrecreational offerings. Plan a series ofimage postings or snap and post real-time photos but take advantage of thistop-performing digital marketing tool. ContestsPlay, its what youre all about. Extendin-person contests, such as site decorat-Modern Marketingcontinued on page 3610 -May 2021 Woodalls Campground Management'